Exclusive Preview – Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Blurb

Hi everyone

I am still working on the final edit of my book and it is taking longer than I expected, but it will be worth the wait.

After a short break, I am working back in my day job again, and I start teaching Blogging as an aid to recovery on Monday 24th of February. I had planned to publish my book in February, depending on how long it took to edit it to a standard that I am happy with. Although I have people waiting to buy my book, I won’t compromise on quality, and I know they wouldn’t want me to. It looks likely I will publish it in March rather than February.

I now own the copyright of the book cover illustration and design, although credit still goes to my illustrator Victoria Warby for creating it. I think she has done a fantastic job.

Please note that the entire book cover is copyrighted and will be revealed in the future – For now, I can exclusively reveal the Book Blurb.

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Blurb
Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Blurb

Break Through The Barriers of Redundancy Book Blurb: Copyright Sandra Bellamy/quirkybooks – Cover Illustration created by Victoria Warby

Coming soon to Amazon: My new book – Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work: – An A-Z ‘How to’ guide.

I am pleased to say that a link to my website http://www.beatredundancyblues.com has been added to http://thefilmorecv.co.uk/job-search-sites.php site, that is the sister site to http://www.jobmanji.com.

I would love to have your feedback on the blurb.

Always remember, your writing dreams can come true, if you work hard and believe in your abilities as a writer.

Write soon

3 year Blogging Anniversary of quirkybooks.wordpress.com

Hi everyone

Fantastic news. I got Daisy’s test results yesterday, her lumps were fatty tissues, not cancer. I am over the moon with joy.

Second piece of good news, it’s my 3 year blogging anniversary today.

3 Year Blogging Anniversary of quirkybooks.wordpress.com

Write soon



♥ Bloggers and Awards ♥

Hi everyone

I met a fellow blogger recently, Ute, from http://utesmile.wordpress.com and she has done a post including a bit about our meet-up.

Ute is a wonderful woman with a great zest for life . She is bubbly too and very fun to be with.

Thanks Ute.

Write soon,


Ute smile

How wonderful

I met another blogger last week. ♥

It is Sandra from Quirkybooks.


Sorry the picture is rather dark, but it was at night in front of a theatre in London.

It was lovely to meet Sandra, we had a great chat over a meal and got to know each other. She is such a bubbly, enthusiastic, busy lady and “quirky” in a “surprising” way as her blog name says. She is doing some fantastic work, so do checkout her blog.


And now we have a drum roll for more awards!

A beautiful Shine on Award from Lyn

I thank Lyn so much for nominating me and her lovely and kind words about me and my blog.

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.

3. Share at least…

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A tribute to Peaches from Hutch A Good Life – Tuesday Tent Troubles

Hi everyone

Snuggles, Daisy, cinnamon and myself, want to thank hutchagoodlife for this beautiful tribute to Peaches, who died on Friday 20th of September.

I was thrilled to be called a “wonderful cavy slave” that means a lot. To avoid any confusion, Snuggles wasn’t just a cage mate of Peaches, she is Peaches’s sister. Peaches was aunty to Daisy and cinnamon who are my other two guineapigs and Snuggles’s siblings.

I miss Peaches tons but Snuggles is being so brave after having had a tumor removed, thanks to Peaches, that I feel I must be brave too.

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and support at this incredibly difficult and sad time.

Write soon

Hutch A Good Life

As you may or may not know, whee have lots of snuggly tents, cardboard boxes and cosies for when whee play in the garden. Unfortunately there is only one that I like and it also happens to be Basil’s favourite. He will happily snuggle most things but I’m sure he goes in this one to annoy me.

So yesterday, when whee were enjoying a lovely evening run, I got my revenge!

I would say it’s not what it looks like . . . but it is. (apologies for blurry pigtures these were taken on Mummy’s phone) Basil had made himself comfy inside MYtent.

So I huffed . . .

And I puffed . . .

And I sat on top of it till he got out!


Who says whee piggies don’t have a sense of humor eh!? Anyway a few bits and bobs before whee end this post. Firstly…

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Peaches may have saved Snuggles’s life

Hi everyone

Just to update you. I took my other 3 guineapigs to the vets today.

Because of Peaches’s death yesterday, the vet wanted to check all of my other guineapigs, as Peaches had a lung problem that was passed on genetically and all of them are from the same family.

During this visit, he checked each of my guineapig’s heart, lungs, fur, skin and eyes. I was shocked that he found a skin tumor on Snuggles’s back that was the size of my thumb. She had surgery to remove it, this afternoon. She also had a full body xray.

I am pleased that Snuggles didn’t have a problem with the operation. The xrays showed she has an enlarged heart and a spot on her lungs and that could cause future problems.

The tumor is going to the lab on Monday, to be tested for cancer. It will take a week to get the results back.

Snuggles is going for a check-up on Thursday, before I go away to London for 3 days. My mum is looking after my guineapigs whilst I am away and is attending the check-up with me.

I often believe everything happens for a reason. If Peaches hadn’t died yesterday, I wouldn’t have been asked to take her sister to the vets and the tumor may not have been found until it was too late. It may be, that Peaches, has saved her sister Snuggles’s, life. Bless you Peaches and thanks.

Thank the lord that Snuggles is still with me.

Here are is a photo after Snuggles’s operation.


Until next time, write soon.

Tribute to Peaches who died this morning

Hi everyone

You may know that I have 4 beautiful guineapigs, well sadly I now have 3. Peaches, my best friend and my pretty princess is dead. As I write this, I can barely type.

Last night Peach’s breathing was bad. When I took her to see the vet about 5 weeks ago for mites, I mentioned the fact she makes funny breathing noises sometimes and jolts her head forwards but he tested her heart and lungs and said everything seemed good.

I had peaches out for half an hour on my chest and took a short video of her breathing problem to show the vet next time I saw him.

This time her breathing was bad for a longer period of time than usual. By the time she went back in her cage, she had calmed down a lot. She has had breathing problems on and off for most of her life and sometimes it would be fine for quite a while. I have even seen her eat whilst her breathing is not sounding great.

This morning I woke up to lots of squeaking. They usually only do this if they want more food. I noticed that not much piggy mix had been eaten but all the carrot had been consumed. So I made all four of my pigs breakfast. I observed Peaches. Snuggles, her sister, was licking around her eye and I thought that was because she had had some yucky white stuff around both eyes last night, that I thought was to do with the mites, that she and the other pigs are still being treated for. Peaches then went and huddled in the corner facing the wall quietly. Neither her or Snuggles, her sister, were eating. Peaches was docile. I lifted the top of the cage off and was shocked to find peaches very poorly, she was struggling to stay alive and jerking her body back forth. She was coming to the end of her life.

I called the emergency vet, they could see her straight away. I called for a taxi because I don’t drive.

When I got outside my home, Peaches was hardly breathing, I knew she was almost dead. I phoned to see where my taxi was and they said he’s in the next street. Then the Taxi driver phoned me and at first I didn’t know who it was, I said yes this is Sandra but I can’t speak now because my guineapig is about to die and I have got to take her to the vets. Then I asked who it was and the taxi driver said who.he was. It was clear he was stuck in traffic, still on the street before my road, on the opposite side of the road.

Eventually he got close to my home and he stopped a bit further up and I rushed in to the front. I had to be careful not to crush Peaches in my haste. The driver could see she was in a bad way and almost not breathing. When we got to the vets, he stopped the clock for the cab and told me to get my guineapig in there and get her seen to and then pay him. I was so glad he did that.

She was put on anti-biotics straight away and oxgen. But the vet wasn’t hopeful.

After giving consent, I got told to leave, as there was nothing more I could do and phone back in about an hour. Less than an hour later, at 9.20am, I got a phone call from the vet to say Peaches had died. My heart is still in pieces. I am kicking myself that I didn’t take her last night as the vet said she had a lot of air in her tummy because she had been gasping for breath. She also said she had a respiratory infection that the anti-biotics couldn’t fight. She believes she has had a respiratory problem from birth and said she is not sure that if I had got her seen last night, that it would have helped. In the long term it wouldn’t have. She said I now need to kerp my eye of the other 3 as the problem will be genetic and they are all related. She lived with her sister Snuggles who is the mother to my other two, Cinnamon and Daisy. Snuggles was pregnant when I got her from the pet shop and I couldn’t
give her babies up.

My vet said I cannot get a companion for Snuggles yet as her and Cinnamon and Daisy, all need to be checked over as it is a genetic problem and Daisy is still scratching and biting. It is possible that it could be more than a mite problem, lets hope not.

I have been advised to get all of them checked over tomorrow morning, so I will need to take time off work to do it but it will be worth it.

To my Peaches: You may have left from my life but you will always be in my heart. I love you with all of my heart, our bond was so strong. My memories of you may fade but my love for you will never leave you and I will always remember you and the special times we shared. At the moment, the pain and sorrow I feel for you, is cutting me like a knife. I wish I had taken you to the vets last night. I am so sorry that I didn’t. I hate myself right now for it, even though I have been told your fate would still have been inevitable in the long term and the vet said it may not have made a difference. Thank you for the wonderful life you gave me, the motivation and inspiration to live on and fulfil my dreams. Right now, the only dream I wish would come true, would be to have you back in my life once more. To have you breathing comfortably and pressing your soft furry cheeks against mine. The twitch of your wiskers, your warmth against my body. You are my baby teddy bear and princess and I will miss kissing and hugging you for many years to come and always.

Here are some photos of my beautiful baby Peaches, who would have been two years old on the 12th of October.
Gone but never forgotton. I am sorry for your pain during the last moments of your life. Please forgive me for not acting sooner last night. I had always had a feeling that you may die young due to respiratory problems, even though the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with you before. That is why I said goodbye lots of times before. I told you that I don’t want anything to happen to you but if it did, I will always love you and I am blessed to have had you in my life. I am still blessed to have known such a gorgeous little life. You will always be my real-life teddy bear. I will look after your sister Peaches for you and Daisy and Cinnamon and get them checked out. I don’t want this blog post to end because it symbolises the end of your life.

Peaches, mummy will always love you. See you in piggy heaven one day. xxxxxxxx

Take care of yourself and your loved ones before it’s too late.

Write as soon as I am able to.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of writing guest blog articles for businesses?

Hi everyone

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as many blog posts on this blog lately. That is for two main reasons:

1) I also write regular blog posts for http://www.beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com and http://www.beatredundancyblues.co.uk and a News and Inspiration page for http://www.beatredundancyblues.com

2) I have recently written a guest blog article for Sage One and I am currently writing one for Pay Justice.

So what are the advantages of writing guest blog articles for businesses?

1) It’s a challenge, having to come up with new and fresh content that will fit in with the content of their previous blog articles and be suitable for their customers.

2) Your creative muscles are stretched.

3) Your writing skills are improved.

4) It boosts your profile as a writer.

5) Increased SEO for your sites, if the businesses put links to your sites at the end of your articles.

6) The articles show off your expertise in a given subject or range of topics. This is fantastic if you are a non-fiction writer as it enhances your credibility.

What are the disadvantages?

1) It can be very time consuming and mean spending less time on your own writing projects.

2) Not only do you need to do research for the article content but you also need to do research about the company whom the blog article is for. You need to find out what the company’s mission is, what they are about, what their point of view is and what previous blog article content has been published. Again, this can be very time consuming.

3) Often there will be no payment for guest blog articles.

4) You may receive a very vague brief or no brief at all, as to what to write about. This means you will need to use your research of the company, as previously described and your imagination, to come up with a blog article idea and create some great content from it.

5) When you write the blog article content, you need to ensure that there is no conflict of interest with your own online profile, business, or blog content.

6) You need to target the article to the said company’s target market, not your own. Although you may find there are some overlaps.

I hope you find this information useful for your own writing ventures and to assess whether or not, blog article writing for businesses, is right for you.

Until next time, write soon.


Have you got the guts to run your own writing business?

Hi everyone

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you, that liked and shared my blog article “Have you got the guts to run your own business” on Sage One. It could just as easily have been called “Have you got the guts to run your own writing business.”

For those of you who are currently unemployed and interesting in starting your own writing business, this article explains how the Enterprise Club Start-up Training Course can help you, by finding out if you have got what it takes to start and run a business. At the end of the course you will be able to decide whether or not you have a viable business model with a business plan that predicts a profit. You can use this business plan to apply for the National Enterprise Allowance. With the National Enterprise Allowance (NEA) you get the opportunity to work with a business mentor and the chance of having a loan of up to £1000. I did this course whilst I was unemployed last year and learnt a lot of valuable information, knowledge and skills, that has helped me on my way to turning my writing into a business.

As you can see from the following screen shot, the article has received good feedback and lots of sharing across social media. In particular I want to give a humungous thank you to Louise from Inspire your business, who took the time to comment on the blog post itself on the Sage One website. Louise, you are awesome and your support is greatly appreciated. For anyone interested in running their own business, Louise’s blog offers inspiration and advice. Here is the link to her site: inspireyourbusiness.wordpress.com

Sandra Bellamy Guest Blogger

If you want to know if you have got the guts to run your own writing business, here is the link to my blog article: sageone.com/2013/08/23/guts-to-run-your-own-business/

Please let me know what you thought of the article and what further advice, help and support you would like?

Write soon


Guest Blogger Sandra Bellamy On Sage One

Hi everyone

I am thrilled to have had my guest blog article published on Sage One – The accounting company.

It is called “Have you got the guts to run your own business?” Providing useful information for anyone who is unemployed and interested in knowing if they have got what it takes to run a business.

Here is the link:


Please let me know what you think by commenting below and if possible, by commenting on the blog itself.

Paul Lancaster asked me to write it, he is in charge of the blogging for Sage One and I met him at The Business Show in London in June. He is also an author for Wiley who write the Dummie books. http://www.dummies.com

At present, Wiley have a book proposal from me under their division of Capstone.  http://www.thisiscapstone.com Any positive comments I get on the Sage One blog itself, should help towards persuading them to publish me, so I would appreciate any help that you could give me.

Thank you in advance and many thanks for all of the lovely comments that I have received about this blog and about me. I appreciate your support, love and care.

Write soon



The moment of truth – Photos of when I spoke to HM the Queen

Hi everyone

I know it’s hard for me to believe that I met and spoke with HM the Queen at St James’s Palace on the 15th of July. Therefore it must be hard for some of you to believe it too. Here is proof from the official photographer, Theodore Wood Photography, http://www.onlinepictureproof.com/theodorewoodphotography that it did happen.

I was at St James’s Palace for the Community Service Volunteers (CSV) 50th Anniversary celebration.

To see the full range of CSV event photos, go to the website and click on “Events” – “Community Service Volunteers” – “View Album.” I am on page 7 of 10. These two photos are the best photos of me and HM the Queen. The music on the website is very beautiful too.

Sandra Bellamy talks to HM the Queen

Sandra Bellamy Spoke to HM the Queen

I hope you enjoyed these?

Write soon