10 Reasons Why Writers Should Retreat

Hi Everyone.

Trying to juggle a full-time job with my writing career is demanding at the best of times but I finally managed to say, enough!  I am going into my ‘cave’ and I am not coming out until I have made good progress.   This time I stuck to it.

On my days off I decided to devote time to stay indoors and put all my effort and focus into writing my proposal for my new Redundancy book.  So far the results have been quite impressive.

I would highly recommend you gorge on pure writing pleasure, by insisting you retreat for a while.  I found it extremely beneficial and I believe you could too for the following reasons:

  1. You can allow yourself to experience character emotion in private.
  2. You can act out scenes from your plot without looking like you’ve lost it.
  3. You can write continuously without interruption, meaning fewer mistakes and less re-writes.
  4. You can organise your time more effectively.
  5. You will have a stronger sense of focus and will write better.
  6. Your imagination can run wild and come up with some fascinating stories.
  7. It will make you happy to do more of the thing you love the most.
  8. You will find it personally rewarding and fulfilling.
  9. You can channel your energy in a positive way.
  10. You will feel proud of your achievements.

Write soon.



6 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Writers Should Retreat

    1. Hi.
      Hi It’s Sandra from quirkybooks.wordpress.com/quirkybooks.net

      Great to hear from a like minded individual.

      I have logged onto your Dragonfly Scrolls site and I was happy for your achievements.

      You have got to have self belief and determination to succeed, you had both, you recognised your dream, you made it happen. Congratulations, well done you.

      Keep believing and achieving.

      All the best.


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