What E-Books would you like to read?

Hi Everyone

My quirkybooks.net website is due to change dramatically during this year.  It will become an online E-Book store.  But what type of books would you like to see?  Please let me know using the above poll.

Thank you.  Write soon.  Sandra

2 thoughts on “What E-Books would you like to read?

  1. I have not read an e-book and won’t until they stop printing books. Even then I might not because there are just too many books in print that I have not read. Maybe once I can no longer get a printed book at a store or at the library, I might have to resort to e-books, but I really do hope that I have gone on by that time. I need real paper in my grubby little hands. Same thing with magazines and newspapers.


    1. Hi Russel

      Thank you for your comments and liking some of my blog posts, I am glad you enjoyed reading them.
      I completely understand what you mean about holding the printed page in your hands, I find there is a huge feeling of value and excitement when I do this myself. I too enjoy holding a book in my hands, although I realise there is an increase in demand for e-books. I used to sell the E-Reader in my last retail job.


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