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Break Through Your Barriers, Embrace Your Quirky and Live Your Dreams!

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Break Through Your Barriers, Embrace Your Quirky, Live Your Dreams!

Yey! This is my final banner header for my channel. This is better than the previous version and what I wanted it to look like in the first place. For those of you who saw yesterday’s post about my new banner header for my Quirky Books TV YouTube Channel, I have redone it to be compatible with mobile devices and I am pleased that the result is much better and is nearly perfect to the way I wanted it to look and what I wanted it to say. This is going in the back of my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book, under my ‘Contact And Connect With The Author’ page. So it needs to be good, and I think it is. What do you think? Keep Embracing Your Quirky and write soon Sandra

Quirky Books TV Empowering You To Break Through Your Barriers To Live The Life Of Your Dreams!

Quirky Books TV new YouTube Header

Quirky Books TV New YouTube Header

Quirky Books TV – Read the difference – Now watch and hear the difference – Break Through Your Barriers, Embrace Your Quirky And Live Your Life The Way You Love IT! Live Your Dream!! How do you embrace your quirky? How do you break through your barriers and be your authentic self to live the life of your dreams? Author of Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Sandra Bellamy, otherwise known as quirky from, used to suffer with depression for years and completely turned her life around using her Embrace Your Quirky. Now she loves her life, living it her quirky way and helping a lot of people in the process! Sandra wants to inspire you to achieve your own goals, ambitions and dreams, by showing you, you can achieve things you never thought possible, you can break conventions and be happy living as your authentic quirky self! Defy normal, throw away the rule book and create your own! What are you waiting for? Subscribe now! 

This is my new Quirky Books TV channel banner – (Header) and the description that goes with it, to go with my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book. I think it defines my channel more, what my mission is, and where I want my channel to go and what I will be doing with it in the future. I still have some videos to upload from a while ago – some of which proves that impossible things can become possible. Stay tuned!! Write soon and keep embracing your quirky Sandra

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Author Gets Excited!

The moment has finally arrived when I am going to be a published Author very soon. I am so excited! I just launched a new Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book – Author Sandra Bellamy Facebook page. It would be amazing if you could Like it as I haven’t secured the page name yet – I need at least 25 Likes to get the name, sometimes it’s more, and I want to put the page name in my book, so the race is on. I believe this book is life changing for me and I hope it will be for a ton of others too. Here is the Facebook link Although my book is aimed at redundant workers, because it takes a holistic view of redundancy and getting back into work, it really does tackle a lot of well-being, confidence building and self-love issues, before dealing with the practicalities of job-hunting.

I have to check all of my hyperlinks work and then convert the manuscript to HTML for Kindle. Then -oooohhhhhh!!! It will be published Author time!!! So in these next few days/week – I should be able to proudly say that Sandra Bellamy is a published Author of Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work: – An A-Z ‘How to’ guide.

For those of you who don’t like to watch videos or who can’t for some reason, here is a translation of my Quirky Books TV Video excitement:

Hi, it’s Sandra from I am going to be a published Author soon and I cannot wait! I spent four nights trying to reformat my book for Kindle and had no joy, and I think I have finally cracked it with the Table Of Content hyperlinks .. and I am so excited because I am just day, hours, away from being a published Author and it’s my dream. After two and a half years of making this book – Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back In To Work – An A-Z How To Guide, I shall be finally there. Wow! It’s going to be incredible. I cannot wait! I am just so excited! It’s going to change my life, it’s going to help a ton of people and I just love it! I love helping people. I love writing. Oh my gosh to just be writing all the time again, was amazing. I took some time out of my day job – holiday – to do my writing of my book and I was spending ten hour shifts doing my writing and editing and amending, and it’s really hard work, really really hard work, but it’s so beautiful, I felt so at peace and at one with life and it’s absolutely fantastic! I have just been doing Facebook training with someone for their business, because I do Facebook and Twitter and Blogging training for business and that’s all great too, so you may see some books in the future, or a book about one or more of those subjects. More Quirky Books on the way. This Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book is incredible, it’s a complete A-Z guide for getting back into work and it takes a holistic view of redundancy. It’s all about going back to your inner being to the roots of who you are and what you were born to do before all the noise got in the way, the kids, the mortgage, marriage. Or just when life take it’s ups and downs and doesn’t quite go to plan, how you would want it too. But it’s amazing. It’s a really good book, even though I’ve written it and I say so myself and I look at it and think – ‘Did I really write that?’ But yeah I’m really proud of it. I love it and I hope you’ll love it too. So Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book will be out soon and I am so excited. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I have a ton of Bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters, who have followed my journey for quite some time now on getting this thing published. Love to you all X. I really appreciate it. Until next time, Embrace Your Quirky and each others. Bye.

Keep embracing your quirky and believing that your dreams can come true.

Thanks for all of your love and support during my journey into print – Well into a Kindle at the very least!

Write soon




When I write – I feel my whole soul is melted into me!

Hi everyone


Writer and Author Sandra Bellamy

When I write, I feel my whole soul is melted into me. I feel I am a personification of the word writer; and I am at absolute peace within myself. It’s like someone flicks a switch inside of me and I know this is how my life is always meant to be, for eternity.

I have been in my cave writing, editing, amending and adding to my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book for almost two weeks. I took 12 days off from my day job to get my book finished and uploaded to Amazon as an e-Book. I am pleased to say that I finished the book on Tuesday; except for the re-formatting for Kindle, which I am now in the process of doing in the evenings after my day job. My two days off from my day job next week, I am working in my teaching job for over half day on Monday and I have a new client for my self-employed Quirky Training business, teaching Facebook for business on Wednesday for part of the day. So more often than not, I work 7 days a week nowadays. That’s why I currently have less time to blog and to visit blogs, so apologies for that.

I love you all dearly. Never forget that. I appreciate your commments and likes, and I appreciate you.

My book has been at least two and a half years in the making and so I am going to be extastic once it’s published, and it should help a ton of people in the process.

My Quirky Training business can be found at Quirky Training. It’s part of my education hub Quirky Academy offering. You can view it here: Quirky Academy. I teach blogging, Facebook and Twitter for business or pleasure. My number is 07932 768970 if you know anyone who may benefit from my training now, or in the future.

My main focus for these next couple of evenings, is trying to finish the re-formatting of my book to upload to Amazon. However long it takes, I won’t stop until I am a published by author.

Stay quirky and write soon


My Grandma Bellamy – Gone but not forgotten!


My Grandma Bellamy

My Grandma Bellamy

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Manuscript

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Manuscript

My Grandma died a year ago on Friday 13th at 9.20pm. I was holding her hand when died and that was her dying wish that she told me about in February last year. I am so glad I fulfilled that wish. I am not going to dwell, as it’s too upsetting for me. I know she supported me 100% in my career. I have spent about 10 hours revising and amending my book today and I am going to continue to work on it. The book is dedicated to her and she knew that before she died.

As you can see it’s a mammoth book and a mammoth task to edit and amend it – It’s going to be an amazing book – I look at it and think, did I really write that? – Yep!

I am working hard to get it published in e-Book format on Amazon asap.

Write soon and stay quirky



Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow?

Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow? For the first time ever – You can see them both here and now!

Look out for the funny out-take at the end!

Guinea Pig Chestnut First Birthday Party Fun with Guinea Pig Snow! Watch First Birthday Card Opening and Present Opening, with a daughter’s first birthday message on the front of the card! Guinea pig Chestnut enjoys a first birthday celebration party with owner Sandra Bellamy from and companion Snow. This video is the third in the Guinea Pig Party series.

Enjoy Guinea pig party fun with a Happy Birthday song, and see Snow and Chestnut in a video together for the first time ever!

Watch how Sandra holds her Guinea pig Chestnut and Chestnut’s Birthday card at the same time. Watch how Sandra opens Chestnut’s Birthday present and holds her Guinea Pig Chestnut at the same time. And watch how Sandra handles holding two of her Guinea pigs at once!

In this third in the Guinea Pig Party Series; Guinea pig Chestnut has lots of fun opening her card and present. With party banners, guinea pig lookalike balloons, streamers, a banner, and first birthday balloons, it’s makes for an extremely colourful and fun birthday party!

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