5 Interesting Ways To Write

Hi Everyone

Just as I like my imagination to run wild with what I am writing. I decided to let it run wild with interesting ways that I could write.

This is what I came up with:

1) Whilst doing a headstand. All that blood rushing to ones head, would surely create a surge of brilliance.

2) Whilst on horseback. The feeling of riding on a horse should certainly give food for thought.

3) In underwater cave cavities. You would need waterproof paper for this. You can make notes on an E-reader but I have yet to come across a waterproof version. You heard it here first…..watch this space, Dragon’s Den, here I come.

4) By painting words on to canvas. Words and art, what a gorgeous combination.

5) By writing a book backwards. Starting with the back cover first, moving to the middle, progressing to the beginning and ending with the front cover. Fantastic.

Write soon.


7 thoughts on “5 Interesting Ways To Write

  1. The upside down stand is a yoga move. Dr. Bernard Jensen almost prescribed the slant board in the morning, where you’re lying down straight at about 30, 45 degrees. (A move that’s contraindicated for some patients). So yes, the blood to the brain is usually great. How’s music with writing for gorgeous? =) Not just background music, but something epic, perhaps, that would elicit a story. 😉 (Told ya I’d be back.)


    1. I play dance music nearly all of the time, in the morning, in the evening, to energise and to chill. I already listen to it whilst writing and love it. It is something I have done for a long time. I sometimes have music and the TV on at the same time whilst writing. Noise therapy is great. – Being quirky, what else would you have expected!


    1. Hi hotshot bald cop

      It is always good to receive positive feedback and I appreciate your comment.

      I have visited thescreenlounge.com and was disappointed to find a message on the home page saying it doesn’t belong to you.

      Do you have your own blog?

      Write soon.



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