Blog Awards

I have won many blog awards over the years, which gave me the motivation, drive, inspiration, and encouragement, to keep writing this blog since 2010.

Many of these blog awards were displayed on this blog, but as the years have gone by I have used that space to display my social media. So that’s why I have this page. I am very grateful to every person who has nominated me for an award over the years, and feel honoured that you value and appreciate my writing. This list is not exhaustive, and if I have left your blog award you have given me out of this list, I want you to know I am still very thankful and grateful for it.

Blog Of The Year 2012
Blog Of The Year 2012 awarded on 09/12/12

My first Blog Of The Year 2012 Award is from:

Thanks to for my second Blog Of The Year 2012 Award.

Blog of the Year Award 2 star
Thanks to Casey Roach: for my second One Lovely Blog Award. Who was a winner in our Write-A-Thon competition. She received a signed copy of Write-A-Thon from Author and Writing Coach Rochelle Melander.
The Blue Liebster Award was given to me by Rohan from on March 15th 2013.


I received this Liebster Blog (Love) award from on March 26th 2013.

Liebster Blog Heart

I was awarded the Shine On award twice. Once from Oasien at and the other from Alastair at I made my nominations in April 2013.
Shine On
Thanks to Supriya from for my WordPress Family Award. I made my nominations for this award in April 2013.
WordPress Family Award
I received my second Best Moment Award from James at and my third was from Mick at
Best Moment Award 2
Best Moment Award 2
Best Moment Award 3
Third time Best Moment Award winner

I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award twice. The first time by Gabriel Lucatero from The second time from

Versatile Blogger Award
The Versatile Blogger Award

14 thoughts on “Blog Awards

    1. I am absolutely thrilled, thank you a million times over. I accept this award with open arms and with the love that was intended. I am behind with my blog award nominations at the moment and I am hoping to catch up with that next month.


      1. I love the site and I think it’s a great idea. I just added my quirkybooks blog to it. I am away from home at the moment so can’t add your badge. I hope to do that this coming week. I also have two blogs about redundancy and getting back into work, not sure what categories to put those under?


    1. Thanks so much for these awards. I am so thrilled to receive both of them. I really appreciate you thinking of me. It is so kind of you. I love receiving awards. Just to let you know I was awarded The WordPress Family Award a little while ago and I am just about to publish the post for it but I am very happy to receive another one as I love being part of the family and will gladly accept both awards officially in a couple of weeks time. I am off to London later today and have a little catching up to do with my awards. Thanks again.


      1. Hi Sandra, you deserve this award and congrats to you 🙂
        Enjoy and my thanks, regards James 🙂


      2. I will. Thanks so much. A bit behind with my official blog post nominations at the mo because of current writing projects but will do a future post. Thanks again.


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