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Does This Sound Like You?

Are you an aspiring Author who wants to change the world one book at a time but you don’t know where to start?

Or maybe you’re already a published Author who likes to learn more and take your book publishing business to another level entirely, but there’s so much information out there, you get super confused as to which advice is best and you struggle to know what really works?

Or maybe you just want to make more money online besides publishing books, but you don’t know where to start and you don’t want to make mistakes that cost you money in trying to find out what works and what doesn’t?

I know how that feels. And I can assure you…

  • If you want to start your own book publishing business from scratch, or just grow the business you already have…
  • If you just want to get your book into print, without building a business around it…
  • If you want to know how to make money online in multiple other ways to grow your income, learn what works and what doesn’t, without taking unnecessary risks…
  • And especially if you have a strong desire to have a positive impact on the world and truly make a difference…

…then you’ve arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.

My name is Sandra Bellamy, otherwise known as The Asexual Entrepreneur, Asexualise, and ACE Fibro Girl.

I help Asexuals (those who lack sexual attraction), to be comfortable and confident with their asexuality, by giving them the help, advice, support, and guidance they need, to thrive in this highly sexualised world. So they can be their authentic self, not care what others think, and truly ACE their life.

I also help “action takers, self-starters, solopreneurs, writers, authors, entrepreneurs and side hustlers” to make more money online, grow their skills, increase their audience reach, and believe in their self and their dreams more. If that’s you, this means you can have more joy, more fulfillment and satisfaction, experience more passion, and achieve more abundance with purpose.

My Story

I started this blog in 2010, to find my writer’s voice and to help other writer’s to write better. I invited people to join me on my journey into print and I have never looked back.

But it wasn’t until 2009, when I was made redundant for the second time in my life, that I discovered I was born to write and to help others, including those who have been made redundant to get back into work. Which was why I started my other blog not long after this one www.beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com and I won a Special Recognition Award for my beatredundancyblues business in 2013, and my first book I published in 2015, was called “Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How-To Guide.” And I did some guest blog posts, one of which got a mention in the New York Times and I had my “Breaking through barriers” article published in Devon Life Business and Professional magazine.

Magazine article

Prior to that, in 2008. I started a Writing For Children’s course with the Writer’s Bureau. It’s a long distance course and I only completed the first 1-4 modules, and I am still a student to this day, as there is no end date until you complete the course and all the assignments. But, this course gave me the confidence to write professionally and to call myself a professional writer and it was not long after that, I got paid for an article I wrote for Country Smallholding and I got paid for a Star Letter is Freelance Market News, which is run the Writer’s Bureau and only available on a monthly membership plan. They also used to do one free appraisal service a year, of up to 3000 words, as part of that membership, but disappointingly they stopped that. During that time I had 2 picture books for 3-5 year olds appraised, but I failed to get any of those into print. I could not do the illustrations myself, and I was badly let down by someone in that regard. But 14 years later, in January 2022, I bought a course called “Children’s Book Creator” by the Home Boss, to learn how to illustrate the books myself.

In 2012, Everything Changed.

In January of 2012, I was diagnosed with an unseen disability for life, fibromyalgia, which is a chronic pain condition that affects the nerves and muscles of the body. I think I’m the only person in the world who can say, that fibromyalgia actually changed my life for the better forever, and saved it. I had suffered with depression for most of my life, with suicidal thoughts and not much hope in life, or direction, I didn’t want to be here. But after 6 months of coming to terms with the fact I will have a disability for life, in July 2012, I stopped talking negatively to myself, after years of having that as a permanent habit. I worked out that emotional pain, increases physical pain with fibromyalgia, and that if I continued to talk negatively towards myself, I could end on crutches or in a wheelchair, like others who have the condition, and this was a threat to my freedom I could not tolerate.

It was in that same year, that I attended a Success Resources event in London. Which was my first ever business seminar and the first time I ever saw World Leading Coach Tony Robbins, live on stage. I’ll never forget that moment when he taught us how to change our state through movement and music and helped us to break through the barriers we had created in our mind. And that was the start of my self-love journey. Up until that point in my life, I felt my life was pointless, with no hope for the future and I didn’t like myself or my life. So even though I had dramatically stopped talking negatively in the verbal sense towards myself, I didn’t have self-love. But during that seminar, my eyes got opened wide to new possibilities that made me see all the skills, experience and knowledge, I had learnt over the years, which I could use to help others in their life or business, and that was the start of my entrepreneur journey, and self-love journey, to this day.

I continued to go to other Success Resources events over a course of 5 years, including the National Achievers Congress, Business Revolution, Success Seminar, and various other business shows,  seminars, and related events, such as the “The Business Show” and Stand and Deliver speaker training. Learning from some of the world’s most renown leading entrepreneurs, experts, thought-leaders, and influencers.

These include:

  • Anthony Robbins
  • Brendon Burchard
  • Donald Trump
  • Andy Harrington
  • Les Brown
  • Jay Abraham

During these years of learning and being an entrepreneur, I have been tested and had to push through a lot of fears and barriers. I have seen the greatest growth and transformation within myself. And I believe that entrepreneurship is the person you become in the process of making money and your dreams come true. That’s why I say to take action and do it for the journey, because it’s the journey that truly changes your life. If it wasn’t for my fibromyalgia and entrepreneurship, I would still be thinking about death and dying. Now I am the happiest I have ever been as I continue to evolve and grow myself into the best version of me, both personally and professionally, and I can help you to do the same.

Forever A Teacher, Always A Student.

I believe if you want to help others, the best thing you can do is to help yourself first. Only when you learn, develop, and grow yourself, both personally and professionally, can you achieve your dreams by helping others to overcome their fears and obtain theirs.

With that in mind, I love self-growth and I love learning, and I will always being a student of life. I enjoy helping others and I enjoy learning new things. I have completed a variety of courses over the years, as well as teaching courses myself and I’m always striving to increase my knowledge and know-how, so I can help you to increase yours.

Since December 16th of 2021, when I had a huge mindset shift, I made my main focus building my book publishing business. So even though I have been publishing books since 2015, I feel I’m starting over again, and in 2022, I’ve bought two courses focused on book publishing.

The first one is “Children’s Book Creator” course, by The Hone Boss.

This course solves all of those problems and more, see screenshot below about – “What You Will Accomplish At The End of this course”, taken from my course dashboard inside my own private members area, so I highly recommend it, here is the link https://thehomeboss.podia.com/childrensbookcreator/6041z

From Nuria (The Home Boss) herself: “So many of us have always wanted to write a children’s book. It’s an incredible feeling when you are holding your printed book in your hands and read through the pages. And an even better feeling is knowing that, someone somewhere, is reading your book to a child! If you have ever thought about writing a children’s book but don’t know where to start, or if you already produce low content books on Amazon KDP, like planners, journals or activity books, then this is one step further for you to take your book publishing to a higher level. But this is not a course teaching you about the traditional way of publishing a book. This is an unconventional way of producing and self-publishing your book and may not be what you expect. This course is for anyone who wants to publish a book but hasn’t got a clear story in mind and who is very flexible about what kind of children’s book they are going to create. I will teach you how to choose your topic so that you have the best chances of selling your book. And we will use pre-made images and graphics, so you don’t have to use an illustrator. So book will be completely self-made and self-published, from start to finish.” So if you have ever wanted to know how to write, illustrate, and publish your own children’s books, get your copy of the Children’s Book Creator course by The Home Boss, now https://thehomeboss.podia.com/childrensbookcreator/6041z and save yourself hundreds of pounds it would cost you to pay an illustrator.

The second course I bought is Self-Publishing Titans Masterclass here  https://masterclass.selfpublishingtitans.com/kdp/lsmmj 

Self-Publishing Mastercless
Get your Masterclass here for a limited time offer of only $97, by the time you read this post, this offer could have ended, so don’t delay, buy now, this is a steal at that price from 6 figure authors.https://masterclass.selfpublishingtitans.com/kdp/lsmmj
  • Learn how to self-publish books like a pro.
  • How to make 60 different books to sell on Amazon.
  • Learn how to run ads.
  • Increase sales.
  • Expand brand awareness.
  • Get software for free with this course (as of Sept 2022 – not sure when this offer ends), to enable you to search categories and keywords to be able to niche down more successfully and gain more exposure for your books. (This software alone is worth the price of the course.)
  • Get a super supportive Facebook support group with the course.
  • Cleo And Corvin continue to add modules to this course at no extra cost, and once you buy this course, it’s lifetime access.
  • Learn from Corvin and Cleo who truly care about their customers and who treat them like friends.

Corvin and Cleo only allow people they trust to promote this very special offer to others. I am one of those people who they value as an affiliate. So if you purchase their course through my link, or anything through some of the other links on this page, it won’t cost you any more, but I will get some pennies for mentioning it, so thanks in advance. I only promote courses I believe in and/or, I’m a student of. This course is one which I love and adore myself and think it’s incredible value for money. It’s a complete no-brainer. It’s way more valuable than $97 and it will go up in price in the future. They have extended the launch price offer currently, as it’s been so popular, but it won’t be that way forever. So get it now here https://masterclass.selfpublishingtitans.com/kdp/lsmmj

Take a sneaky-peak behind the scenes, at my dashboard here:

I’m still working my way through this course.

This year, in 2022, when I am writing this, I attended a Speaker Bootcamp by Corey Poirier (aka. That Speaker Guy) in January, and I’m attending another one with him in October. I’m actually featured in one of his books – The Book Of Why (And How).

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back.”

This quote by Steve jobs makes you realise just how much your past can positively impact your present and your future, even if you don’t realise it at the time and life might suck!!!

Sales Skills

I have 19 years retail experience, which has helped me to grow and develop my skills in:

  • Approaching people.
  • Communicating with people from all walks of life.
  • Rapport building.
  • Explaining features with benefits.
  • Persuasion.
  • Handling objections.
  • Closing sales.

Management, Training, Leadership, Advising, Coaching, Blogging, Organisation And Time Management.

13 years trainer experience.

8 years management experience.

I have 12 years blogging experience and worked for the NHS Partnership Trust as a Peer Trainer and taught Blogging as an aid to recovery – How to start a WordPress.com blog, for the Devon Recovery Learning Community, that is part of the NHS. Along with Twitter and Facebook for recovery courses. These were for students with mental health difficulties, to help them recover through the use of social media. I was the course content writer for all of the courses that I taught.

  • Qualified Teacher/Trainer – PTTLS Level 4.
  • I’ve completed a Train the Trainer course.
  • Diploma in Advice and Guidance – IAG Level 4 – So I am fully qualified to advise people on a range of topics.
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Administration/Personal Assistants – Level 4. So I have excellent organisation and time managements skills.
  • Completed a First Steps in Counselling Skills course.
  • Completed a Personal Coaching Training weekend with The Coaching Academy. This helps me to coach people on my channel and one-to-one.

Redundancy and Recruitment

Recruitment was part of my management roles for 7 years.

I have been made redundant 3 times and worked my way back up the ladder each time.

I have experience of recruiting and of being recruited.

My life changed when I was made redundant for the second time in my career in 2009. It was then I discovered I’m born to write and to help others, including those who have been made redundant to get back into work, which is what I was doing along side my full-time job in retail, until 2015, when I started helping asexuals on my Asexualise My Asexual Life channel.

My Writing Credits Include:

Quirky Books

I’m also a published Author of 5 books under my own book publishing imprint called Quirky Books. All 5 of these come in Kindle eBook format and can be seen here on my Author Page.

My 2 most popular books are ones which also come in print format:

  1. Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories, Love, Life And Sex, ACElebration Of Asexual Diversity, which you can read about and buy here https://amzn.to/3R4Z9vu
  2. Fibromyalgia Self-Help Handbook: How To Manage Fibromyalgia, Have Less Pain, More Energy, Feel Happier, Like A Superhero Rockstar. Which you can read about and buy here https://amzn.to/3LFAXP4

With more books to come!


I’m Heteroromantic Asexual in sexual orientation, so I don’t experience any sexual attraction towards any gender, but I do experience romantic attraction towards the opposite gender, guys. And I experience lots of others types of attractions for guys too, such as aesthetic and intelligence attraction, but I don’t want sex with them.

I’m most famous for my Asexualise channel https://www.youtube.com/asexualisemyasexuallife which provides education, information, and entertainment, on love, life, sex, dating, relationships, friendships, and more. I do a live chat show usually daily and I share my own asexual life journey in order to help you in yours. I’m proud of my channel growth, and as I write this my channel has had over 405,000 views.

I was a speaker at the UK Asexuality Conference in London in 2018. Talking about how to arrange an asexual meetup.

I was also part of the asexuality relationships discussion panel.

I’ve been featured on BBC Radio about asexuality, including the Jeremy Vine show. I’ve been in the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail.

I have been featured in an article on the Femedic website, What’s it like dating when you’re asexual? And on a number of podcasts, including this interview by Catana @TransformationalArtWithCatana about how asexuality completely transformed my life!

And how I became an Asexual Entrepreneur on the Dreams Are Real podcast. This is a clip from the show –

But you can listen to the full show here https://open.spotify.com/episode/4espw93YE4SfcTYMuZjRQQ?si=893897d6b8484f03&nd=1

I was also interviewed by a Sex Coach, exploring the misconceptions about asexuality. This is the full episode below, and you can watch it on my own my channel. Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos and hit the bell icon, so you never miss an episode.

Meeting HM the Queen

In July 2013, I had the great fortune of meeting HM the Queen Elizabeth II at St James’s Palace. I was a Health Buddy at the time, for Community Service Volunteers (CSV) in Association with BBC Radio Devon at the time, and I won a Good Citizen’s Award for saving someone’s life. I was chosen to speak to HM and tell her that. You can watch my full story of how I got to meet her, by watching this video below.

My Life 3 Life Missions

  1. To get asexuality recognised as a sexual orientation in it’s own right throughout the globe, so no asexual has to live in ridicule ever again. Subscribe to my Asexualise channel here https://www.youtube.com/asexualisemyasexuallife
  2. To enable anyone to make money make cash online, so they can pay bills, have fun, and truly life the life of their dreams. Subscribe to my Make Money Make Cash channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClqfa3MRuPE28r6zu3M84OA
  3. To get everyone to embrace their quirky in their life and business, to lead a happy, successful and fulfilling existence. Subscribe to my Quirky Books TV channel for life hacks how to live your best life here https://www.youtube.com/quirkybooksTV and my Sandra Bellamy channel to help you live the life of your dreams here https://www.youtube.com/c/SandraBellamy

Blog Posts You Won’t Want To Miss

Always stay quirky and buy Quirky Books here to go from pain to gain, right now.

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