KDP To CreateSpace Print Book Cover – Avoid This Mistake!! Save Time And Money!

This was the cover I created for my Asexual Perspectives Kindle version, using the KDP Cover Creator and an image I had designed for one of my www.Asexualise.comAsexualise” Asexual T-Shirts, that is available to buy on Amazon.com. It took me a few hours to get this right in the first place – about 3 hours or more, and since the very original cover, I added the “47 Asexual Stories” part, which made the ‘Perspectives’ font smaller and I could not make it larger without it going into other areas of the book cover, due to the restrictions of the text fields on KDP. It took me many more hours to try to make the text bigger and in the end, I had to settle for this as the best it was going to get. So bear these restrictions in mind if you do use the Cover Creator.

You could say that this was my first mistake you should avoid, and you would be right, because of all the time it took me to create the cover and the restrictions it posed to me when I came to amend it, but I did enjoy creating it in the first place, so not all was lost!!

I assumed, since KDP encourages you to click a button and hey presto out pops a printed version (oh, no, no, no, no, no; it doesn’t – see previous post), that it would be easy to replicate my cover using the Cover Creator – in fact I assumed at first thought, that it would almost autogenerate the cover!! Boy was I WRONG!! With a capital W. Not only did it do no such thing, it got worse. The Cover Creator for the KDP print version, did not have the same template that I used for my Kindle version and no matter how many painstaking hours I tried to reproduce the exact same cover, it would not work. This was a tough situation to be in and this is the first part of the major mistake I want you to avoid. Because now I was faced with either wading through more Photoshop videos to try to learn how to create the cover myself using the template that I downloaded, but did not understand, or paying someone to do it for me. One is much more time – one is money! I opted to save myself time and that is what I am trying to help you to do, save time – and money!! Let me tell you more about that!

So I paid a designer $25 to create the print version of my Asexual Perspectives book cover and … wait for it … drum roll please … she had to recreate the Kindle version, because I did not have all of the original source files. Yep! You heard me right! All that time I spent in the cover creator and she had to recreate the Kindle version anyway, before doing the printed version! And she was able to get the “Perspectives” to be the same font size as the word Asexual, so it looks much better. All of those hours.. wasted! Although it wasn’t. Not from a creative perspective, but from a frustration energy point of view and so this is the mistake that I want you to avoid. Because next time, I will just pay her to do both covers in the first place. Or at least the Kindle version so she has the original source files, should I need the print version creating. Although the cover is usually done as the last thing; it is important you remember this firstly and save yourself a whole heap of time and many arrrghhh! Moments.

Oh, and before I forget, did I tell you that I had to go back into the Cover Creator to find out all of the original settings, what font I used for which bit, what size, drop shadow or not, bold or not, the exact colour – so I used the ‘Inspector’, to inspect the elements and get the colours – unless you are into web design, you may not know what this means as it is a hidden element within a site and shows you the specific RGB colour numbers, used to make up the whole colour of a particular element. I could not find the simple # colour for each of the colours.

So there you have it, unless you get a buzz out of creative frustration, which I do sometimes do to certain point, pay a designer to create your cover in the first place.

Asexual Perspectives print cover
Asexual Perspectives Kindle and Print Book Cover, now, that the designer recreated.

And after all that, I decided to publish the printed version of my Kindle book, with CreateSpace, not the new KDP system because you cannot buy discounted Author copies with KDP. Or do expanded distribution if you want. See previous post. The expanded distribution added too much cost to the sale price and so I have chosen not to do this at the moment.

Now if I told you there is no such thing in life as mistakes, just lessons we learn from, how would you feel? See, although I call these mistakes, they are still life’s lessons. We cannot know, what we don’t know, until we know it. Once we know it, will we repeat it? That is the big question? That is the possible mistake? But until we learn those all important life lessons, we will keep making those ‘mistakes’. I hope by reading this, you get to achieve a lesson and not a mistake.

And if you want to save yourself some money with the cover, like I did, then go to www.fiverr.com to find yourself a good cover designer, but make sure you can have commercial rights to it and it is copyright free, otherwise you could land yourself in a whole heap of legal trouble!!

Until next time, keep writing, keep being you, never give up and keep embracing your quirky, check out my Asexual Perspectives book, as it is a remarkable book and tells my own personal story, that you can read just from the free Amazon ‘Look inside’ feature. xxxxxxxx

Hello From Disneyland Paris! For My 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration!

I am currently on my biggest self date ever at Disneyland Paris for my 21st Mindset Birthday Celebration. My dad gave me the money for the holiday for a one off special birthday present – but I have to pay for food myself. I am here for 5 days and 4 nights. Plus 2 nights in London.

Stay quirky x

Happy 3rd Birthday Chestnut Guinea Pig Daughter!!

Chestnut – with her Christmas card! 3 today. My mum has her birthday card to give to her today!!

It is Chestnut’s 3rd birthday today, and I am currently away in EuroDisney for my 21st Mindset Birthday (my actual DOB is tomorrow!!). I am away from 22nd-28th of April. I left from London this morning by EuroStar after seeing some friends in London yesterday. 5 days and 4 nights in the park, that means, tomorrow will be my actual first full day in the park, for my birthday, I cannot wait!! I feel a bit guilty for not seeing Chestnut on her 3rd birthday, but she is in good hands with my mum and dad, and has a card and presents from me, plus balloons and a banner, and a Happy Birthday paper plate!! So happy birthday to my darling Chestnut guinea pig daughter, love you bundles and will do forever more!! xxxxxxxx

Chestnut 3 years today, (brown), with her companion baby Angel – who is not a year old yet!

Do You See Your Beauty? Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

Do You See Your Beauty? Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy. Do you see your beauty, or do you see a tree …


I am off to London tomorrow and EuroDisney on Sunday 23rd April for my 21st Mindset birthday celebration – 7 whole days, one week of quirky teenage fun. This is when I get to be truly me 24/7, not work, apart from Facebook video and posts from the park!! Join me on my 21st Mindset Birthday on my www.facebook.com/quirkybooksnet page, on my birthday, Monday 24th of April, and see posts and updates from me on that day in Disneyland Paris xx Permission to wear anything Disney, Super-hero, fun, post your pics on there. Theme is Disney and to have the mindset of a 21 year old or younger. You have to think, act and be, like a 21 year old, and see how much you can achieve, with no hang-ups, no worries, no caring what people think and just having a blast! Be unstoppable!! Stay quirky always xx I am in the actual park from 23-27th of April and back in London again on the 28th!!

Pre- 21st Mindset Birthday Gift And Guinea Pig Card From A Work Colleague!

Beautiful tripple hanging quotes and guinea pig birthday card.

So this year, in true quirky style, I am having the mother of all mother’s; huge, big, gigantic, 7 day birthday celebration, starting this Sat 22nd of April in London, followed by 5 days and 4 nights at EuroDisney (Disneyland Paris), and returning to London on 27th, with a whole day in London on the 28th.  My actual birthday is on Mon 24th of April, which will be my first full day in the park. I am going for a huge self-date to EuroDisney and meeting up with friends while in London. Super excited. 

Today is my last day in my day job before I break for my holiday and a work colleaue gave me a guinea pig card and this triple hanging quotes set for my birthday – plus this gorgeous bear bag, that is like a gift in itself. So thoughtful!

I still have holiday prep to do!! And things to sort out to do with my own business stuff. I have bought some new clothes, but I still need a few more tops if I can find ones that I like! I found and bought 3 so far and that is good for me as I have specific tastes.

You may have noticed that I am having a 21st Mindset Birthday. This means I will be having the mindset of a 21 year old for my birthday and the coming year. I have stuck at 23 for the last 2 years. So I can do; say: wear; think; speak; or act, like a 21 year old. If you want to join me, there are huge advantages to this, as it allows you (and me), to get out of your (and mine), comfort zone even more, and be more unstoppable in your life and business – that’s the quirky magic!!

More posts to come about my 21st Mindset Birthday!!

Write soon and stay quirky.

Sandra xx


Print Book Publishing With KDP Or CreateSpace? – Avoid This Mistake!

As a writer you may have many goals, one is usually to see your book in print and many people decide to self-publish these days using Amazon’s print on demand (POD) service, called CreateSpace. Most would be writer’s and authors will use Amazon’s CreateSpace and so will existing Indie Authors.

Although I am the author of 3 Kindle books using Amazon’s KDP system (Kindle Direct Publishing), I have yet to publish a book in print. This year, I decided to get more serious and go into print with my Asexual Perspectives book, as the demand is there. This whole process started in January after the launch of my Kindle version, and is still not over yet! Boy is it tough being a jack of all trades as well as a master of writing to get an indie book published in print!!! Not for the faint hearted – but for the love of writing! My book is non-ficton and Approx 560 pages, so that is why it has taken me longer than predicted to get it out there and just as I think the publish button is near, something else crops up!! Arrrghhh!!

I think it’s good that I write posts that can help you to avoid some of the mistakes I have made, or almost made. One such mistake is using KDP to print instead of CreateSpace! This is one of those, ‘I almost made a big mistake jobbies!!’

KDP is currently in Beta mode for enabling you to publish your Kindle book in print. I kinda like being one of the first for things and it sounded great, just click a button and add your print version for one of your Kindle books!! Easy right? Me being naive to this stuff, thought great, hey presto and out pops a printed version! No. You still have to create a print version cover for your book, and after many hours of playing around with the “cover creator”, and uploading versions that were a muddled up version of the original I did in the KDP Kindle version cover creator, I finally conceded that I would need to pay someone to create the print version of the KDP cover, exactly. Which was not straight forward and that is another whole post entirely!! (Note to self to create that post.)

Thankfully, I am in an awesome book group on Facebook that is run by a six figure Author, (something I can aspire to after becoming a hundredaire and thousandaire Author – and the rest!). Well I am making a little money with books, even if it is not yet a ton! But if you add up all the hours and costs, then it would be a profit loss – well I won’t go into that! Positive mindset is key and my love for writing never dies, so I am onto a winner anyway! I was chatting in this book group through my post and comments and they stopped me from making a huge mistake! They told me that you cannot get discounted author copies while using KDP for print but you can if you use CreateSpace then you can. Thank God I did not hit the publish button yet. So I had to go through the cover upload and interior content upload again using CreateSpace but I registered as a publishing company under Quirky Books and thank goodness I had not used my ISBN yet, so I typed that in. The book had to gain approval and now I am on the proof stage with final edits – yet again, under way!!

From the KDP forum: “CreateSpace will send print proofs to examine before approving the book for sale. They will also sell author copies at a discounted price. AND they will distribute the book to other markets of your choosing. As of now, KDP for Print offers none of those advantages.” Check out this forum thread for more information https://kdp.amazon.com/community/thread.jspa?threadID=345180

I hope that helps you in your own Author journey?

As always, stay quirky and write soon xx

“Don’t Put Me Into A Box!” Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

“Don’t Put Me Into A Box!” Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy. Sometimes people try to put us into a box, society tries to put us into a box, and we also need to break free of our own box, that is hiding our beauty. We need to break free from that box and go into the light, so that we may spread our own unique light to others!

As always, stay quirky, stay unique and keep being you xx

Write soon, Sandra xx



Today, I got my own publishing company imprint ‘Quirky Books’ and that is what the print edition of my Asexual Perspectives book will now go under. OVER 6 years I have waited for this, since starting this blog. This is an awesome, quirky day.

This picture was taken is EuroDisney in 2014, and this month I am going on the biggest self-date ever, to EuroDisney for my birthday. 5 days and 4 nights of quirky bliss, with two nights in London, 1 night before and after.

Always stay quirky, embrace your quirky, and be true to who you are. Never let your sparkle die or your light fade xx

And – write soon xx