About me

I am a self-published Author of Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide and How To Get Started With Twitter For Absolute Beginners, Get Going and Get Growing, A Step-By-Step Guide – On Amazon Kindle. My huge passion for writing knows no bounds and I am currently working on another two books for differences audiences. 
I am a Social Media Trainer and Business mentor, retail specialist, T-Shirt designer/seller and an Embrace Your Quirky/Authenticity ‘Quirky Coach’/Advisor. I created my Own Embrace Your Quirky Philosophy to finally over come depression in 2012 without medication. I had been depressed throughout most of my life up until that point – I used to hate my life and not want to be here and was in tears quite a lot. Now I love my life, and love living my way, to the max! My philosophy is all about being your truth authentic self regardless of what anyone else says, thinks or does.
I am also an ambassador for asexuality and my mission is to spread awareness of asexuality around the globe to get it recognised as a sexual orientation in it’s own right so that asexuals never have to live in fear of ridicule ever again. I design and sell Asexual T Shirts, provide educational videos on my Asexualise my Asexual Life YouTube Channel, and also offer coaching/mentoring and other services to asexuals. I run the Asexual Business, Gurus and Entrepreneurs Group on Facebook and have a site with Products, Resources and Services for asexuals at www.asexualise.com. I am currently working on my first non-fiction book about asexuality called – ‘Asexual Perspectives. Love, Life and Sex, ACElebration of Diversity’ and interviewing asexuals around the globe for it. I have had an amazing response so far and it will change lives.
I love writing, informing, educating, inspiring and learning. My mission is to create products and services to enhance people’s Personal and Professional Development, all the while embracing their quirky. I am looking forward to one day being an inspirational speaker on stage in London and to having my own e-book store with many different books on it – I already own the store and after the last 3 years training I am now creating my books to go on it and Amazon.
How It All Began

I got my first job working for the Totnes Times as a Data Input Clerk.  It was through that role that my passion for writing blossomed.

Although my main job was to type up copy, I was more interested in creating news stories.  I remember the editor asked me to go out on location for one story about why two girls were in Victorian costume.  Another time she asked me to conduct an interview over the telephone for a sporting event and she used an idea I had for another story.  Even though I didn’t get credit for any of these, I knew I must have something special for her to use these stories and that boosted my confidence no end.

Unfortunately, it was a part time job which hardly covered the costs of my transport.  It wasn’t long after, I got a different job, nearer to where I lived in Exeter.  It was in retail and I have worked in retail for over 17 years since then.

During my 17 career in retail, I have learnt a lot about selling and have worked my way up from being a part-time sales assistant to being in management for over 7 years. In my management roles, I interviewed, recruited, trained and coached staff. I have been made redundant twice and still worked my way back up the ladder. So I feel I am in a unique position to be able to offer help to others who have been made redundant to get back into work. Which is why I created my book, that will be available to buy on Amazon soon. It is called Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy to get back into work and is an A-Z ‘How to’ guide. What makes it a quirky book,  is the fact I have crossed over two genres, an A-Z guide with a ‘How-to’ book. That to my knowledge, has never been done before. It also takes a holistic approach to redundancy, treating the inner being, and getting back to the roots of what you were born to do, before dealing with the practicalities, such as job applications and interviews.

At the end of 2011, I took a year out from my career in retail to focus on my writing and setting up my own business called Beat Redundancy Blues to help people who are redundant or unemployed to get back into work.

During this time I completed two business courses, gained a PTTLS Level 4 teacher/trainer qualification and an IAG – Information Advice and Guidance Level 4 Diploma, along with several Adobe courses. In October 2012, I decided to return to a day job in retail, working as the Fitted Bedroom Specialist for John Lewis. I use the money from this job to pay for bills whilst working on my two businesses in the evenings and on my days off.

I teach Blogging as an aid to recovery for the Recovery Learning Community, that is for people with mental health difficulties, their family, friends and carers who support them.

My redundancy website: http://www.beatredundancyblues.com It is an invaluable resource for anyone who is:

  • Redundant from their job
  • Currently job seeking
  • Looking for work for whatever reason
  • Wanting a change of career
  • Lacking in direction
  • Wanting motivation and inspiration

I am pleased to announce that beatredundancyblues has already won a Special Recognition Award:


On July 20th, 2013, I officially launched www.beatredundancyblues.co.uk. It is similar in content to the .com version, with access to Job Sites, Recruitment Sites and Courses Sites from within the one site and has top blogs posts from other recruitment sites on the home page – helping you even more!!

My second business: I am changing my quirkybooks.net website into a much more attractive website with an e-Book store to publish my own books.

Check out my redundancy blog at www.beatredundancyblues.wordpress.com

Follow me on Twitter: @quirkybooksnet or http://twitter.com/beatredundancyb

Like me on Facebook: facebook.com/quirkybooksnet or facebook.com/beatredundancyblues

Happy writing


166 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hey Ayushi, thank you so much for your lovely and kind words. I am glad you love he Quirky Books name so much, because that is also the publishing name I go under with Amazon and is also what my future e-book store/s are called. My quirky-books.net has been under the radar for a while now, because it is in effect under construction, but will be woken up and utilised in the coming months with a ton of books from me in the future – starting with my first few this year – but at first they are often exclusively to Amazon before I will be able to put them on my own site – do watch this space. I just received my first review for my Twitter book and it is 5 Stars. I am becoming much more knowledgable about self-publishing and hope to be able to have my own book out in the future showing people how they can also publish their own e-book quickly and efficiently on Amazon, but for now I am focusing on what I love to do – write and help people, and learning the final pieces of the puzzle to be able to do more to help others in the future. I am currently working on two more books.

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    1. Hi Al, thank you for this. I know how time is limited, I am over 2 years behind with blog award nominations and have a new award I need to nominate for, that I was meant to sort out at the weekend.


  1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. I am absolutely amazed at what you have achieved and all the things you still aim to do. Such dedication and energy deserves success and I wish you all the best. Clare

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    1. Wow! Thank you so much. I was never expecting that! That’s lovely of you. I hugely need to catch up with blog award nominations. I still have awards from the beginning of last year to nominate for. I am such a lucky girl and blessed.

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