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Book Store Lover

I know some people who absolutely love bookstores and just can’t get enough of them, it’s like they are a baby in a huge playpen full of their favourite toys, their eyes light up and they are instantly lost in a world full of magic, mystery, wonder, excitement and fantasy! Is this you? Can you relate? (Comment below if you can!)

As a writer who is slow to read, I tend to only read the types of books I like to write – which is predominately non-fiction, self-help, how-to books. So I am not so enthused about going into bookstores, I prefer to just get a book when I need it, and I usually buy it from Amazon, which is where I sell my own Quirky Books.

What do you think about bookstores? How much do you love your local bookstore?

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon.

Sandra xx



  1. Over here in The Philippines there aren’t too many really good bookshops, that I have come across yet. That and saving money means that I am rereading the haul I brought over with me. I miss shopping, now you mention it.

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      1. I am aiming for my visa so I can stay over here long term, we aren’t sure where we will end up in the future but I do enjoy being here and learning to fit in to a new culture.


      2. Hi Ste, she is stunningly beautiful. And I love her vows post. You look much younger and happier in those photos, I am so pleased for you both. You are a good guy – not many around – and she sounds like a woman who is devoted and totally in love with you. You seem extremely compatible. Congratulations and well done for having the guts to move countries to be with the woman of your dreams. I haven’t met my soulmate yet – one day maybe! I have patience and love for myself.

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      3. Thank you, she is an amazing lady and provides so much love and inspiration, we are a great fit. It was easy to choose to move countries, the saving of money took more time but it was always something I wanted to do. It is harder than ever these days to find that person but a mutual friend connected us and it was unexpected and amazing. Proof it can happen at anytime!


      4. HI Ste, this is fantastic new. I have been on asexual dating sites since 2014, and run two asexual dating groups and hold asexual in person meet-ups in my city,but so far I have not found my soulmate. I get attracted to much younger foreign guys, but love living in the UK and it is very difficult to find a heteroromantic asexual guy who is younger and foreign in the UK – and who does not want kids or marriage. Most of them are homoromantic too – into guys. I have patience and until I can find a guy who genuinely does value my worth and uniqueness and who wants me for my quirky personality. I will stay happily single. If I read right,you got married this year in January? How long did you have along distant relationship for before you moved, if you don’t mind me asking? Even though I am asexual, I am still into kissing and cuddling and don’t think a long-term LDR would suit me in that respect.


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