Writing the quirky way

Hi everyone.

It’s great to have you with me on this thrilling journey of the written word.

My passion for writing knows no bounds.  From the moment I get up, to the moment I go to sleep and in my dreams, I never stop thinking up ideas.  Whether it be an idea for a review, article or business book, to a  fictional idea for a children’s book.  My mind never stops thinking.

I like to do things differently and to do this I need your help.  As my prime readership, I value your opinion.  I want you to help me to decide which ideas you would like to see turned into print.  Call it demand and supply, or backward publishing if you like.

Having had a variety of jobs and work experience some of the topics you can expect to see are, sales techniques, redundancy, self motivation, management and interview techniques.

I am currently studying a Writing For Children’s course.  So there will be some non-fiction thrown into the mix.

I will list my ideas so you can vote for which you think are the best.  Then I will strive to get the best published.

Are you up for the challenge?

You can learn more about me at quirkybooks.net

Write soon.


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