My First Amazon Affiliate Cheque | How To Make Money With Amazon – ideal for bloggers! #makemoneyonline

Make money with amazon affiliates

Amazon affiliates is a great way of making a bit of extra money online and it’s free! However, it’s not easy to make a lot of money, it’s taken me since 2015 to get this $100 cheque, but boy was I thrilled to receive it. To make a lot of money with Amazon Affiliates (known also as Amazon Associates), you have to have a highly targeted niche and lots of people visiting your blog or author site and clicking on your affiliate links, and buying stuff that is high in price within 24 hours. In this video I show you my first ever Amazon affiliate check and tell you more about how to make money with Amazon affiliates.

Another way you can earn some money, is if you have a YouTube show that is small in numbers and you can no longer add advertising to your channel, you can create a PayPal Donate button, like I have done here So if people enjoy watching your show, find the content useful, helpful, or insightful in any way, and they want you to keep producing videos, you can ask them for a donation in some of your videos. Saying, “Every Penny Helps”, which it does, is a great way of letting people know that it does not matter how small the amount is that they donate, it really helps you out! At the moment I am saving for a new commercial printer, as mine is broken and doesn’t work, and I need another ‘commercial’ one due to all the volume of the thousands of pages I print when doing multiple edits to my books before publishing. I know the printer I want, and even though I have this check which will go towards to cost of it, I still have to raise another £159 for it, so if you like my show, that is an extension of this blog and gives you #lifehacks, for how live your best life, be your best self, and live your purpose, please consider a donation, even if it’s just a £1, as every penny helps. 😍

Don’t give up trying to make money online, just don’t bank your whole life on it. Try to create multiple income streams and love your life in the moment as it.

Stay blessed and keep embracing your quirky, no matter what.

Lots of love and write soon

Sandra xx

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