How To Put A Blog Award On Your WordPress Blog

Hi Everyone

I have recently been asked for the third time, how to put a blog award on a WordPress Blog, so rather than email you individually I have decided to put the instructions in a post. I hope you can understand them and follow them. I have a Mac and have tried to make the instructions applicable to a PC aswell.

I have written these instructions as if the person were trying to put the One Lovely Blog award on their blog but if it’s another award then you just use another award instead and give it the appropriate title.

I have broken the process down into two stages. There may be quicker a way of doing it but I am no tech genius so if you have a quicker way then please share it. Let me know how you get on and what you found difficult to understand.

Stage One:

In WordPress, under Posts, click Add New, to create a new blog post. Give the Blog post a relevant title and click on the Draft save button.

Go to the post in which you were nominated for the award. To do this you can either open a new window or click on the comments symbol in the top right of your dashboard then click on the post link and go to it. Scroll down the post until you come to the image of the award. The simplest way to make the award visible on your post is to highlight the award and hold CTRL and click on C to copy the image, then go back to your blog post and hold down the CTRL button again and click V to paste it directly into your post. Alternatively, highlight the award usually by right clicking on it and save it somewhere such as your media library, my documents or downloads folder, remember to give it an identifiable name, such as One Lovely Blog Award and the format should be jpeg.

If you haven’t been able to copy and paste it directly into your blog post then you will need to upload the image from where you saved it. Click on the Add Media button under your Post Title, find the image you want from the folder you put it in and highlight it, then click the upload button.

Stage Two:

Left click on the image in the top left corner and click on the little picture icon that says Edit Image. A new box will appear. You can change the size of the image. If you need the image to fit in with your sidebar width, you may have to play around with the sizes in the Advanced Settings screen by clicking on the Advanced Settings tab. In the normal Edit Image mode you can choose to change the alignment of the award. You can give it a title – One Lovely Blog Award and it’s best to type this in Alternative Text too, to enhance your SEO. You can write a caption in the caption box such as “I Won” if you want to.

Very Important – In the Link URL section, click the Link to Image option and this will come up with a long code, highlight the code and hold CTRL and click on C to copy it. Then click on Update to save the settings.

Click Save Draft to ensure you have saved the image into the post.

Go to Appearance in your Dashboard and click on Widgets. On the right hand side you will see a list of Widget Areas and to the left you will have a list of Available Widgets. Go to the Image Widget and click on Add. This will bring up two boxes, one is asking you for information about the Widget. Here you can input the following:

Widget Title = One Lovely Blog Award

Image URL is usually the URL address that you would re-direct people to if they clicked on the image. You may want to do this if you have another site that you would like your followers to visit.

Alternative Text: This is for SEO, I would just type One Lovely Blog Award the Image Title is usually the same and I don’t necessarily use that aswell.

The Caption is what else you want to say, such as “I Won”.

You can change the Image Alignment and the size. To be honest, sometimes I find it easier to make the adjustments in this screen rather than in the previous one.

Very Important – Put your cursor in the box under Link URL and hold CTRL and V to paste in that code that you copied from the previous screen.

Finally, decide what Widget Area you want the award to be in and click on the arrows to choose its position. Then click Save Widget. If you don’t save it, you will have to repeat this process again.

If your Widget Area Positions are full then you will either need to let the image over-ride something else or choose to have a page for your awards.

Ensure you click on the Read Blog option from the drop down menu under your name in the top right of your dashboard, to see if you have successfully put your award where you wanted it to go. You may have to go back and change the size if it is not in alignment with the other widgets displayed in that area of your page.

As you probably know, it’s polite to follow all the blog rules and to do a blog post regarding your award. This will encourage more traffic to your site and increase your followers.

I hope this is helpful?

Write soon



53 thoughts on “How To Put A Blog Award On Your WordPress Blog

    1. Hiya, thank you so much. Do you have guest bloggers on your site who are into T Shirt design? I create mine own in partnership with Amazon and love the creative process, it would be awesome to guest on your blog.


      1. Hey I just started blogging about a week ago so I think most of the bloggers who follow me are into beauty and makeup mostly .
        But you are most welcome to guest blog it’s a great way to cross promote content .

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      2. Awesome. I create and design T Shirts in partnership with ( I have 3 brands) and I never knew there was so much to learn with T-Shirt design. I could do an intro to what I do and share insights/top tips, about what to think about/consider if you want to create your own TShirt designs? Let me know what you think? My email address is


      3. Hiya, sorry you had a problem, I did check it and the link to my email is working for me, so not sure what is going on. I think that is awesome you want to help. I would need to write the blog post first and currently have another blog waiting for a post from me – also my designer is redesigning a couple of my designs and I am creating the Quirky T Shirt site in a couple of weeks. Could I get the post into you at the end of this month? Then you can include the links please? And can you confirm your email?


      1. yeah… I just got lucky I guess…
        I know I want to get better at writing.. this is basically an effort for that…. it does not have a specific theme… I write about anything that inspires me… daily encounters with different people and situations, stuff I like etc.
        I am taking the Writing 101 course as well.
        The whole effort is to regain some confidence…


      2. You will get there ion the end. I believe everything happens for a reason that we can learn from. The good and not so good, can lead us to places, that are better. Stay positive. x


  1. Fab ! Worked first time. Thank you, Sandra, for clear instructions and relieving much frustration after visiting other sites !
    (My Top Post Award to you ! 💖)


    1. Hi Lisa, I am really pleased to hear that it worked for you and especially that it worked the first time for you. As I am specialising in writing ‘How to’ books, that bodes well, but to have a satisfied blogger friend, like you, is worth its weight in gold. Glad to be of help x

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I am glad you found it useful. It took my ages to figure out what I must do to get a blog award on my blog. It is great to be of help to other people, such as yourself. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. This is a great description! Do you mind if I give this link if I get that question? I’ve only gotten it once, but if it comes up again, your post is so thorough and useful and much better than trying to squeeze the relevant into into a comment.


      1. Great! I still have to try the SEO trick under alternate, I wondered what that was… Love your pix of visiting the Queen! The shakiness in the indoor photos is very endearing. 🙂


      2. I literally took the ‘shaky’ photos with the camera moving through the air because I was pretending that was part of my getting-it-ready-to-hand-in routine and when I got my phone back I was lifting it up through the air pretending it was part of my routine to go back in my bag. Police were watching me and even though it was fairly impossible that they would not be blurred, I thought some proof was better than none. Although just recently, I have been able to get two photos of me and HM the Queen from the official photographer. I have permission to use them on this site so watch this space.


  3. This is one of the most valuable post I’ve read in a very long time. Sometimes I don’t have a problem moving the symbol and other times I want to throw my hands in the air and run screaming from the house. Thank you.


    1. Hi Sheri. I am thrilled to hear that you found this blog post so helpful. I know what you mean about one time it’s fine and then another time not. It took me ages to work how how to put a blog award on and to remember how to do it each time was difficult. the first time a fellow blogger asked me to explain how to do it, it did make me think more about each step I take and it was good because now the procedure is cemented in my brain.


  4. Hey hi!

    I know I am the latest to thank you, but really, this post was really helpful. I followed all the steps and finally updated my blog with the award.

    Thanks for enlightening everyone around.
    and hey, I read in comments that you are suffering from cough again. I hope its better now.


    1. I am so glad to know that the instructions worked for you. My cough has nearly gone completely but the rib pain form pulling a muscle through coughing too much, hasn’t, so I am taking painkillers everyday.


  5. Sandra, You Star! Thank you sooo much for this article. I have been procrastinating big time because I couldn’t figure the technicalities out and as a result haven’t processed the awards you kindly gave me yet. I do hope you are feeling much better again now and that spring is coming to your part of the world. It’s a bit like living at the North Pole over here at the moment 😉 Have a wonderful Easter and thanks for reacting so promptly and usefully to your blog readership again.


    1. Thanks Louise for your kind comments. I am happy to help people whenever I can. I didn’t realise that so many people needed help with this, otherwise i have have posted sooner about it but better late than never. My guess is that many people were a bit shy to say that they didn’t know how to put a blog award on their blog, as they probably felt that many others did. I hope no one suffers in silence again and that they let me know if they need any other help because I will try to help if I can.

      I still have pain in my ribs from all of the coughing because of my chest infection but otherwise feeling so much better thanks. It’s still cold over here, so that doesn’t help. I have manage to avoid getting most of the snow, just a few flakes before. I don’t mind full snow but I don’t like the ice because I usually always slip and hurt myself, so I am hoping that doesn’t happen.

      I am looking forward to seeing the awards on your blog and reading more about you in your answers to the blog award questions, let me know if you any need further help.


    1. Thanks Carolyn. I am glad you enjoyed the post. It took me ages to learn this too. Often I just do it as second nature now and can’t remember how I do it, so to actually think about writing how to put an award on a WordPress blog from someone elses’ point of view, made me think a lot.


    1. Thanks for the nomination, you rock! I am glad you like my post as I want to specialise in writing How to and self-help books. I love those type of books myself and hope I can help others.


    1. I am glad you like it so much. I will be changing my writing website into an e-Book store in the future and I want to specialise in writing How to and self-help books, so I am glad you can understand what I have written and find it useful. Thanks for stopping by.


    1. Thanks Alastair and for linking to this post in your latest post. I am glad I can help people. It took me a while to figures out how to do this, so if I can help others and save them time, then all the better.


  6. This is great Sandra. “Blog Award Posting 101”, just perfect! I wish I had had this information when I first started receiving Award nominations. Then I probably wouldn’t have had, for the most part, a tendency to hide them away in a “virtual closet” of nominations” that I never seem to catch up on. Even now, lol – nicely done, thank you, Penny 🙂


    1. Thanks Penny. I am so happy that you find the information useful. I really appreciate your feedback. I am behind with my Awards. So many lovely people are giving me awards, that at the moment because of all my other projects on the go, I am finding it hard to catch up with my nominations but I love receiving awards and I am so very grateful to each and every person who nominates me.


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