It’s Good To Show Emotions – Guinea pig Daisy and Sandra’s Inspirational Message

Daisy guinea pig makes her YouTube debut with an inspirational message from her and Sandra – (Look out for her being mischievous!)

Embrace Your Quirky and write soon


10 Reasons Why Writers Should Retreat

Hi Everyone.

Trying to juggle a full-time job with my writing career is demanding at the best of times but I finally managed to say, enough!  I am going into my ‘cave’ and I am not coming out until I have made good progress.   This time I stuck to it.

On my days off I decided to devote time to stay indoors and put all my effort and focus into writing my proposal for my new Redundancy book.  So far the results have been quite impressive.

I would highly recommend you gorge on pure writing pleasure, by insisting you retreat for a while.  I found it extremely beneficial and I believe you could too for the following reasons:

  1. You can allow yourself to experience character emotion in private.
  2. You can act out scenes from your plot without looking like you’ve lost it.
  3. You can write continuously without interruption, meaning fewer mistakes and less re-writes.
  4. You can organise your time more effectively.
  5. You will have a stronger sense of focus and will write better.
  6. Your imagination can run wild and come up with some fascinating stories.
  7. It will make you happy to do more of the thing you love the most.
  8. You will find it personally rewarding and fulfilling.
  9. You can channel your energy in a positive way.
  10. You will feel proud of your achievements.

Write soon.


10 Reasons Why Self Belief is Good for You

Hi Everyone.

If you have been reading my Blog and website, you may think deciding to self publish my own book by starting up my own publishing company is either brave, stupid or just darn right crazy.  Either way, I value your opinion and appreciate your feedback.

The fact is, I will not let anything stop me, not in the long term. Sure there will be problems to overcome, obstacles to step over and lots of skills to learn but I will feel better for having done it and I am committed to believing in my own capabilities.

You see, there is a lot than can be said for believing in yourself.  The benefits can be immense and I would like to share some of those with you right now.

1)  Your confidence will increase.

2)  You will achieve more.

3)  You will be more accepting towards constructive critisism.

4)  You will become a stronger person.

5)  You will be able to disregard people who make malicious comments and put             you down.

6) You will have a stronger sense of purpose in your life by knowing who you are.

7)  You will be a happier person.

8)  You will have more structure to your life by defining your goals.

9)  When you believe in yourself, so will others.

10)  You will become a more positive person, which is good for both your                          physical and mental well being.

One final thought…….Believe in yourself, the only person who can make you truly happy, is you, for their is no one else who knows you better.

Good luck and B E L I E V E.

Write soon.