The moment of truth – Photos of when I spoke to HM the Queen

Hi everyone

I know it’s hard for me to believe that I met and spoke with HM the Queen at St James’s Palace on the 15th of July. Therefore it must be hard for some of you to believe it too. Here is proof from the official photographer, Theodore Wood Photography, that it did happen.

I was at St James’s Palace for the Community Service Volunteers (CSV) 50th Anniversary celebration.

To see the full range of CSV event photos, go to the website and click on “Events” – “Community Service Volunteers” – “View Album.” I am on page 7 of 10. These two photos are the best photos of me and HM the Queen. The music on the website is very beautiful too.

Sandra Bellamy talks to HM the Queen

Sandra Bellamy Spoke to HM the Queen

I hope you enjoyed these?

Write soon



26 thoughts on “The moment of truth – Photos of when I spoke to HM the Queen

  1. I never doubted it for one moment. What a wonderful opportunity and cherished memory, I came within a cat’s whisker of meeting Prince Charles at RAF Mildenhall in the 1980s, the closest I ever came to meeting a real member of the royal family, although I did meet a Princess Di impersonator (great likeness).

    It must have also been quite surrealistic! Thanks for sharing the memory with us Sandra!

    Cheers mate!


    1. Thanks. The experience did feel incredibly surreal. I kept thinking, I am in a real fairytale. I am in a kid’s fairytale story from a book. As a human being and a writer, I felt so blessed and happy to be there. I believe that anything is possible and I have now proved this to myself.


      1. Not just to yourself, you’ve proved that anyone can achieve great and memorable things if they just believe in themselves. Thanks for sharing such a great and personal moment! 🙂


  2. Wow! That is precious moment, Sandra… 🙂
    I believe. You are in an extraordinary environment. And I believe, too, that the environment forming your personality. About you 5 years to come, is affected by your social interaction now ….. Your Great Work at CSV…. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I used to get nervous about things quite a lot but have improved so much. I wasn’t that nervous, only a tiny bit. I felt happy and at home in that environment. Everyone was really friendly and HM the Queen had a lovely way about her. Snuggles, Daisy,Peaches and Cinnamon did not get an invite but they did get a mention in our local newspaper, the Express & Echo, when I received my Good Citizen Award.


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