Peaches may have saved Snuggles’s life

Hi everyone

Just to update you. I took my other 3 guineapigs to the vets today.

Because of Peaches’s death yesterday, the vet wanted to check all of my other guineapigs, as Peaches had a lung problem that was passed on genetically and all of them are from the same family.

During this visit, he checked each of my guineapig’s heart, lungs, fur, skin and eyes. I was shocked that he found a skin tumor on Snuggles’s back that was the size of my thumb. She had surgery to remove it, this afternoon. She also had a full body xray.

I am pleased that Snuggles didn’t have a problem with the operation. The xrays showed she has an enlarged heart and a spot on her lungs and that could cause future problems.

The tumor is going to the lab on Monday, to be tested for cancer. It will take a week to get the results back.

Snuggles is going for a check-up on Thursday, before I go away to London for 3 days. My mum is looking after my guineapigs whilst I am away and is attending the check-up with me.

I often believe everything happens for a reason. If Peaches hadn’t died yesterday, I wouldn’t have been asked to take her sister to the vets and the tumor may not have been found until it was too late. It may be, that Peaches, has saved her sister Snuggles’s, life. Bless you Peaches and thanks.

Thank the lord that Snuggles is still with me.

Here are is a photo after Snuggles’s operation.


Until next time, write soon.

14 thoughts on “Peaches may have saved Snuggles’s life

  1. I have only just caught up with all the posts. Gettign up to date now. Glad to hear snuggles had a successful operation and hopefully she recovers well! Good you have someone reliable to look after them when you are in London.


  2. Ah, and I just posted on the previous post thinking this might be the case. URI’s are often indicative of a heart condition. Please consider signing up to this site –

    I am a member and if it wasn’t for them I would not have had a clue about what was wrong with Nutty. They are particularly good with heart and respiratory issues in my experience and their rodentologist, who runs a guinea pig surgery at a vets, has guinea pigs on heart medication and manages their conditions brilliantly.

    Has the vet prescribed any medication for Snuggles heart yet? The earlier they are started on something the better the outcome

    Hope Snuggles feels better soon

    ~ Amy


    1. He hasn’t indicated that she needs medication for her heart. He said if she develops breathing problems then she will need medication. He said her heart is slightly enlarged at the front and the enlarged heart can mean a shorter life expectancy. My Grandma has an enlarged heart and she is 95 and my mum has recently be diagnosed with an enlarged heart. My dad was born with a heart mumur.
      Thanks for the link. When I can face wading through my ton of emails on my Mac, I should be able to sign up.


      1. It’s really useful. Don’t quote me on it but I believe that medication to manage the condition can actually prevent heart faliure in the future so it’s definitely an option worth discussing with your vet.



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