3 year Blogging Anniversary of quirkybooks.wordpress.com

Hi everyone

Fantastic news. I got Daisy’s test results yesterday, her lumps were fatty tissues, not cancer. I am over the moon with joy.

Second piece of good news, it’s my 3 year blogging anniversary today.

3 Year Blogging Anniversary of quirkybooks.wordpress.com

Write soon



23 thoughts on “3 year Blogging Anniversary of quirkybooks.wordpress.com

  1. Wonderful news Sandra and also many congratulations on your third blogging anniversary! A celebration is called for after all you have been through and now to end the week on this wonderfully happy note 🙂


    1. Thanks Sherri. The latest piggy news is that Daisy had to go in for emergency surgery today. Some of her stitches looked like they had been bitten off and her wound was a mess. They had to open her up again, drain any infection and re-stitch it. I have the next 4 days off work to look after her.


    2. Thanks Sherri. I spoke a bit too soon, as Daisy had to go in for emergency surgery yesterday because some of her stitches had come undone and her wound was a mess. I am off from work today and the next 3 days, to look after her.


      1. Thanks. The vet has seen my 3 times this week with Daisy. She has been sleeping a lot today but was refusing her medication earlier and that means she is on the mend. It is so hard with working in a day job. If I wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a problem because I could watch her all of the time but hopefully she will be better by Wednesday when I have to go back to work.


    1. Thanks so much. Some of Daisy’s stitches came undone yesterday and she had to be operated on as an emergency and stitched back up. She is perked back up again though. Everything I try to cover the wound with just doesn’t work as she wriggles out of it – A collar – A coat I made out of cotton – Tights. I just have to keep my eye on her.


      1. I recommend making a sock jumper. You get a sock that’s a little longer than the piggy, cut off the toe and at the heel then take the middle part. Cut a long hole in the front for legs and then the same in the back.

        I remember when Nutty was a baby and cut his back, the vet stitched it and told us how to make that. Alternatively you can try bandaging it I believe but check with your vet on that.

        Hope Daisy is all better soon

        ~ Amy


      2. The vet said not to bandage it as she would probably try to bite it off. He said that tights would be preferable to a sock because she can’t have anything too tight. He said guineapigs have sensitive internal organs in their tummy and anything that is too tight can harm them. He said I should be able to get my fingers underneath it. She is a pear shaped pig and my socks don’t look like they would fit her body. When I tried the tights she kept making moaning noises and was trying to bite me consistently. She finds anything over her body stressful.Thankfully he has put some internal stitches in this time and today she hasn’t tried to bit herself much today. The vet thinks the stitches may not have been bitten but come apart from dragging on her cage floor. I think it may have been cut on the paper that the vet told me to put in there. She suggested newspaper but I didn’t have any, so I put plain copier paper in there. I think as she was eating some of it she may have cut her wound from the paper rubbing across it so I have moved it out and now and gone back to using the woodshavings with plenty of hay over the top that she had before.


      3. Thanks for all of your help and support. I am thrilled to say that Daisy is on the mend. Her stitches are dissolving and new skin has formed underneath. Her hair around most of her tummy is growing at a rapid rate and she has been jumping and running around.


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