You are the miracle!

So many people spend their whole life looking for external gratification, looking for things to happen to them to make their life better, looking for that miracle, all the while not realising, that they are the miracle and they are the only one who has the power to change their life!

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As always, stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx



Well now my all new Quirky Academy is officially launched at last, the moment I have been waiting for, for years of my life, has finally come to fruition! It is a new online training centre for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, and Creatives, with courses for both personal and professional development! I am starting small and building big and will have other tutors, besides me on there, in their specialist fields. If you want more details on how to become a tutor and what would be involved, please email me at And I would also like to know your ideas for what types of courses you would want to see on there, so please fill out the poll below, it would be very helpful to me! Thanks in advance xx



How To Overcome Setbacks: My 12 Simple Step Formula How To Overcome Setbacks! Happy New Year 2018!

How To Deal With Setbacks!

My 12 Simple Step Formula How To Overcome Setbacks!

Happy New Year 2018!

So last year I had a number of setbacks in succession. First I was made redundant from my day job of 5 years that I enjoyed, 2 days later, 10 of my websites got hacked and my account was suspended by my web host for all of my sites. It took me about 7 weeks to finally get them all back online virus free, databases mended, security learned to a high degree and installed on each with backup, and to redesign some and put coming soon notifications on the others – as I am changing some of them anyway this year (blessing in disguise?). The guy I was with turned out not to be so nice so I split with him and my printer did not work for 3 weeks – I fixed it and now it has stopped working again! My fibro book is yet to be finished, I have written the meat but need to rearrange some of the chapters!

My simple 12 step formula for how to overcome setbacks:

  1. Believe everything happens for a reason good or bad – this stops the ‘why me syndrome’, and know that life is forcing you to change paths somehow for your own good, you aren’t living up to your full life potential and you need to be on another path.
  2. Know that things often come in a succession but it is better to get all the s..t out and got rid of in one long go than keep getting lots of ups and downs (preferably short go) but accept that life is full of ups and downs anyway.
  3. Always remember when there are a ton of downs, law of averages means there is going to be a lot of ups coming your way.
  4. Remain positive! Have a positive attitude to life and use positive self-talk!
  5. Say, bring it on, I am stronger than you think and I can deal with anything life throws my way.
  6. Know that life will be struggle and expect it, so when it comes it is not as shocking.
  7. Believe in yourself and your ability to work things out.
  8. See all obstacles as challenges that you will gladly overcome.
  9. Know there are no failures, just lessons to learn from – therefore you can never truly fail.
  10. Believe it is better to have struggles, challenges, and be stretched, to develop and grow yourself into a stronger version of you than to stagnate in life and never change.
  11. See change as a good thing.
  12. Always count your blessings and be thankful and grateful for what you do have and that you are alive.

I hope that helps you.

As always, stay quirky and write soon.

Happy New Year 2018.

Lots of love and hugs xx

Sandra xx

Happy 2018 deal with setbacks pics




Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year 2017 Selfie!
Happy 2017 with my Frozen crown!
This was my last meal of 2016. Chicken Chop Suey – With Mixed Vegetables! Sugar/Wheat/Yeast Free

Happy New Year 2017.

“Be The Miracle You Are Waiting For” Quote By Sandra Bellamy Aka Quirky Books!

Love you so much.

What’s in store for 2017?

  • I will be publishing my Asexual Perspectives book very soon. It’s written but editing is still being done.
  • I have a new http://www.facebook/acexualisedating page to go with my Asexual Dating Facebook group for Asexuals who want to date other asexuals and are looking for a serious relationship forever without sex. I only launched this yesterday but plan to expand on this in the future.
  • will be turned into an online training centre for Entrepreneurs; Start-ups and Creatives with a focus on body, mind and soul. Taking a holitic view of Entrepreneurship and Embracing Your Quirky!

Wishing you much success, joy and happiness for 2017. Always stay quirky xx and keep being you xx

How To Improve Your Writing – Video 2 of 6 Mini Training series – Last Chance for Generation Cherry!

In this video I will give you another top tip on how to improve your writing – as Tesco says, ‘Every Little Helps!’

Remember, there is just a little time left to grab yourself a free PDF review copy of Generation Cherry courtesy of RedDoor Publishing. I am so excited that next week I will be sharing my interview with the Author of this book Tim Drake, and you can read his answers here; on Monday 12th of September!! Tim Drake is a consultant and mentor to leading companies and executives. Tim speaks and writes regularly about human motivation and change and is the Author of three successful books on personal development.

His other publications are:

  1. Wearing the Coat of Change
  2. How To Make a Difference
  3. You Can be as Young as You Think

Generation Cherry is out on September 22nd 2016!!

Generation Cherry
Generation Cherry

To review the book, please contact Anna Burtt – details below! And tell her you saw this blog post!!

Anna Burtt
Senior Publishing Assistant
01444 240152

Stay quirky and write soon



When technology fails!

Exeter Cathedral!

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan because technology fails. I recorded a YouTube Video about a week ago and haven’t been able to upload it. My IPad had a software update and it no longer recognised when it was plugged into the Mac. The store I bought it from – where I work in my day job, reset my IPad, and all was good – or so I thought, but now I am having problems importing the video to my Mac, and when I tried to share my new 10 sec channel trailer from IMovie – it didn’t arrive in my YouTube Video Manager so I will have to keep on trying.

I  am currently working on two books, the Asexual Perspectives book and a brand new one that I haven’t revealed to anyone yet! – Suspense is good, right? Let’s just say it’s an autobiographical How-to, from one specific area of my life! That gives plenty of scope for books in other aras at a later date. My mission is to write a ton of non-fiction books to help others, predominantly using my own experiences, skills,  and knowledge, but sometimes, like in my Asexual Perspectives book, I will be interviewing people for it. I have interviewed over 40 asexuals from around the globe for this particular book and it will be told in their own words.

I also created a brand new channel ‘Inspiration Inspired’ it is called, and I have yet to upload the trailer for it, that took me 6 hours to create! I plan to create a motivational/inspirational video for it once a month, so please subscribe in advance to it and show your support, it would mean such a lot! I also plan on creating personal development courses in the future! Link

Until next time, stay quirky and write soon.


OLD YOU VS NEW YOU!! – Who will win??

Have you ever come face-to-face with the old you? With the former version of yourself? What was it like? Did you battle it out to the death? Or did you learn to live with each other? Find out my experience by watching this video!!

I recorded this video about two and a half weeks ago. Would love to know what you think??

Stay quirky and write soon.


New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature

Quirky Training In Association with Quirky Academy
Quirky Training, incorporating Quirky-Marketing, produces courses for Quirky Academy and Blog Trainer UK
I have been busy updating and redesigning sites this week – here is my latest post from new look site

New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature

Sporting a New look Blog Trainer UK Site and Blogs on Front Page Feature, this site explains what one-to-one courses I teach for Blogging, Health and Happiness. It includes my most recent posts from the blogs I regularly post on. No longer do you have to wait for posts on here, you can click though and subscribe to those blogs or bookmark this site and scroll down to the bottom of the page to stay up-to-date.

I am by nature a writer, my huge passion for writing seeps into everything I do. Blogging for me has completely changed my life by enabling me to find my writer’s voice and I know it could do the same for you. Now I am a Kindle Author my writing and training people has become the main focal point of my life and my original writing blog blog is where my writing journey started for me, and where I will always reside first and foremost as a blogger. It’s my home, my comfy couch, and where I can love living every day. People follow me on my journey and share their lives with me there. That is something so special.

So rather than blog once in a while on here, I have decided to display my top posts on here from my other blogs I blog regularly on, so you will always be up-to-date on what is happening both personally and professionally, and can pick up some useful and helpful advice and tips along the way. I have 19 live websites and want to devote my time to giving you consistent blog posts that can make a difference across a few blogs, other than occasional ones here or on my other sites. My intention is to create lots of books and training courses for your personal and professional development across a range of genres – particularly books – it’s what I am born to do. So look out for future developments on my site and across my Quirky Books sites. In the meantime, subscribe to my blog to keep up with what is happening and my for personal and professional development and inspiration.

I have actually been suffering Burnout this week, because while I have been on holiday from my day job, I have been working most days on my websites and got lower than normal blood pressure which has dizzy and feeling like I am going to fall on the floor side-effects, so I rested yesterday and half of Friday, although apparently I need to read and get more sleep for the next few weeks.

I want to ensure all of my websites are as up-to-date as possible and refer people to my blog on here and my blog. Because besides this and that blog, and my I want to now focus on developing my other quirky books sites and my site into books and courses for people’s personal and professional development, spanning multiple topics of non-fiction self-help/how-to, and with video training courses aimed especially at the beginner market to maybe more advanced. With very short video training and longer courses to suit different tastes and pockets. ~The main thing is, I want to write constantly, so books will always be first and foremost my priority and I really want to excel at being a Kindle Author. My Twitter book is selling well and I couldn’t be more pleased that Amazon is actually advertising the book for me now. I have received two emails so far, with my own book at the top of the list as a recommended book to buy. I truly believe that I need to devote the majority of my time now to writing, and trying to manage so many other sites has posed the question should I get rid of some or any of them – but as I spent 3 years building them up and they can almost all be connected to my writing in some way in the future, and most to courses, I don’t want to make a hasty decision. I literally want to devote my life mostly to writing books for Kindle, until I can get the books in me, out, I feel I am going to burst. – What are your thoughts on this??

As always, stay quirky and write soon, Sandra xx