Becoming An Asexual Entrepreneur On Dreams ARE Real Podcast Interview

As asexuality is a sexual orientation largely based on a lack of sexual attraction, it can be hard to make our own voice heard.

Especially as sexual stereotypes and societal conditioning tell everyone that it’s natural to like, want, and need sex, and that anyone who says otherwise must be lying or have something wrong with them.

People tend to discard what they don’t understand.

They tend to disregard what is considered as “not” normal.

And they tend to feel extremely uncomfortable when something doesn’t fit in with their ideology. 

But I encourage you to always stand proud of who you are, and to stop listening to what other people say, that drowns out the sound of your own voice. 😍

Asexuals have as much right to speak out about how they think and feel, including if they don’t like, want, or need sex, and have the right to be taken seriously. 😍

Just because asexuality is a minority sexuality, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong and not normal. 

It’s normal for SOME people to not like, want, need, or get the urge for, partnered sexual intercourse, ever. 😍

Don’t let anyone blind you into believing we are all the same – because we are not. 

There ARE people who never want sex, and that’s okay. 😍

The only reason most people don’t speak out, is because other’s ridicule them and tell you, you can’t be who you are born to be. 

I am here to show you, you can. 

That your life is your own and that speaking up, in your own voice, is essential to live your own life dreams and no one else’s. Regardless of your sexuality.

That’s why I’m thrilled to be able to give a voice to the voiceless, and share my own asexual life journey of how I became known as The Asexual Entrepreneur and explain what it feels like to be asexual in this highly sexualised world, and how to live your asexual dreams and be your true authentic self, no matter what, on the Dreams ARE Real podcast.

Don’t miss this ACE episode by listening through either of the links below, now, and tell me what you think…

How To Create And Sell Inspirational Quote Posters On eBay – Step By Step Guide

Ever wanted to learn how to design and sell something on eBay to make some extra cash, or start your own online business? But you don’t know where to start and you want to some ideas? Well, in this article, I am going to be sharing with you, how you can do just that.

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Watch the video above for the full step by step tutorial on how to create and sell your own inspirational quote posters to sell on eBay or Amazon. And don’t forget to subscribe to learn how to make more money and make more cash.
Step 1 – Research what “inspirational quote posters” are selling on Amazon and eBay. Try to find designs that sell well but with low competition and read the reviews to see what people liked about them and what people didn’t like.
Step 2 – Use a software like Stencil here to create a similar design, but not the same, as the designs you noticed from your research sell well but have low competition. But make improvements to the design, based on the review feedback you read.
Step 3 – Buy a suitable printer that allows you to print on thick paper/card and gloss/photo paper, such at the Epsom ET-4750 here This printer is the one I have myself to print quotes, and it’s very economical, because it uses inexpensive bottles of ink rather than cartridges, and you usually get a set of these ink bottles with the printer. You can buy more ink bottles here
Step 4 – Choose suitable paper to print on. Make sure it’s the right GSM thickness and type, such as 160 or 180 GSM or higher photo paper. Here
Step 5 – You will need to buy hard backed envelopes to post your quote posters in, to your customers. Here
Step 6 – Create an eBay store and upload photos/file of your poster design to it.
Step 7 – Taking into account all of your eBay fees and your expenses, adverting your poster on there could get extra sales.
Step 8 – Promote your inspirational quote poster/s to your friends, family, and across your social media, with the features and benefits of why they should buy it. And voila – you are ready to sell and make money make cash.

Things you will need to start your own Inspirational Poster Quotes business, mentioned in the video and this post:

1) Stencil software – Get it here

2) Epsom Eco Tank Printer ET-4750 –


  • Up to 2 years of ink in the box. 
  • Print up to 14,000 pgs bk/11,200 clr. 
  • Equivalent to about 30 cartridge sets . 
  • Save up to 80% on ink with replacement bottles. 
  • Uniquely keyed auto-stop ink bottles. 
  • 250-sheet paper tray. 
  • 2.4″ color touchscreen. 
  • 30-sheet Auto Doc Feeder.

Comes with printer ink bottles – please note you need number 102 Epsom Ink bottles for the model I have ET-4750 which I recommend, if you buy from UK, but 502 if you buy from the .com store. (The 104 bottles showed in this video seems to be for a different Eco Tank Model, but you can check with the seller to be sure.)

3) Here is the 102 ink bottles multipack of 4 bottles –


4) Epsom Glossy Paper – OR alternative paper –


5) Hard Backed Envelopes –


Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, so do it for the journey – because it’s the journey that truly changes your life! 😍 #forthejourney

(Please note these are affiliate links, so I may get some pennies if you click through them and make a purchase, which I will greatly appreciate, thank you.)

As always, stay quirky – and write your inspirational quote posters soon!

Sandra xx

Happy International Asexuality Day

Happy International Asexuality Day

In broad terms, asexuality is a sexual orientation that is based on the lack of sexual attraction. This means we don’t get the need, urge, or want, for partnered sexual intercourse.

Sexual attraction = being sexually attracted towards a specific person/people.

Sexual desire = desiring the sex itself.

Arousal = a feeling in your genitalia.

Asexuality is also a spectrum, ranging from those who experience zero sexual attraction, known as a “pure” asexual, to those do experience sexual attraction, only under limited, rare, or specific circumstances, or who experience it, but not enough to want to act on it – known as a “grey” asexual.

Some asexuals are sex repulsed and will never have sex and hate it, others are sex neutral and don’t care whether they have sex or not. Others are sex positive and will/do have sex.

Some asexuals hate porn and will never watch it.

Other asexuals do watch porn.

Some asexuals masturbate.

Others asexuals feel sick at the idea of masturbation and it makes them want to throw up – just like some sex repulsed asexuals want to throw up when they hear the word sex.

Some asexuals are into BDSM – even without sex.

Other asexuals can’t stand BDSM and they want to run mile even hearing those words.

Some asexuals experience arousal – others don’t.

Every asexual is valid.

Always STAY ACE.

Sandra xx

Top 3 Most Profitable Niches In KDP Publishing If You Want To Make Money With KDP

What to do and where to start with KDP if you’re a beginner? And how to make money with Amazon KDP publishing?

These are usually the 2 most frequently asked questions when it comes to publishing your books on Amazon KDP.

KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s the part of Amazon where you upload your formatted book manuscript to turn it into an EBook for Kindle or the Kindle APP, and you can turn it into a paperback, in some case a hardback and audio book too.

Each different type of book requires different formatting. The Audio book requires narration.

But many people who start, or who want to start, don’t know which niches are going to be profitable.

When I stumbled across an Amazon expert and he revealed the top 3 niches that were the most profitable, I was amazed he actually did that, and felt such a relief, that finally I had something to work towards, rather than stumbling around in the dark for years, chasing my tail and going off on wild goose chases. And since then, to this day, from my research of other Amazon experts, I would say he is spot on.

So in the video below, I reveal to you in 15 secs, the top 3 most profitable niches in KDP publishing. Yes that’s right, in just 15 seconds, you are going to learn what most people search their whole lifetime for, when it comes to what are the most profitable KDP niches to publish in. So these 15 seconds will be some of the most valuable 15 seconds of your life and they will save you a whole lifetime of heartache and pain.

So there is no excuse for not watching this 15 second Top 3 Most Profitable Niches In KDP Publishing If You Want to Make Money video, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon for more #shorts videos about how to make money online with KDP, EBay, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace and so much more.

Once you have discovered those top 3 niches, you can then niche down further, to find more specific audiences for your books.

I started my own Amazon KDP journey in 2015, and love it. Writing is my life and soul purpose and I’m so happy now that I have a channel where I can share that happiness with you and help you on the road to your self-publishing dreams.

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Stay quirky and as always, write soon.

Sandra xx

Asexual Perspectives by Sandra Bellamy (Book Review)

Ever heard of asexuality? Or thought you might be asexual, because you just don’t feel the same way about sex as others do?

“The book was a revelation for me. It showed me, not just through Sandra’s view, but through the perspective of 46 other people, that asexuality wasn’t something that made me broken, and that many other people shared at least some of my experiences. And also that maybe I wasn’t destined to be alone forever.”

Check out this full review of my Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories book. And don’t forget to go to Amazon and grab your copy now! Here

A Voice in the Void

I thought that I would do a review of a book written by Sandra Bellamy regarding asexuality. She has written a few books (I’ll likely review others) and is currently writing another as I write this, which should hopefully be available soon.

The book I shall discuss today is “Asexual Perspectives, 47 Asexual Stories” with the extended title “LOVE, LIFE and SEX, ACEelebration of ASEXUAL DIVERSITY”.

Asexual Perspectives was released in 2017 by Sandra Bellamy, who has her own publishing imprint.

Before I discovered asexuality, in 2014, I thought that I was alone and broken. Even once I had discovered asexuality, for the first few years it was still difficult to come to terms with. Most people weren’t asexual, and most of my relationships/dating experiences were failures because they were all with sexual people, and I simply had no interest in sexual activity. I had tried to do some sexual…

View original post 506 more words

Your TEDx Talk Is Waiting… You’re Only One Step Away From Impacting Thousands Of Lives

Your TEDx Talk Is Waiting…

Someone right now is waiting to hear your TEDx Talk.

That person is waiting to have their life changed by your message, your story…

Your TEDx Talk is waiting for you to bring it to life, to secure, deliver, and leverage it.

The challenge is securing, delivering, and leveraging it, isn’t easy – which is why so many people struggle for years to land their own talk. Some NEVER achieve it, and they die with their message inside them…

Enter Corey Poirier (aka. That Speaker Guy).

Corey is not only a dear friend of mine, he is a multiple-time TEDx Speaker, bLU Talks Founder and Co-Author of the Wall Street Journal / USA Today Bestseller, Quitless. He has been featured in and/or seen on: NBC, ABC, Fox, TEDx, Entrepreneur on Fire, Entrepreneur Magazine, Second City, The CW and CBS.

And the best part, Corey is revealing some of his top secrets, that will show you how to land your own TEDx Talk in 2022, during his upcoming 3-Day Speaking Bootcamp here

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I can say with confidence that Corey is not only a fantastic natural speaker, he is also a great guy. Super approachable, and the REAL deal. He walks his talk.

So if you’re tired of chasing speaking gigs, sales, clients, and opportunities, the right TEDx Talk has the ability to change this for you.

Oh, and during this bootcamp you’ll also learn how to create a signature talk from Dave Carroll (over 100 million people have heard his United Breaks Guitars Story), how to land a Wall Street Journal / USA Today Bestseller List with Alinka Rutkowska (Leaders Press), how attract your ideal client with Rosalyn Fung, how to create a bestselling Amazon launch with Kelly Falardeau, how to craft your talk using the Spider’s Method and the DIP method, and much more.

If you are an Author like me, do not miss this… I bought this Speaking Bootcamp myself, because I definitely want to know how to become a Wall Street Journal best seller and how to leverage my books to get more speaking gigs, and I am confident I will learn how to do this, with this 3 day event, and at only $97.00 Canadian, it’s an absolute steal, a no-brainer, to attend ALL 3 days of this game-changing virtual bootcamp.

Yes, that’s right, it’s virtual, so there are no accommodation costs and you can take part in the break out networking sessions in-between the main talks from the comfort of your own home. So if you want to increase your net worth, by increasing your network, this is an ideal opportunity for you do just that. The possibilities are endless…

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How To Shift Your Mindset From Writer And Author To Your Own Book Publishing Business

Ever wanted to own your own Book Publishing Business but you keep doubting yourself that you can? Or maybe you have never considered it, because you always thought traditional publishing was the way to go … no, and in this post I reveal why, and how you can stop doubting yourself for good. If that sounds like something you want to know more about, read on…

From 2nd October 2020, I went through hell, with mental, physical, and emotional trauma. It took me a year to leave a day job (October 10th 2021 was the day I officially left), that made me really poorly because of things that went on which I wasn’t expecting and didn’t deserve, and I was off sick from for a long time (so been able to self-isolate a lot more than those who work and keep myself safer). I can’t currently discuss more about this publicly for legal reasons and might never be able to, but I think you get my point.

I went back to therapy for the first time since 2014, and was unofficially diagnosed with PTSD – I got an assessment score of 49. A score of 32 and above means you have the condition. Furthermore I was diagnosed with complex PTSD (CPTSD) as I have had uncontrollable emotions, and was crying almost every day I woke up, until 16th of December – when everything changed for the better, for good.

In November last year (2021), I went out clubbing for the first time ever since March 2020, for 5.5 hours, this was the first time since I broke my ankle back on 17th of April 2021 and I’ve done extensive physio to walk again and regain strength in that ankle enough to go clubbing. It was the longest I had clubbed for, since I went to Ministry Of Sound in London, in 2014. 2 days later I got sick with a respiratory/chest infection and lost my voice. I had to have 3 lots of antibiotics in 6 weeks and was still coughing on Christmas Day and on New Year’s Day I was battling with severe rib and chest pain – like someone had stabbed me with a knife in-between my ribs and left the knife in (even though they hadn’t), to the point where the next day it hurt me every time I breathed in (and felt like I was being cut with glass, on top of the feeling I had a knife in my ribs), and later I went to A&E on the advice of my local NHS Walk In Centre and Devon Doctors on call, who suggested a rib and chest XRay respectively. But instead of having an XRay I ended up in a Covid hot room, about to have a bed made up for me, a monitor hooked up to me, and blood tests taken, when I didn’t have Covid and all my tests for that had been negative. I was horrified! It was like something out of a surreal horror movie. They put my life at risk unnecessarily, because I had purposefully been keeping myself safe from getting it as I have a low immune system (which I take good liquid bacteria for) and too many allergies to have the vaccine. And there was a patient who was in the same room as me that I heard them diagnose with Covid right before the Doctor saw me, and I told them all my tests were negative for that – including the one I had done at 8am New Year’s Day, before visiting my parents and my guinea pig daughter Angel who lives with them. Their reasoning being I was in the hot room they said before the Doctor saw me, was because I had had a cough – I already told them I don’t think I coughed once that day, and the Doctor I saw before Christmas who said I had a chest infection, with some infection still in my lungs, said I would still be coughing after I finished the antibiotics she gave me and I had some rib pain then, just not as severe. They also said it was because many people have Covid and I am not vaccinated, which I felt were ridiculous reasons, just because lots of people have it and I am unvaccinated, doesn’t mean to say I would have it.

During the time I got sick (I got my first lot of antibiotics on 16th of November), I was forced to rest during that month as much as possible – although I did do some work on my Asexual Guide To Sex book, and take stock of my life, reflect on it, and what I really want to do with me life and make some drastic changes to it. For years I have had a voice in my head being a coach to myself that said, if you only just focused on writing books for the next 1-2 years and nothing else, what do you think your life would be like? And how much better it would be. But I was always crying, upset, and in pain from this, because I hadn’t made the decision to go all in before, I kept going off on tangents because people kept telling me I am not making enough money from my writing and I kept telling myself that. They told me I can’t make enough money from writing books, that basically it’s an add on to a business, not the business, and that I need to do something else to make money, because otherwise I will fail. And some of the people have years of business experience and made hundreds of thousands of pounds, one has even made billions, and published his own book. But… these people do not specialise in a book publishing business, they don’t focus on book publishing, they just use it as one asset in their tool box. For me, writing is my life and soul purpose, and my destiny given to me by God is to have lots of books out and publish by the time I die, so I can continue to save lives long after I am gone. I see that in my destiny and soul purpose (along with helping asexuals and getting asexuality recognised as a sexual orientation in it’s own right, so that no asexual has to live in fear of ridicule ever again. – That’s why I loooove writing books for asexuals. As it’s both my life and soul purpose in one).

As the beginning of December, I started working my way through the first 2 module of Ray Edwards – How To Set Up A Copywriting Business, video training course, that I bought on a late Black Friday deal. This course teaches you how to start a copywriting business and get clients. But… I only finished the first two modules, which apply to any writing business. That’s when it hit me twofold in the most profound way, and I love Ray for helping me figure this out.

  1. He said to, never be influenced by those who say you can’t do something, influence yourself enough to know you can. (This is because he was talking about copywriting is all about influencing others, but first you must be able to influence yourself – that’s it! The thing that changed the way I think.)
  2. Writing is a business and you can make thousands of pounds from it.

I didn’t need any more of that course, because that was enough to know I don’t want to work for someone else and write copy for others. I want to write more and more non-fiction books that change lives and leave a lasting legacy. And the 2 things I needed to do to accomplish that, is to influence myself enough to know I can make thousands of pounds and a full-time living as a writer. And to focus on book writing as a business.

I had a wobble…

Self-doubt crept back in…

But on 16th of December 2021 my best friend Andy took me for a meal in Nandos as an early Christmas present. (He also bought me some pressies too for Christmas Day.) Before we went out, we discussed my self-doubt and I was trying to understand why I didn’t fully believe in my intention, when I did the previous week. But then it hit me as I came out of the toilet in Nandos, what made the difference, so I was able to go all in… It was a mindset shift, from I am a Writer and Author, with my own publishing imprint of Quirky Books, which is fantastic, to I am the Writer, Author, Manager, Promoter, And Marketer, of my Book Publishing Business. But the most important thing to remember is Writer, Author, Owner, Manager, Promoter – (which involves far more self-promotion as part of a marketing strategy to sell more books), of my own Book Publishing Business of Quirky Books. And that’s when I decided to go all in and commit 100% to creating a successful book publishing business, rather just seeing myself as an Author and Writer.

I don’t think it’s the books that’s the problem – why I have lower sales than I would like, I think it’s me and my mindset that needs to change. I think I need to ensure that I promote myself and my books far more and get a lot more publicity going forward. Such as get on more podcasts, be in more online magazine articles, get more radio interviews, and so much more. Which I will be doing with my Asexual Guide To Sex book – so watch this space for that. I’m so excited! I think mindset is so overlooked when it comes to book sales, or lack thereof.

Last year I studied an expert in mindset shifting. He said instead of affirmations, you need to look for confirmations. Which is proof you can do it or have done it before. Which I am able to do with writing non-fiction books. I am a successful Author and writer who can make money from writing and publishing books, because I have consistent monthly income from once book since 2017, and another since 2019, even though I would like a much higher income from those, it’s still proof I can make consistent sales for years, when some people don’t make any sales at all. Also, a couple of years ago, a traditional publisher that had been in business for 35 years, found my Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories book in an LGBT shop in London and approached me on Twitter to tell me they were interested in publishing my book under their publishing imprint, but…:

  • They wanted to remove half the stories (because the ones including any mention of sexual abuse, would not be suitable for their publishing style and image, and it would make the book cheaper to sell, and they had a maximum price they would sell the book for.) Bear in mind the book is called “Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories“, it would mean changing the title also, and my audience getting less valuable stories.
  • They also wanted all of my reviews I had built up myself over the years. (Now I am not sure if that would have been possible anyway, because if they removed some of the stories and the title changed, it would have in essence made it a different book, and I don’t think KDP would have allowed that.)
  • I would have to ask their permission to quote from my own book (no thank you). I sell a lot of my books by quoting from them – so if you haven’t already tried to do this, I highly recommend it.
  • They wanted me to read another book to replicate that person’s style (no thank you, I want to keep my own style).
  • I would have got a maximum of 12% commission on book sales, even after the representative from their company had just told me on the phone I would have got 15%, he then reduced that figure in the follow up email. (Which immediately made me trust them less.) I get up to 70% through publishing my books myself using KDP.
  • In the end they agreed with me not take that book on themselves as they spoke to their marketing team and said because I have so successfully published that book, they doubt they could meet my marketing expectations.
  • They refused to take on my Asexual Sex Guide To Sex book, which they wanted to consider, and I had to apply to them to consider, because again, it has some stories which include sexual abuse and they thought the content would be too risky, but told me their marketing team said there is a market for it, and it will definitely sell. I was very happy and grateful I had this positive feedback from a company with 35 experience.
  • They were interested in publishing my next 2 books, after Asexual Guide To Sex, and years ago it would be my Author/Writer dream to have a traditional company publisher my book, but now I want to build my own book publishing business and get my Quirky Books imprint portfolio increased. I have no desire to work for someone else, when I am so super successful at publishing my own style of books, in my own voice. Raw, real, authentic.

I just need to write more books and focus on having an actual book publishing business and stop going off on tangents with things that have nothing to do with writing, publishing, promoting and selling, more books, because people keep telling me you can’t earn a full-time living from writing books alone – which simply isn’t true, because others are doing it, so why can’t I? Remember what Ray Edwards said, he said to: never be influenced by those who say you can’t do something, influence yourself enough to know you can.

So after all of the heartache and pain, and everything I have been through over the last year and more, I am so happy to now be focusing on Quirky Books as a book publishing business and accelerating my Author journey to another level entirely, and feeling much happier now I have clarity and focus on exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life and beyond. God has given me the precious gift of writing and made it my mission to write books that change lives, from pain to gain, so I am going to fulfil my destiny. He also gave me the mission to help asexuals, so by doing both it’s my ultimate bliss and happy place. I am also on my way to creating my Children’s Book publishing dream too, with immense help from the Children’s Book Creator course and the support group which comes with it. I would highly recommend it, if you want to write, illustrate, and publish your own Children’s books yourself. Although I have been working my way through the video training course, I am focused on finished my Asexual Guide To Sex book as a priority. Read more about the Children’s Book Creator course here: Calling All Would-Be Children’s Book Writer’s, Authors and Publishers – How To Write And Publish Your Own Children’s Books And Save Yourself Hundreds Of Pounds and remember, don’t let yourself be influenced by those who say you can’t do something, influence yourself enough to know you can.

Until next time, embrace your quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

Calling All Would-Be Children’s Book Writer’s, Authors and Publishers – How To Write And Publish Your Own Children’s Books And Save Yourself Hundreds Of Pounds

Ever thought of writing and publishing your own children’s books, but you don’t know where to start? (I found something that can help you with that!)

Are you stuck for ideas for your children’s books? (No problem, I got you covered, or rather they have! No pun intended!)

Have you written a children’s picture book story but NOT been able to:

Get it “professionally” published because the “professional” publisher says it will be hard to get the foreign translation rights as it’s in rhyme! Especially if you are not an established Author; not famous, or at least not in the genre of writing kid’s books. (If you have had this problem, I have been there too, many times, and it’s like bashing your head against a brick wall, because you need to publish a children’s picture book, to gain the credibility to write and publish more, but no one is willing to give you a break. Meanwhile your beautiful story is kept hidden from the world and all those children are suffering from not being able to read your beautiful book and be inspired by the illustrations.)

Which brings me onto another point…you have NOT been able to:

Get the book illustrated. And although you’re great at writing, you suck at drawing and haven’t been able to afford to pay someone to illustrate your book. (I was personally given an estimate years ago that it would cost me at least £370 for a 32 page picture book to be illustrated, which when you haven’t made a single penny from a picture book yet and you may not even have an audience for, is pretty frightening. What if it doesn’t sell? What if you don’t like the illustrations? What if the illustrator let’s you down and doesn’t finish the job, or does it in such a way that it’s unpublishable? £370 down the toilet and your heart dropping to the floor with all that upset and pain…)

Which brings me onto my next point..

What if you do a collaboration with an illustrator, where they get to use your story for free to contribute to their university degree, in exchange for them doing the illustrations for you for free. Great idea right? If you are starting out with NO money at all, and you don’t want to spend any money out to begin with. What could go wrong with that? You are both getting something for free in monetary terms, but that is a huge investment of time, energy, and effort on both your parts, and can take hours, days, weeks, months of meetings, emails, communications, delays. I have been there, done that, and although perhaps I didn’t spend that much time on it, the process did go on for the years of his degree and I was let down badly after he graduated!!! You see, he got my story! He finished his degree! And it was because of my story, that enabled him (I shall not mention his name) to succeed so much in his degree, that he passed with flying honourary colours. But… he never finished the illustrations. He stopped replying to my messages about the illustrations, and I had to stop wasting my time on a person that clearly was not going to deliver what he verbally promised me he should deliver – all the illustrations for my book, which presumably he had to do for his degree anyway, I did see one of them in a meeting with him, but that was about it. It was after that I looked into the cost of paying someone else to do them and I felt it just wasn’t worth it, because of all the what ifs I mentioned. And after I had my trust broken so badly and been let down, it made me scared to trust anyone else again, and I also had another problem…)

Not knowing how to get the illustrations from drawings into the book itself.

Or how to create graphic illustrations suitable for this type of book in software.

How to format a children’s picture book to upload to Amazon Createspace at the time – which is now KDP publishing.

It was an absolute frigging nightmare. That didn’t stop…

So all the beauty, time, energy, effort, peace and happiness, and difficult re-writes of the book manuscript after “traditional professional publisher feedback” and feedback from my Freelance Writer’s membership FREE appraisal service at that time went nowhere, so it remained as a manuscript in an envelope sent to myself to copyright it. And a longing to get it into print one day… A longing I still have to this day, as it’s such an awesome book that I know kids will love and adore… Even though I’m now known for writing non-fiction books that change lives from pain to gain, for adults, and specialise in asexuality and still working hard to finish my Asexual Guide To Sex book which I started to write in June 2019 and still adding fresh content to.. life and ill health got in the way, but I am determined to get it finished and published.

I also wrote a second children’s picture book with a similar theme that I got feedback on from the FREE appraisal service with my Freelance Writer’s membership and then I started on my 3rd with the same theme as the first – I was building a series – but sadly they stopped the appraisal service and then I realised I am born to write non-fiction and turned my focus, time and attention onto that, and built an audience for my non-fiction books that change lives, and I would like to say, impacted the world in a huge way – with more still to come. BUT… I still want to publish my children’s picture books because I believe in sharing your stories with the world, rather than take them to the grave. I love to go to the cinema to kid’s club on self-dates. (I did that on Sunday.) I love watching kids movies. I love Disney and Pixar, and similar animated movies. The last film I watched Adams Family 2, and I loved the message at the end about we are supposed to be different and not like everyone else, so we should celebrate our differences within ourselves and know it’s okay to not fit in because we are different and that’s our beauty.

I am very different. I am like a business guy (even though I am female) and a quirky kid Disney Princess – you can even see me in my Ace Fibro Girl outfit at And even though I don’t want children of my own, I get on well with kids and treat them as little beings in their own right, as equals and not less than me. You could say I treat them as young adults, who have their own mind and are intelligent. We have fun talking about movies together, if I get the chance to take to kids. Or just get on well in general, as they often like to talk and have fun in life and so do I. One of my new housemates has kids. I live in a self-contained flat in a house. So I live on my own and have housemates— how quirky is that!!! I also live like a teenager and my bedroom is full of cuddly toys and sparkly things. I love it that way. I reprogrammed my mind to be like 21 years old using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming some years ago. And went to Disneyland Paris in 2017 for my 21st Mindset birthday.

Even after all these years. I still have the strongest desire to publish my children’s picture books. That feeling has never left me. It’s on my bucket list to do before I die… which I am not planning on doing at all at… But you never know when your last day will be, especially with Covid around. So that’s why I leapt at the chance to get the Children’s Book Creator course here, at only $147 it’s an absolute steal, (especially if your currency is ££££), with all of the video trainings you receive, all the support you get in the Facebook group, all the money it saves you by teaching you how to illustrate your books yourself, and all the time it saves you trying to figure out how to do this stuff on your own, why not get the new year off to a flying start by clicking here to get your own copy of the course right now.

This course will solve all of these problems for you:

  • Save you hundreds of pounds you would usually pay for similar courses, which might not even come close to the quality of this one.
  • It will show you how to write, illustrate, and publish, your very own Children’s Picture book. Saving you time, money, and wasted energy trying to figure all this stuff out on your own.
  • Nuria really knows her stuff and takes the headache out of illustrating your book yourself using free and mostly low cost software and graphics. Saving you hundreds of pounds you would pay an illustrator to illustrate your books for you. And once you have these skills, you have them for life.
  • The Facebook group you get with this course, is worth the cost of the course alone. Even before you start the course itself, the expert advice, help, and support, by other Authors/Writers, is priceless. With ongoing support and feedback by Nuria and other writing and publishing experts in the group, as well as those just starting out with you.
  • You get to live your dream as a Children’s Book Author, Illustrator, and publisher, and be able to have the opportunity to put a smile on a kid’s face and brighten their day. That’s priceless.

So if you have ever wanted to write, illustrate, and publish your own Children’s book, but don’t know where to start, get this course now, here don’t hesitate, we only live once and it’s a small investment for potentially huge returns. And you get to learn so much more about book publishing in general, including from the Facebook group alone, even before you start Nuria’s course – because this group is the one that comes with this course, not her free group, so these people in the group take writing seriously and are not just would-be writers. There are writers/authors in the group who make a full-time living from writing and who are experienced in publishing multiple types of books, such as journals and colouring books, not just picture books. They say your network is your net worth – so by expanding your online network with people who are successful at making money from publishing books and some who make a full-time living from it, it helps to shift your mindset to one of abundance and provides much more motivation to do the work and increases your chances of success at making a full-time living from writing and publishing books.

After all of the heartache and pain I’ve been through with not being able to publish my own picture books for years, and all the wasted time, energy, and effort I spent on that, and the yearning to still do that, coupled with everything I have been through over the last year with ill health (not Covid thankfully) and trauma resulting in CPTSD – more about this in the next post, I’m now at the stage where I’m focusing on my book publishing business and expanding my book offering to the world… but first finishing my Asexual Guide To Sex and promoting that for 3 months… and still got another book to write and publish for asexuals too this year. I wanted to let you know about the offer I came across, as it was too good to resist (Children’s Book Creator course), remember all the heartache and pain I told you about at the beginning of this post….

  • Not knowing where to start.
  • Not being able to get a traditional publisher to publish my book/s.
  • Illustrator letting me down and not delivering the illustrations.
  • £370 just for illustrating one picture book.
  • Not knowing how to get the illustrations from the drawings into the book itself.
  • Or how to create graphic illustrations suitable for this type of book.
  • Not knowing how to specifically upload a Children’s picture book to KDP and successfully publish it.
  • Potentially dying with my picture books inside me and taking them to the grave with me, and denying kids the opportunity to have their day brightened by me, and putting a smile on my face.

This course solves all of those problems and more, see screenshot below about – What You Will Accomplish At The End of this course, taken from my course dashboard inside my own private members area, so I highly recommend it, here is the link

From Nuria herself: “So many of us have always wanted to write a children’s book. It’s an incredible feeling when you are holding your printed book in your hands and read through the pages. And an even better feeling is knowing that, someone somewhere, is reading your book to a child! If you have ever thought about writing a children’s book but don’t know where to start, or if you already produce low content books on Amazon KDP, like planners, journals or activity books, then this is one step further for you to take your book publishing to a higher level. But this is not a course teaching you about the traditional way of publishing a book. This is an unconventional way of producing and self-publishing your book and may not be what you expect. This course is for anyone who wants to publish a book but hasn’t got a clear story in mind and who is very flexible about what kind of children’s book they are going to create. I will teach you how to choose your topic so that you have the best chances of selling your book. And we will use pre-made images and graphics, so you don’t have to use an illustrator. So book will be completely self-made and self-published, from start to finish.” So if you have ever wanted to know how to write, illustrate, and publish your own children’s books, get your copy of the Children’s Book Creator course now and save yourself hundreds of pounds it would cost you to pay an illustrator

On 16th of December 2021, and in the month leading up to it, I had a huge mindset shift (post to follow about that) and I’m determined not to let 2022 be like 2021. The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting to get a different result, and I realised I have to change what I’m doing and go all in with my writing as a book publishing business, focusing solely on that and continuing to build my audiences for those books. Especially since quitting my full-time day job that made me severely poorly on October 10th 2021. Buying the Children’s Book Creator course, I believe, will take my writing and book publishing business to another level entirely.

So if you are fed up with where you at right now, and you don’t want a repeat of 2021, you need to do something different, or you will end up being on the hamster wheel of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again in 2021. And experiencing all of the pain that went with it.

You know one year from today, you will certainly arrive somewhere, the question is where?

If you want that to be a different destination than in the past, you are going to have to take a different path. If you want to get different results, you’re going to need to take different actions and learn new skills.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and it’s not an accident you’re here at this page, and this is the different path, the different action you need to take. Let’s get your Children’s book publishing business started, let’s get you writing and illustrating your own Children’s books, uploading them to KDP, and help you create true, passive, set and forget income, for life. I can’t wait to become part of your success journey and see you in the Children’s Book Creator course Facebook group. Click this (affiliate) link to get you copy of the Children’s Book Creator course, now! (I only recommend products I believe in and usually use myself – such as this one.) I can say with certainty, this is one of the best investments I ever made. I see other student’s, in real time, who have created their books and getting advice of other students on their masterpieces, by sharing some of their beautifully illustrated book pages they have created, their results are amazing! I am so happy I bought the course. I would encourage you not to hesitate in getting the course yourself. The accompanying Facebook group is very active and supportive and is worth the price of the course alone. Not to mention all the time and money this course is going to save you, especially in the long-term. Get your copy now, here