Should I Become A Chameleon?

Hi Everyone

My new look website is currently under construction and I am exploring background colour schemes.

It is suggested that the colour of your blog should be the same as the colour of your website. Therefore I have changed the colour of this blog to match the current colour of my new website and I wanted to know what you think?

Should I become a chameleon and keep changing colours until I find something that fits?

Do you think this colour is better or worse?

One fellow blogger felt that the blue text against my previous background was fuzzy and suggested making changes to it. What is your feeling about this?

Personally I don’t like change and just like wearing my favourite PJs, I like to feel at home and comfortable in the arms of a blog I can relate to. If a blogger updates their blog with a new header or background colour it can sometimes feel clinical to me and that I am no longer welcome there.

What do you think and feel?

This is your blog and my website will be designed with you in mind so it is important for me to know what you think?

Please feel free to suggest a different colour entirely and your reasoning behind it. Your opinion matters to me. You matter to me.

Write soon



25 thoughts on “Should I Become A Chameleon?

  1. Yes, they have learned the survival of the fittest mantra…adaptability. Now, old, traditional media should learn to adapt to new media, i.e. Google, Amazon, Facebook who are taking over and leaving them in the dust. Don’t you think? They need to stop exploiting writers the way they do and begin to understand that to stay alive, they have to embrace Midlist and bottom list writers. Even best selling authors are deserting old publishers because they don’t make enough with them; publishers and the locusts with them are greedy.


    1. I agree. I think publishing houses should move with the times, they should be embrace Midlist and bottom list writers. I think that is why so many people are self-publishing these days because they can earn more and experience greater freedom.


  2. I’ve read through your comments with interest because I have just spent time altering my colours only to revert to the original! I love your tones here and just out of a personal preference I would keep the blog and website the same. Good luck with it Sandra!


    1. Hi Carolyn. Thanks so much for your feedback. So you prefer the new ‘champagne’ colour to the old orangey/pink one? All feedback so far seems positive about the new colour and that is great as it is the new colour of my new look website that is still very much under construction.


  3. Dear Sandra,
    Do keep in mind that chameleon are creatures that do not keep ‘changing’ their colour; they ‘adapt’ according to their surrounding.
    From my side, this change is beautiful and warmly welcomed. what I’ve always kept in mind is that world’s most visited sites are very simply designed. Youtube, Google, Facebook etc. have black (blue for fb) texts on white background. They have the world’s best web-designers but they still keep it simple and that is what I follow. (See, my blog, I follow the same theme)

    Thumps up for this change. πŸ™‚



    1. Hi Ankit

      Thanks for your feedback. I did a Dreamweaver course at college and there were examples of good and bad design, some of the good ones were colours such as greens and browns. Whilst I personally like brighter colours as I find paler colours more clinical I am happy to make changes based on what makes my readers and followers happy because I know in the world of business and social media I need to be adaptable. I took on board what you said and I am glad you are happier with it. Now is the right time to change as my new look website that is currently under construction, is this same colour.


      1. Thanks Ankit, I am glad you are happier. The website is currently under construction and so is full of dummy text and has things unrelated to me on it at the mo. Got 3 important projects on the go at once at the moment, along with all of my other usual stuff.


  4. Hi Sandra, I like this background and I definitely agree with your comment that changing around a lot can put people off when they get used to, and “cosy with” a certain look. They changed the whole look of our local supermarket recently and I though I’d landed on the moon – took me ages to get used to it – ok a bit of an extreme example but you get the idea. May Greetings from Hamburg, Louise


  5. A static colour is best, really. Which one does not matter too much, the only ones I have problems with are the black background with white writing. I can’t read much on those I find it very hard on the eyes.


    1. Thanks for your advice. What I really wanted to know was whether my community felt this new colour was better or the old colour because the old colour has been the same for almost two years.


  6. As it’s my first ever visit to your blog Sandra, I cannot compare, but what I can say is the colour is easy on the eye (I must wear my protective goggles next time I visit πŸ˜‰ )
    Oh. Before I go. Thanks for following. Appreciated. Ralph xox πŸ˜€


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