Free Your Books!

Free your books

I love this quote so much. Have you considered that your books may be imprisoned by you if you haven’t opened them for such a long time? Do you feel like your books are real, with a secret life of their own? And just like the film Toy Story, in which the toys come to life, your books come to life! If your books could talk to you, what do you think they would be saying to you right now? Please comment below!

Until next time, write soon and stay quirky

Sandra xx


2 thoughts on “Free Your Books!

  1. Hello Sandra, Regarding books, I happen to love reading non-fiction books that pertain to mathematics and the sciences.  In fact, I might read the same book more than a dozen times (literally), because there is so much to glean from them.  Personally, I happen to enjoy the writing of the British evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins. 

    I have been known to resurrect text books from decades ago when I attended the Illinois (USA) Institute of Technology, and re-read them anew with fresh eyes.  It is amazing how much I used to “gloss over” the texts while at University, only now to find what a rich amount of information had remained tucked away between those closed book covers. To this mind, it seems as though the reader is listening to the author in a time that exists outside of regular time, sometime over the centuries.

    * * * * * * Of course, this is not to denigrate fictional works of literature, except to state they happen not to be my particular cup of tea to enjoy.  In fact, I have read many times ‘Oedipus Rex’ by Sophocles … and marvel at the forethought the author had put forth more than two millennia ago (circa 500 BC).

    Here’s hoping you feel somewhat the same about one’s passion for reading good books. Cheers, K


    1. Hi Kevin, I love writing non-fiction and that is what I like to read if I am reading anything. I like reading self-help and how-to books the most, as that is the type of non-fiction books I like write. I am not a fiction person either as a rule, although I do enjoying writing and reading Children’s picture books for 3-5 years and also reading and writing poetry sometimes. Overall, I much prefer writing to reading and reading is not my favourite thing to do as I am super slow at it. Most writers love to read books, but I am unique in that respect. If I wasn’t a writer and didn’t need to read, then I probably would do it less than I already do.


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