Book Quotes For Writers And Book Lovers! Why The Books I Write Are My Best Friends!


As a Writer and Author, I often feel like some of the books I write are my bestest friends, because just like a best friendship, I spend so long working on them and with them. My books know my secrets, and sometimes they even pass some of those onto others, but there are many secrets and parts of my life that they never share, because of the difficult experiences I went through when I wrote them that are personal to me. My books helped me to get through those difficult times, without revealing to the public what happened. They listen to me and raise me up when I am at my worst and they educate me when they speak of their own free will of expression. My Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book took me two and a half years to write and it really got me through some difficult times in my life and I will always be very thankful and grateful to it for that.

I sometimes think that books are the magic of life and I still think that, but I believe you can create your own magic in life and you can make dreams come true! I know I have made a lot of my own dreams come true in life, and I still strive to do that every single day of my life! If you want to be in a horse drawn carriage, you can hire one! If you want to have your own castle, you can build one. If you want to be a princess or prince, you can be the prince or princess of your own life, you can buy the outfit, learn out how act like one or be a quirky prince or princess, and even change your name to include prince or princess! (You’re tempted, I know). I have a dress that I call my princess dress, because I feel like it is one, and I feel like a Disney Princess in it!

Have you ever felt that the books you write or read are your best friends?

How do you create magic in your own life?

Which quote do you resonate with the most?

Please comment below – I love to know what you think?

As always, stay quirky.

Love Sandra xx

2 thoughts on “Book Quotes For Writers And Book Lovers! Why The Books I Write Are My Best Friends!

  1. Hello Sandra,

    Regarding books as favourite friends, I have been known to read the same (non-fiction) book literally dozens of times! I do not set out to do this, but these hard-covered books’ bindings inevitably become ruined from being manipulated so oftern.

    One of my absolute favourite books was acquired in 1997 (“Skeptics and True Believers” by Chet Remo), have been read and re-read, put away, then brought forth again. I conservatively estimate this book has been read cover-to-cover at least 100 actual times.

    Other books I have literally devoured include engineering college textbooks (mainly mathematics and physics) from the 1970’s. Interestingly, one of my Physics texts looks ostensibly like a well-worn Bible; passersby have mistaken my Physics textbook for a Bible and complimented me on my choice of reading material — the “Good Book”).

    So, Sandra, this was a roundabout way of confirming the validity of your original statement by Chas. Wm. Eliot.



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