Should I Become A Chameleon?

Hi Everyone

My new look website is currently under construction and I am exploring background colour schemes.

It is suggested that the colour of your blog should be the same as the colour of your website. Therefore I have changed the colour of this blog to match the current colour of my new website and I wanted to know what you think?

Should I become a chameleon and keep changing colours until I find something that fits?

Do you think this colour is better or worse?

One fellow blogger felt that the blue text against my previous background was fuzzy and suggested making changes to it. What is your feeling about this?

Personally I don’t like change and just like wearing my favourite PJs, I like to feel at home and comfortable in the arms of a blog I can relate to. If a blogger updates their blog with a new header or background colour it can sometimes feel clinical to me and that I am no longer welcome there.

What do you think and feel?

This is your blog and my website will be designed with you in mind so it is important for me to know what you think?

Please feel free to suggest a different colour entirely and your reasoning behind it. Your opinion matters to me. You matter to me.

Write soon