To feel alive – Start living!

Hi everyone

Thanks for all of your kind comments and support during this difficult time of my Grandma’s passing. Her funeral was yesterday and it went well considering it was a funeral. I read my entire poem without stumbling on my words. Being quirky, I made sure it was a funeral with a difference. I went around hugging everyone, including the people carrying the coffin, the guy playing the organ, the Funeral Director, the Vicar and all guests. I even had the Birdie Song playing us out of the crematorium. Me and my Grandma used to dance to that together and do the actions.

I used to suffer with depression and thankfully I have been free of it for about two and a half years. I cured myself, and still maintain a good head through sometimes very quirky, unconventional methods. I am well aware that I have to prevent myself from going back to that dreadful place ever again. I believe life is for living, to the fullest. Although my Grandma has passed, in the rest of my life, I am the happiest I have ever been and so grateful to be living a young life. In my mind, I am getting younger and I love it. I believe in order to feel alive, you must start living. Do things that make you feel fantastic, alive, enthusiastic, excited and passionate, over and over again, and never stop. I live in my own quirky magic bubble and so long as I am in that, life is beautiful.

My Grandma loved living a full and active life. Today is a new month and time for me to start living a new life. What wonderful opportunities will come my way? I wonder? After crying a lot this morning, this is the attitude I decided to take and I went to the cinema to feel alive and enjoy a part of my life in that moment.

In my usual quirky Roving Reporter style, here is my review of Maleficent. It is less that one minute long. Enjoy it and let me know what you think.

I am currently working on reformatting the interior of my Break through the barriers of redundancy book. It would seem that the CreateSpace templates have errors in them. One template I had 5 attempts to reformat and I had to scrap each one. Self publishing is hard but I am determined to publish my book.

Write when I can


7 thoughts on “To feel alive – Start living!

  1. You live with your grandmother in mind and you do the good things and that in itself is a celebration of her memory. Great post, very inspiring stuff!


  2. I plan on watching Malificent with my daughter this weekend, can’t wait, so great to see your review! Life certainly can pull the rug out from beneath us but it’s great that you are remaining so positive even though I know how hard it was for you to say goodbye to your dear grandmother. She lives in your heart and will forever do so. More hugs to you in your lovely quirky bubble 🙂


    1. Thanks Sherri. It’s really difficult for me. Especially in the mornings, like now. I get most upset then. I wake up thinking about her, missing her and feeling a bit lost without her. We were so alike that it’s like losing a tiny bit of me but I just have to realise that I am whole, I am still wholly me and I will get through this to be who I was born to be.

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  3. I am glad that the day went as good as it could do for you, considering what the day was. I think you are awesome for being able to get through that.

    I am also glad that you watched Malificent today. Getting out and doing something is good.


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