My Future With Kindle Publishing!

I have some great news and hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you? Yesterday I received the 5th email from promoting my How to Get Started With Twitter For Absolute Beginners, Get Going And Get Growing A Step-By-Step guide; at the top of its list, in ‘are you looking for something in our computing store’. And my book is in the subject line for their email, for at least a third time.

For this, my second book, I went with a very specific strategy, and although the book is inexpensive at only 99p – $1.40, sales although not always every day, are regular, and even more with Amazon promoting it for me. I am so proud just to get my name more out there as a writer and I am learning so much about Kindle publishing. I really want to make a full-time career out of writing, it is what I love to do, it’s in my heart, my soul, and it’s every breath I take. I feel so blessed that what I created is getting into the minds of many people and that I am understanding my passion and my desire to do this is more than ever before. If I can create more books that sell successfully, I can create training courses for others and more books in the future about how to be successful with Kindle.

I am still learning at the moment, but this success so far, has made my night shine, my day sparkle, and my heart come alive. No one really knows the extent to which writing is what I was destined to do. When I am writing (non-fiction books), it makes me feel sensational and that this was always the destiny that I chose for myself when I started this blog over 5 years ago and when I was made redundant in 2009, when I discovered I was born to write and to help others who have been made redundant to get back into work. But writing will always be my first love. I want to write so badly, it consumes my being.

My mind lately just keeps saying I want to write, I want to write, I want to write. I know with every molecule in me, that this is what I must do. It makes me feel physically sick when I think of this and am not writing, it’s like I am holding myself back. I have so many unwritten books bursting out of me, so much knowledge, skills and experience to offer the world, it’s like I can’t write them fast enough. There is stuff I have to take care of first at this time, before I can write every moment of the day in future.

It’s a hard road to travel, with uncertainty in terms of creating a full-time living, and I am still happy in my day job right now – but don’t worry – it gives me time to come up with more writing ideas, so is helpful too.

Thanks for your continued support and never give up on your dream. Keep being quirky xx And write soon xx

This the USA link – UK link  It has a 5 Star review

9 thoughts on “My Future With Kindle Publishing!

  1. It’s such a shame that you have bills to pay Sandra otherwise you could be writing full-time and quickly become famous enough for your writings to pay the bills.
    I have been watching a programme on Sky called Road Wars on Pick. It’s all about the police in Exeter, surrounding towns and motorway. I have not seen you on the program so you must have been a good girl 😉 lol 😀 ❤

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    1. Thanks Ralph. I really love your belief in me. Unfortunately I have to work more hours in my day job throughout next month to pay for Snow’s next operation. The insurance company said the form must have gone missing in the post and the vet it sending a copy be email. It has been 3 week’s since she had the operation. They said they will only pay a maximum of 50% and next January when the policy may be renewed may exclude it completely so I need to find at least £1000 per year for 3 operations a year.

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      1. Heck ! Those insurance companies who are like that need a good kicking. How awful for you and Snow. £1000 per year is criminal for that amount of work on such a tiny animal. Big hug for you and Snow Sandra ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, it’s the only company who would insure guineapigs and the each month is good considering I have each of them insured up to £2000 for just under £15 a month each. But …. It has a clause about Teeth because a lot of small animals can need their teeth cutting. The problem is, it is not a teeth problem, that is the symptom of the tongue attached to the cheeks problem, but as teeth are involved they said that is why they will only pay a maximum of half and when I come to renew the insurance in January, that may be excluded!! The operations are almost £300 each and she has to have regular checkups every two months and they cost a lot – About £34-£37 a time and I need to get a taxi there and back as my vets is at the opposite end to the city, so that is another £15-£20 each time. Last time I used the bus from near my home, they got a bit anxious with the bus being so crowded, which it usually is. It did worry me too as there were also people stood up and I am very protective over my piggies. So I now have to do overtime every promotional period in my day job and may have to get a second day job next year, if that is not enough. I already work at least 5 days a week. Or she dies! So it’s not great. Usually I would not write all these prices, but, I think it’s important if someone sees this and is thinking of getting guineapigs to maybe think twice unless you have a ton of personal money to spare. Also, it may be harder for me to post working 6 days a week – but I will not stop, I love this blog, it’s my home forever! Snow is munching happily on apple at the moment.

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      3. Thank you so much for explaining your predicament Sandra. I am sure that people who have piggies will be really interested in what you have to say. I am glad that Snow is able to munch on an apple ….. I hope it is not an iPhone 😉 lol ❤

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