What Would It Be Like To Have A Carrot Cottage ?


Snow knows!

Welcome to the new look guinea pig cage and new Carrot Cottage for Snow and Chestnut.

If any of you have been keeping up with my posts, you will know that Snow had to have emergency surgery on her teeth about 3 weeks ago. She had stopped drinking and barely eating.

The vet found the one off condition – her tongue is attached to her cheeks!! And from now on she needs an operation on her teeth, 3 times a year, forever, because her teeth overgrow as a consequence of not being able to chew normally. Plus check-ups every two months to make sure she does not end up in a critical way again. I am going to be doing overtime at my day job to help pay for this, starting tomorrow – today now!! During promotional periods. The insurance company may pay up to a maximum of half this year and could exclude it next year, and it costs a lot. If you have read my reply to Ralph in the last post, you will know how much!

I changed her cage around and bought her and Chestnut this cottage made out of carrot and other lovely stuff, so it’s edible too – if she wants to try to grind her teeth down more, she can. She was just munching away on Apple.

Until next time, embrace your quirky and each others.

P.S. I have an awesome video coming up for you, it has taken me a while to get this one uploaded and I am still working on the thumbnail!!!

Love you
Stay quirky and write soon

One thought on “What Would It Be Like To Have A Carrot Cottage ?

  1. A carrot cottage is great for your piggies Sandra. Personally, I would prefer marzipan, icing, doughnuts, eclairs, Danish pastries, ice cream etc. cottage in my cage 😉 ❤

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