Why it’s Important to Date Yourself!

Hi everyone



Tonight I am going on a date with myself.

After work, I am going for a meal in Nandos and then the cinema, with healthy popcorn to eat.

It’s important to date yourself, to reconnect with your inner being and the essence of who you are.

When we have relationships with others; whether that is with family, friends or loved ones, it can be amazing, and you can gain a lot through interaction and spending time with each other. You can also lose yourself if you don’t take action to spend time with yourself doing what you love and what were born to do. If you lose yourself, you can feel disorientated, surreal, and like you are living through others. You could be in effect be killing your own personality off in the process, and losing your quirky self. This can transpire into anxiety, nervousness or even panic, which will then affect your relationships.

When sharing activities with others, such as going to the cinema, a pub or a club, you need to consider what they want to watch and where they want to go too. There is a sense of caring and nuturing about those around you, and to be caring and thoughtful, is a beautiful thing. However, sometimes it’s good just to go somewhere on your own and do whatever you want, whenever you want. To feel free and be uncompromised. To strip it back to the bear essentials of what is true to you. To be your naked, quirky self. Once you reignite or reinforce your passion and love for yourself, it allows others to love you more.

If you are worried about taking time out to date yourself, because of what others may think or feel, just explain to them what’s going on, and that you need some quality ‘you’ time to bond with yourself. That it doesn’t mean you care, like, or love them any less. You need to feel stronger in yourself, to be able to give your best to them. So long as you are communicating it in a way that will enhance your relationship with them, and they don’t feel you are cutting them off, then why should they mind.

Another thing you can do, is to set ‘special’ time aside for them, after your date with yourself. So in effect, you are giving them some bonding time with you to look forward to, and rewarding their understanding of dating yourself.

If you are in a relationship and you both love dating yourself, you may be able to co-ordinate your ‘you’ time, so you are both dating yourself at the same time. Thereby taking less time out of your together time. Similarly, if one of you is with their friends and family, that is a great opportunity to date yourself, providing you haven’t got any outstanding things to do, that would stress you out if they didn’t get done.

Whatever you decide to do, spending quality dating time with yourself is a must. Even if you have got 55,000 tasks to do. It’s essential for your own happiness, health and wellbeing. So go and enjoy it and have fun.

How do you date yourself?

You can read more about reconnecting with your inner being, in my new Break through the barriers of redundancy book. That will be available to buy on Amazon.

Until next time; embrace your quirky, write soon, and stay positive.


13 thoughts on “Why it’s Important to Date Yourself!

    1. Hi Tanveer, great to hear from you, welcome to my wonderful world of quirky. Wow! You do look much younger. That is great. Keep embracing your quirky young self, and keep loving you. You are awesome.

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  1. I do enjoy time by myself, usually I just go to the pub and have a meal and a couple of pints with a good book, having said that, now that I am earning I may be a little more extravagant in my dating. A film sounds good though before all the Christmas mayhem starts!

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    1. Hi Ste, so sorry for the delay in replying, life has been so busy with work in multiple areas and hectic of late. My phone won’t let me like other’s posts either, which is annoying. Cinnamon is at the vets for the third time in the last 3 days. You have got a job now. Congratulations, that’s awesome news. What are you doing now? I am glad you date yourself, what you do sounds wonderful for you. People can’t believe that I do so much on my own. Watch a movie, eat out, go to London, go to theatre,the zoo, aquariums and theme parks. I love doing things on my own. No one to tell me what to do. I can take off when I like, and do whatever I please without having to think about what anyone else wants. No worries, no stress. It’s bliss!


      1. I’m at Argos at the moment…it is a temporary contract until after Christmas but I assume they will keep some people on, so I will have to decide what I wish to do through the busy period.

        It’s nice to forget the hectic life for a bit though and go somewhere and just chill out and enjoy. I hope cinnamon gets well soon and your phone sorts itself out!

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      2. Hi Ste, unfortunately Cinnamon died on Wednesday morning. I wrote a much longer than usual blog post about it.

        I am glad you got a temporary job. It’s a great start.

        When I was made redundant for the second time in my career, in 2009, I did a few temporary jobs, then worked my way back up the ladder. Retail is good for getting into a management role.

        I am really pleased that the new design http://www.beatredundancyblues.com site is almost ready for launch. I have put a ton of work into it, learnt loads of new skills using WordPress.org, and it’s got the look I wanted in the first place. All of the jobs, course, and recruitment sites are on the home page. It’s going to be so much improved.


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