Live the quirky life only you were born to lead!

Hi everyone

Every now and then, I post a post from one of my other blogs that I think you will love. Here is my latest post from my blog.

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You are very special in your own right.

You do not need to justify the reason for being you to anyone but yourself.

You were born with your own unique and precious gifts.

Don’t listen to other people about how you should lead your life, just listen to your own heart and mind, and go with what you want to do and what feels right for you. I had a life changing moment when I took control of my life, and decided to do just that. Now I embrace every quirky feeling and feature about me, and I wouldn’t change me for the world.

I used to suffer with depression. I didn’t like my life, my circumstances or myself. There have been two major significant breakthroughs in my life. The first was when I was made redundant for the second time in my life, in 2009. This was when I first discovered my ultimate purpose in life. To write, and to help others, particularly people who have been made redundant, to get back into work. It was then that I decided I would become a self-employed writer and businesswoman. Despite the fact, that at the time, my own father didn’t believe I could do it. You can read more about this in my new Break through the barriers of redundancy book; that will be available to buy on Amazon.

My second major significant breakthrough, was in 2012, when I took a year out of work, took control over my life, starting making a lot of my own decisions, and did a ton of courses of my choosing.

In that year, I got my PTTLS level 4 teacher/trainer qualification. That I now use to teach Blogging as an aid to recovery – How to start a blog, for the Recovery Learning Community. That is part of the NHS. I also got an Information, Advice and Guidance Diploma Level 4. I did 5 Adobe courses and attended my first business seminars in London. All of these together, were life changing, because I felt empowered to be happy being me and to pursue my own goals, ambitions and dreams. To believe in myself and know that whatever I set my mind to, I can accomplish. I made a lot of changes to myself, that I needed to make me happy. I realised how awesome it was to have an intelligent, quirky, creative mind. I became happy to be in my own company for the first time in my life, and I realised that my life would never be boring because I had me. I learned to love myself, who I am, and what I was born to be. No longer worrying about what others think, and wrapping myself in my quirky bubble for eternity.

My one piece of advice for you, if you are not already doing so; is to embrace your quirky, and to lead the quirky life that only you were born to lead. That’s what I do now and I am the happiest I have ever been.

My motto ’embrace your quirky’ is a system and philosophy, of a different way of life to the norm. That allows you to be your authentic self, and achieve greatness in your life, so you can become truly unstoppable. You can expect more posts about this, and all things quirky from me, in the future.

Until next time –
Embrace your quirky, stay strong, and keep believing in you.

18 thoughts on “Live the quirky life only you were born to lead!

    1. Hi Mike, it’s great to hear from you. You are most welcome. I am glad to see you are still blogging. I have set up my own Blog Trainer UK business website. I will continue to teach RLC courses, but I am teaching blogging workshops soon for businesses. I also offer one to one blog training for health and happiness, and depending on demand, will do workshops for these too. Would you like to write a testimonial to say I taught you blogging?


      1. I would be happy to write a testimonial:
        ‘I attended a three-class course run by Sandra looking at how to get started in blogging. The classes were enjoyable, well-taught, and easy to understand. Sandra’s personality shone through her teaching and made the experience positive and non-threatening.
        I have been blogging on and off since the course, and have found it to be a good activity to be involved in.’
        If there is anything wrong with the testimonial, let me know and I’ll alter it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hi Mike,

        That sounds absolutely awesome Mike. Thanks so very much. I will certainly add that to my site, this site, and some others, very soon. I would just need to add your name, in Exeter, Devon, and a link to your site too, if that’s okay?

        I also wondered if you would be able to write that in the recommendations on my page? It would really help me out.

        Also, if you have a LinkedIn account and it’s not too much to ask, would you be able to write it in a recommendation under the job title, on my profile? It would help me tremendously. Thanks again Mike. You are such a star. I really appreciate your kind words, feedback and support.


      1. Hi Ute, finally getting around to replying to some comments. Thank you so much for that beautiful comment. You have made me smile and brightened my day. Cinnamon had to be rushed into the vets again this morning, so any smiles are positivity, is hugely welcome.


    1. Hi Sherri, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you like the post so much. I have bought the domain name now, along with some other quirky names. I hope to do inspirational videos in the future about my embrace your quirky philosophy. Hopefully people will like them.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, I feel blessed to have your kind comments. I have just bought the domain name a few days ago, so hope to expand more on my quirky philosophy, in future posts.


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