What’s his story? – Let your imagination run riot

Hi everyone

Most weeks when I walk to work to go to my day job, I see this man making dogs out of sand.


I think they are beautiful and he is very talented.

As a writer, I often think, what’s his story? Why is he making dogs out of sand?

Could it be because…….

He is grieving for pets that have passed away.

He has a love of dogs.

He is obsessed with dogs.

He was not allowed any dogs as a child.

He can’t have any dogs now.

He has been reincarnated but was once a dog with his own family of dogs.

He believes the sand makes the dogs come to life and they talk to him.

He finds it a form of therapy away from the problems at home.

He is preparing for a competition to create the best dog sand statues, in the quickest amount of time and be in the Guinness book of World Records if he wins.

Dogs are the only thing he can make out of sand.

He has an OCD.

Like the beginnings of any good story, once we have a creative think about any random situation in life that may lead to a tale that needs telling, we begin to question the answer to our first question.

For example:

Why did his dog die? Was it giving birth? – Hence the small pup.

Why was he reincarnated in the form of a man?

What events led him to the competiton?

Why does he have an OCD?

A good writer always asks lots of questions and is not afraid to let their inner creative mind, think for itself.

Allow your imagination to run riot and enjoy every minute of taking a random event or situation in life and turning it into a literary masterpiece.

Write soon

18 thoughts on “What’s his story? – Let your imagination run riot

  1. I’ve noticed that this gentleman always makes two dogs, but they’re not always in the same pose. I don’t see them as often as you do, and they make me smile every time.


    1. It’s interesting that the guy you see, builds dogs in different poses. The guy I see, seems to build the sand dog and sand pup, in exactly the same poses. Before I saw this guy, I had not seen anyone build sand dogs before. Maybe they are part of a large group across the country.


  2. I have a man who makes these in my town centre. Every day he would make dogs and then today he had done a horse. I stopped and asked him why and he said, “A man who does the same thing every day becomes ingrained in your memory. Should he change slightly, you will notice him again.” He was right. I had become so used to it I barely noticed him anymore. I gave him some spare change and I plan to talk to him every day I have time now.

    ~ Amy


    1. Wow! That’s incredible Amy. It is lovely that you want to talk to him. I have never seen the guy in my city build a sand horse, he was building the same sand dogs again this morning. They always look identical each time he builds them. He always wears the same clothes and has the same Karrimor bag.


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