Santa – I have been a naughty little girl

Hi everyone

Thankfully I am not talking about me on this occasion.

Whilst I was snuggling Snuggles the other day, her chomping was getting louder. I thought she still had bits of food in her mouth but no, it was a section of my hair. Bless her. She is so naughty but oh so nice.

If you live nearby and want a free Snuggles Special haircut, please let me know.

Write soon

16 thoughts on “Santa – I have been a naughty little girl

  1. I think snuggles needs a post of her own to explain what was going on in her piggy head. Their may be a perfectly good reason for why she was trimming for you. Perhaps you need a fashion update?


    1. Bless you. I got my hair cut shortly after. She tells me, my hair is a good source of protein and it makes her whiskers grow stronger. Maybe I should be munching my own hair to make it grow stronger.


  2. Hehehe oh dear. Whee often try to chew on Mummy’s hair but she tells us off! Mummy can’t understand why whee seem to like the taste so much.

    Hopefully Santa Paws will forgive you and still visit!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


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