What Does Your Book Genre Say About You?

Book Genre Personality

What your Book Genre says about YOU:

Literary Fiction – Deep thinker. Problem solver. Open minded – Easily relatable to everyone around you.

Fantasy/Sci-Fi – Imaginative. Escapist. Thrill Seeker. Witty. Daydreamer. Somewhat of a loner but has a good group of Friends.

Mystery/Thriller – Inquisitive. Mostly Reserved – prefer to Lay Low. Always up for new Plot Twists in Real Life.

Romance – Passionate. Idealist. High expectations on dates. Will go the extra mile for the love of your life.

Non-Fiction – Grounded. Pragmatic. Good listener. Love BIG Gestures. Secretly hope that someone will write about YOU.

Classics – Book nerd. Enjoy the simplicities of life. Intelligent. Not a fan of the spotlight even though you are highly opinionated.

All Genres – Overall well-rounded. Easy going. Open to new foods, new adventures, new people. For the most part, you are positive and fun to be around.

Even though I don’t read romance or write it (I mostly write non-fiction), I am hugely romantic in my personality, so I relate to that genre personality really well – how about you? Do you think these are accurate or not?

As always, until next time, stay quirky and write soon.

Sandra xx

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Book Genre Say About You?

  1. Hello Sandra,

    My own literary taste runs primarily non-fiction, with a dabbling in the classics.  In fact, I have read much of the “Harvard Classics”, a compendium of the world’s greatest lliterature running from Newton’s Principia Mathematica to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to Shakespeare plays to Sophocles’ Oedipus Tyrannus/Oedipus Rex.

    So that places me … where?




    1. Hi Kevin, I would say you are a hybrid of Literary Fiction, The Classics and Non-fiction personality. A Deep Thinker, Open-minded, Easy Relatable to those around you. Grounded and a Good Listener. Enjoys the simplicities in life and Intelligent. (All genres is an option too!)


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