“Don’t Put Me Into A Box!” Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

“Don’t Put Me Into A Box!” Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy. Sometimes people try to put us into a box, society tries to put us into a box, and we also need to break free of our own box, that is hiding our beauty. We need to break free from that box and go into the light, so that we may spread our own unique light to others!

As always, stay quirky, stay unique and keep being you xx

Write soon, Sandra xx


14 thoughts on ““Don’t Put Me Into A Box!” Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

  1. Thank you Sandra. It is inspirational and will help many people. It made me realize that I very much have gotten out of boxes, though we all are boxed in by so many habits that there are always more. If you can write such advice it probably means that you Sandra have come out of boxes and are telling us about it. I think as you get older you will get out of box after box after box.

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    1. Hi David, thank you so much. I am different and quirky and well out of any box, but some people try to fit me into their boxes to dampen out my light, that is what inspired me to say this poem. They cannot be happy, unless trying to push me to not be me. Actually, now I am older in birth certificate age, I am younger. I am celebrating my 21st Mindset birthday soon. Will be doing a blog post about that.


  2. I know your poem said don’t tell you what to do but can I ask lol would love to hear more about setting up your own publishing imprint, are you going to just be printing your own books or are you looking to expand it and take on other others, I did consider doing one just because I thought it might look better on my books but wasn’t sure about the whole things about setting up copyrights and registering trademarks etc.

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    1. Hi Paula, sorry for the delay in reply. I am just looking to publish my own books at the moment. I have not completely ruled out others, but I much prefer to write than do all of the other stuff to create a book. I bought a block of 10 ISBNs from the official UK ISBN agency – Neilsen. This involved me registering a publishing company name. I chose Quirky Books, which was my plan since starting this blog years ago. Now I have that name, no one else should be able to register it as a publishing name. I have not yet trademarked the name at this stage as to trademark it globally, would be very expensive. I am using Amazon CreateSpace as my printer and distributor, but I am now the publisher – not them. Legally, after publishing, within a month, I have to give a book to the British Library. Other libraries may also request a free copy and it is expensive to print as it is a 558 page book, so will cost me a lot, especially with importation fees from USA site.


      1. I had no idea about the library bit so that is interesting to know, think I shall be leaving Amazon as the publisher unless a traditionally publishing house come kick my door down

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      2. Hi Paula, yeah. You are meant to use a separate ISBN for each form of the book, epub, Kindle, CreateSpace, and it is currently £149 for a block of 10 ISBNS. I guess I should publish a blog post on it in the future but as I just started to do this, I want to see how it goes and what else crops up and whether the monetary ROI will be worth it. Then I will be able to help others more. The quirky feeling is worth it as it is a dream come true. What software do you use to typset your book? Or do you pay someone to do it for you?


      3. you do know that createspace assign you an ISBN number for free to your print version, I tend to do most of my editing in word, writing fiction I can usually manage it fairly well that way but also have Scrivener and Calibre if I am struggling

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      4. I know, but if you use the CreateSpave ISBN, they are the publisher, not you. It has been my dream for 6 years to have Quirky Books as a publishing company name and so I wanted to make that come true. I hope it will add some more credibility to my Non-fiction books and also specifically to my Asexual Perspectives book. I am on a mission to get Asexuality recognized as a sexual orientation throughout the globe, so that no asexual has to live in fear of redicule ever again.

        I paid someone to typset this book for me as I could not get the CreateSpace template to work in word.


    1. Hi Ralph, thank you my friend. It is really great to have your feedback. I just had someone say they liked my last “Out Of The Shadows” poem. These poems seem popular, so I will do more of them.

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