Give Yourself A Gift In 2016



Father Christmas Hand Muff

Give Yourself A Gift In 2016. Whether that is a physical present, the gift of feeling alive, of being happy to be you with all of your quirks, or just to feel blessed in the moment – all of these are essential to your own health and wellbeing.

Life is not always easy, there will be times when you will struggle and ask why did this happen to me, but know you can and will get through those hard times – they shall pass and you will not only survive, but come to thrive, because those times made you stronger.

Giving yourself gifts regularly however large or small, helps to take care of the inner you; to feel love, cherished and nourished throughout your soul.

The best gift I got this week, was the gift of life still living – Snow had to have surgery to remove spores from her teeth on Monday 4th January, after being unable to eat or drink barely anything due to the pain she was in. Thankfully she started eating that night after her operation, while staying at my mum and dad’s; and she started drinking out of her water bottle again yesterday. She has to be on medication for 7 days and my parents are looking after her during her recovery while I am working. My mum is also better at administering her medicine than me – I often miss her mouth! Chestnut is with her.

Monday the 4th was also a huge day for me because I was filmed by Lori to be in an asexual documentary to raise awareness, and it counts as 50% marks for her degree. She came all the way from London to Exeter to film me in my home and will be coming twice more. When it’s finished it will be 7 minutes long and on YouTube.

I have launched my Quirky T Shirt brand on and have 4 new designs live on there so far. I have bought that domain and will be building that site this year, to link through to, who I have partnered with to print and send the T-Shirts to customers. I create the designs and pay a professional designer to do the artwork.

I date myself and must get back to doing more of that in 2016. I also like buying myself gifts sometimes, and for Christmas 2015, I bought myself this Father Christmas hand muff and I bought myself this Iron Man alarm clock as a slightly belated New Year’s gift to myself. One of my alarm clocks broke before Christmas and he was so cute, reduced heavily in price, and the last one left, I just had to buy him. I felt it was intuitively meant to be. Iron Man is my favourite Marvel character and I love robots. The fact he lights up is sensational, and adds to the magic and wonder of this special, no so little alarm clock.

I did manage to fit a date in with myself recently and saw the new Star Wars movie in 3D, I didn’t realise it was a subtitled performance, but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was amazing.

I will be posting regular videos again soon on my channel – However, I will be going through the chapters of My Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide, and giving you some key points from each one for free, to help you with your own personal and professional development. I will also be doing more videos to help you in this way throughout 2016, in line with my Quirky Academy mission to helps others with their personal and professional development, all the while embracing your quirky.

What gifts do you like to give yourself?

Stay quirky.
Write soon.

Sandra xx

16 thoughts on “Give Yourself A Gift In 2016

  1. What a busy start to the yea,r I am glad you are treating yourself as well my friend, I always do my best to buy myself at least more than one book a month just to keep my sane and a little claustrophobic as the space in my house diminishes more each year!

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    1. Hi Ste, Happy New Year my friend. Thanks for your continued support. I had an amazing book review recently, will have to post it soon. A bit behind with blog posts at the moment and still have to finish printed version of my book. Glad you buy more books, your reviews are awesome and really help others. Cosy, is a good way to live.

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      1. Excellent, I look forward to reading it. I will keep accumulating the books, I can’t help it, it’s like a drug habit or something…just cheaper and I bathe more.

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      2. A good habit. I am trying to do my HMRC accounts and up against the 31st deadline, just published a new ‘educational’ style video to my channel – it’s my new style of video that I will be doing more of in 2016. `Let me know what you think. Will have to remember to post the review in another post. I have a lot going on at the moment. I have a second channel that I have to post two every week, and a newsletter for asexuals, and my new Quirky T Shirt brand on that I design for. It’s all go, go, go.


    1. ‘Male’ – I like watching ‘manly’ films too and predominantly train guys for my Quirky Academy/Quirky Training. I also gave toned arm muscles. One guy’s chat up line ages ago, was about my arm muscles and I will give you an arm wrestle.

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      1. Ha! Ha! It’s gone 4am here and I am still up. I launched my Quirky T Shirt brand on yesterday. I am a bit behind with blog posts. It’s business accounts for me for later today and tomorrow x

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  2. I got my self now in the new year a new tablet, a nexus, it should arrive soon… I am excited! It is nice to make gifts to yourself from time to time! Hope Snow will be alright. Wishing you also a fabulous 2016!

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