HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR MORNING AND INSPIRE YOUR LIFE! In this video I give you the strategy I use to motivate my morning, inspire my day and change my life.

Stay quirky



  1. I am motivated. Really, I am motivated ! Time for a siesta as all this motivating is too much for me. lol.
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend Sandra. Heavy rain here for three days ! 🙂 ❤

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    1. That’s not good. I have been up since 4am – went to bed just gone midnight – that will teach me to go to bed at an unreasonable hour – 2 hours too early. And I have been and done 3 rounds of shopping today and got my hair cut back into shape. What do you think of my Quirky Books T Shirts for Writer’s?

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      1. Wow ! You had a busy Saturday ! I was being stuck indoors over the weekend as it has been bucketing it down with rain and thunder. Seems to be clearing up now.
        I do hope that you are able to sell many T-shirts Sandra. I didn’t comment at the time of visiting your post as I didn’t have Dragon 12 and my microphone set up, which I do now. Yay ! ❤

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      2. Hi Ralph, sorry for the delay in reply – I have actually had a week off work – (11 days) go back on Mon, but for a week I have not been directly active on Facebook and had my phone switched off to focus on my Asexual Perspectives book as 4 people have been asking me for it in the last week and I need to finish it before Christmas and publish it in ebook format at least. I have been off here too. So you are using Dragon software to type for you? I used to sell dictaphones with Dragon software so I know about that. Happy Christmas BTW – it’s your very special birthday on 15th of December I believe? xx

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      3. That’s really great that you have a few days off work Sandra and that you are getting on with your book. That is really interesting that you were once involved with Dragon. I find sometimes it behaves and at other times it gets really cranky and comes up with some really weird words and phrases. I do train it, but sometimes it doesn’t listen. Generally though I am happy that I don’t have to peck at a keyboard very often now.
        I hope you are having a great Sunday. Rain and thunder here 🙂 ❤

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