Launch Of Quirky Training and Quirky-Marketing

Hi everyone

Quirky Training In Association with Quirky Academy
Quirky Training, incorporating Quirky-Marketing, produces courses for Quirky Academy and Blog Trainer UK
Quirky-Marketing - Mixing Your Business With Your Pleasure
Quirky-Marketing – Mixing Your Business With Your Pleasure


Apologies for not getting around your blogs much lately, or leaving comments. I have been massively busy. I have two employed jobs, am self employed, and building a whole quirky brand. I now know, my mission in life, is to get everyone to embrace their quirky and be their authentic self, in their life and business; to lead a happy, successful and fulfilling existence.

Since Sunday night, until 4.38am this morning, I have been busy with the creation and launch of Quirky Training and Quirky Marketing, that are two of my new websites. I have had some sleep, but only 45 minutes this morning. I went to bed at 6.15am and got up for work at 7am, to go for an IT session in my teaching job, then after to my day job.

Quirky Training and Quirky-Marketing form part of My World Of Quirky Organisation, along with others. Quirky Training produces the courses for Quirky Academy, that is my educational hub, and Quirky Marketing is the social media and marketing aspect of Quirky Training. Blog Trainer UK (that is me), creates my own courses and Quirky Training produces them. Also, within my organisation are Quirky Mentoring, Quirky Coaching, beat redundancy blues (beatredundancyblues) and Quirky Books (quirkybooks.) Underpinning all of these, is my Embrace Your Quirky Philosophy, to be your authentic self, mo matter what.

I have still to build websites for Quirky Mentoring, Quirky Coaching, World Of Quirky and finish Embrace Your Quirky.

Embrace Your Quirky and Write soon


10 thoughts on “Launch Of Quirky Training and Quirky-Marketing

  1. I’ve been self-employed for many years. I can become very difficult to manage all freelance jobs. It’s also self-marketing, and this doesn’t allow taking days off or having nice breaks. If one does, he or she gets forgotten. I completely understand what you’re saying about being “massively busy”. That simply is a lot of work.

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    1. Hi Inese, apologies for the delay in replying, I have been “massively busy” and thanks for understanding. My friend did buy me a couple of oranges juices after my day job last night and wasn’t taking no for an answer, so I got a couple of hours break, before working at home on my teaching prep for my second employed job, on Monday. I have 2 employed jobs and I am self-employed; managing my multiple businesses that make up my World Of Quirky organisation ( That website coming soon, after I have built 2 others). I understand about not taking days off or go on nice breaks, although I did have Valentine’s Day/Celebrate being single day off. I also went to Disneyland Paris last year with my cousin, that was my first non-business holiday since 2011. I have three guineapigs and they can get ill sometimes. Daisy’s health is up and down and she has had two major ops. She has a genetic lump problem, but fortunately, we she had two X-rays last months, the lumps could not be seen, so tiny at the mo.


    1. Thanks Mike. I don’t sleep well, and do my best creative work at night. I could do with a bit more sleep, but if I want to be a successful entrepreneur, I have to put the hours in.


    1. Thanks Ralph. I went to sleep early last night (midnight). I have just finished wading through emails and did bulk delete a lot of spam and some others that didn’t look necessary. Hope to get around to stopping by blogs, before prepping for my tutor meeting on Monday.

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