I Won to Write

And The Winners Are…...

Hi Everyone

A-Z of Writing – D is coming soon.

I just had to share that I have won a prize for entering a blog competition.

Being a writer I am absolutely thrilled to win a Hamster Diaries notepad and postcards.

Now let me see, what can I write in the notepad:

  1. Ideas for How to books
  2. Ideas for Children’s Picture books
  3. Things that are on my mind (This could take up the whole notepad, so maybe just write down my top 3)
  4. Shopping lists  (A bit boring but essential)
  5. My favourite blog posts
  6. My top 10 websites to visit
  7. My friends birthdays and contact details
  8. 5 Positive things for that day
  9. 5 to dos for that day
  10. 3 ways to de-stress
  11. 10 Things that make me feel relaxed (This includes loud music, because of the quirky person I am, it chills me out)
  12. 5 things that make me feel good

Hummm! I am sure there are a few titles in there for future blog posts.

Whatever I write, it doesn’t matter, the fact that I am writing makes me feel good.  I want you to feel good too – so get out your notepad and pen and let your imagination run wild.

What do you like to write about in your notepad?

Write soon


Write at the last minute

Hi Everyone

It’s that time of year again, when it’s busy, busy, busy.

And yes, even the most prepared people, I include myself in this category, can still end up becoming very stressed until the last minutes before Christmas Day.

I started my Christmas shopping in July but I still need to wrap them.

One of the worst things I can get at Christmas, is the writing blues, as I am so busy with Christmas prep that I become frustrated with not writing enough.

It’s important to keep the mind flowing and the writing fluid.  It’s doesn’t matter what you write, just do it.  Here are some tips:

1)  Write a short message in each of your Christmas cards to family and friends who haven’t seen you in ages.  Give a brief summary of key moments in your life this year.

2) Write individual messages on all of your gift tags.  Use your imagination to come up with something better than just Happy Christmas.

3)  Create lists of tasks to do each day.  Prioritise them and give yourself a timescale.  Check each one off and modify as necessary.

4)  Keep a diary of Christmas events and appointments, you may need them to spark ideas for future stories.

5)  Ensure pen and paper is handy as you never know when a new story may spring to mind.

Happy Christmas.

Write soon.





Five ways to write and excite at Christmas

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog.

I don’t know about you but it seems every year I prepare earlier and earlier for Christmas and I still end up rushing around like a mad woman trying to get presents, sticky tape, food, stamps and the list goes on.

Speaking of food, here are some writing ideas to add food for thought and create a Christmas sparkle, or twinkle or whatever you want to call it.

  • Write a small hand book of sexy discoveries about your partner.  Wrap it in red paper and deliver it in a way I will leave to your imagination.
  • Make your own advent boxes for the twelve days leading up to Christmas, then write a sexy message in side each one and ask your other half to open one a day.
  • Get some post it notes and using a glitter gel pen write one thing you love about yourself or someone special on each one and attach them to the Christmas tree.  This will boost your confidence or enhance that tingling feeling of love.
  • Be imaginative.  Personalise each gift card with a special message.  It can be sexy, caring, funny or erotic.
  • Make your own Christmas crackers and write your own message to go inside them.  Fill the crackers with all things naughty and nice!

And enjoy a Happy Christmas.

Write soon.  Sandra




5 Interesting Ways To Write

Hi Everyone

Just as I like my imagination to run wild with what I am writing. I decided to let it run wild with interesting ways that I could write.

This is what I came up with:

1) Whilst doing a headstand. All that blood rushing to ones head, would surely create a surge of brilliance.

2) Whilst on horseback. The feeling of riding on a horse should certainly give food for thought.

3) In underwater cave cavities. You would need waterproof paper for this. You can make notes on an E-reader but I have yet to come across a waterproof version. You heard it here first…..watch this space, Dragon’s Den, here I come.

4) By painting words on to canvas. Words and art, what a gorgeous combination.

5) By writing a book backwards. Starting with the back cover first, moving to the middle, progressing to the beginning and ending with the front cover. Fantastic.

Write soon.