Unleash Your Creativity – Pull The Curtain Back!

Sandra Bellamy With Yeti Pro Mic used for my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book trailer

Sometimes it’s hard to describe what goes on in my quirky mind, but to unleash your creativity – pull the curtain back!

So amongst the many projects/tasks I am currently working on, largely to do with my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book printed edition – I am on about 6th week of reformatting for the printed version as CreateSpace templates don’t work correctly – the margins setup clashes with page setup – and I had to start over – hence most nights only about 3-3.5 hours sleep recently – I am continuing with my Blog Book Tour.

This next interview for my tour; is like no other before, and I will be reblogging it here after I have completed the questions and it’s been published. It’s about 30 questions in total and is going on an asexual authors directory blog. (I am a heteroromantic asexual – only attracted to guys romantically, not sexually. I like kissing but not sex. I am a ‘Grey’ heteroromantic asexual, because I like ‘passionate’ kissing) Bear with me, I am going somewhere with this. I plan to write some asexual books and have a potential 3 mind.

So these questions she is asking me, are totally focused on me as a writer rather than my book. They are about me, my methodology as a writer, my writer’s mind; and really get into the nitty gritty of my life’s journey as a writer and how events in my life have shaped my writing.

One question was really tough to answer because it opened up old childhood memories of pain and upset – I just have to remember to come back to the now. Because now I love my life – but back then I hated it!

So one question is how I deal with writer’s block. The thing is, much to the frustration of other writer’s, I don’t really get it! I do however, experience things stopping my creativity.

There is a certain point in our minds, that the average person will go to. But there is far more intelligence and creativity that’s often neglected to be aware too. So I allow my creative mind to take over my normal brain to work its magic. The results are beautiful, but I have to let it flow naturally, in its own time, to get the best results.

Over the last couple of days and nights, I have been focusing much more in my mind, on my businesses and where I want to be headed with them. I am sat at the dressing table at work in my day job this morning; and as my thoughts are escalating with all of my future possibilities and options, I am literally pulling the curtain back in my mind and stepping into a new dimension of it. I close the curtain behind me and it feels different in there. Like the curtain was a cloud and is now behind me. At this point I picture the stage I am on from my book trailer, but I am on it on my own, in a safe cocoon of ideas and creative enlightenment. When I pull the curtain back and walk through onto that stage, it’s like I am accessing the other 80% of my brain and it’s like wow! It’s like being on a hilltop and seeing the wider view and perspective. It’s amazing. Can my brain handle all of this new stuff? Yes, it needs to, but I have to be respectful of it having to catch up! I am literally taking my mind to places its never been before and my brain is having to keep with it. So to unleash your creativity – pull back the curtain of your mind!

Embrace your quirky and each other’s.

Write soon

Have you ever brought your thoughts to life?

Hi everyone

When I took a year out of retail in 2012, I learnt a lot of new concepts. One was the idea that what we have in our minds, can manifest itself in reality, and that we are what we think. I may have heard of this before but never really paid attention to what it meant.

Sometimes, I have the uncanny nack of being able to think of something and then an opportunity presents itself for me to be able to carry out that thought. For example on Sunday 9th March, I was returning home from work and I felt like a drink of smoothie or orange juice. Almost immediately after this thought, I was drawn to deviate from my usual walk home to go into my local Co-op. I tied to resist but felt compelled to go in there. Bingo! There it was, a smoothie made with oranges and various other ingredients, reduced from £1.05 to 35p and it was the only one left. So I bought it and drank it straight away.

A couple of years ago, I had previously been thinking about my e-Book store and how I would learn to create an e-Book. Although I wasn’t thinking about this at the time, I walked past WH Smith and felt compelled to go into it. I had no idea why, my sixth sense was just telling me that I needed to. My mind was telling me to go to the magazine isle and to look at the magazines, but I had no idea why and then – Bingo! There was a small book all about self-publishing with e-Books. Incredible. I have these moments and feel blessed but sometimes they can also be a little scary.

Have you ever thought of something and it has become a reality, or an opportunity has presented itself to you because of your thoughts?

I have 9 pages of amendments left to do for my Break through the barriers of redundancy book. I then need to give it the once over and get someone to check it before it is published.

Next week I am at the Business Showcase South West and Only Colston networking events in Bristol.

Enjoy your thoughts and your week.

Write as soon as I am able to


How do you refresh your writer’s mind?

Hi everyone



I have had to venture out of hibernation today, to do some food shopping for me, Daisy, Cinnamon, Snuggles and Snow.

After being indoors for the last few days, working on my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, it is good to get out and about to refresh my writer’s mind.

Being the quirky person I am, I am currently sitting in front of Exeter Cathedral, eating sugar free ice-cream in the cold and wind.

I also enjoy going to the cinema to refresh my writer’s mind. What do you enjoy doing to refresh yours?

Write as soon as I am able to