Are you the write one for me? 10 ways to tell.

Hi Everyone

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be celebrating it in style, or it may be you are thinking it is no big deal.  Either way, it could be a time for you to reflect if the person you are with, is “the write one for me?”

In other words, does the person you are with:

  1. Understand the important role that writing plays in your life?
  2. Be supportive of your writing?
  3. Believe in your writing abilities?
  4. Understand you need to have a lot of time for your writing?
  5. Encourage you to write more?
  6. Be willing to play an active role in your writing?
  7. Be  happy to proof read your manuscripts?
  8. Listen to your frustrations when you are having writer’s block?
  9. Lift your spirits up, when you are feeling down?
  10. Appreciate your creativity?

If your writing is a huge part of who you are, then it’s important you have someone who respects that.

Love yourself.  Love your writing and enjoy every minute of it.

Write soon.  Sandra