How to Improve Your Writing Video 5 of 6 – Embrace Your Quirky!!

How To Improve Your Writing Video 5 of 6 in a mini training series. In this short video I talk about how to use a book to perfect your writing craft.

I also have a new YouTube Header – What do you think of it?

Embrace Your Quirky Header For Quirky Books YouTube Channel
New Embrace Your Quirky Header For Quirky Books YouTube Channel – What do you think?

I would love to know what you think of my new header?

Stay quirky

Sandra xx

Asexual Coming Out Very Personal Story

Today I posted this LinkedIn Blog article below, on LinkedIn. I wanted to share it with you to give you a better understanding of why I am committed to helping other asexuals. On Tuesday, I braved telling the world, my very personal asexual coming out story. It was hard to do, but I really want to help others. I ummed and arrrr -ed about whether to put it on this blog, because you have never seen this side of my life, or known some of these details about my past, but I share everything else with you, so here I am in this video, stripped bare in the asexual sense.

For far too long many Asexuals have been living in fear of coming out about their sexuality, due to society’s pressures to conform to a majority sexual population. That’s all about to change!

This week is Asexual Awareness Week; and the official launch of my brand new Asexualise My Asexual Life YouTube channel; to Empower and Enhance Your Asexual Life – with a brand new website in the pipeline. Once created, will have products, services and resources for Asexuals. The main product line will be Asexual T-Shirts, that will be exclusive Asexual designs created by me and sold on Amazon, with links directly from to my Amazon store. My designer has already got to work on the first two designs, so I am super excited about that.

I run the Asexual Business, Gurus and Entrepreneurs group on Facebook; putting Asexuality and business firmly together on the map together. As a Heteroromantic  Asexual myself, I know the difficulties Asexuals face in a world where sex seems like everything, and they feel like they don’t fit in. But they don’t need to fit in, they were born to stand out for all the right reasons, and I am here to give them a voice in the world.

If you are Asexual and interested in finding out more, check out my new YouTube channel to find out why I created this channel, and hear my very personal story.

And sign up to my Asexualise My Asexual Life – What’s happening monthly newsletter by clicking this link and entering your name and email –

What you will get; a combination of any or all:

  • Inspiration to Asexualise Your Life
  • Resources to Asexualise Your Life.

Information about:

  • Asexual products
  • Any special announcements
  • Any special events

Click the link below, and enter your name and email to sign-up :

This is an excerpt from the back matter of my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ guide; talking about my Quirky Coaching service:

Being a confident heteroromantic asexual, Sandra has found that others who are asexual sometimes prefer to be mentored and coached by someone who understands their orientation and how it impacts their life or business. She is part of many online asexual groups and runs the Asexual Business, Gurus and Entrepreneurs group on Facebook. This group gives those who are asexual and have an interest in business, creativity and the arts; a place to express themselves, to make new friends, share like-minded ideas, share their work and interests, get feedback and support, and help each other’s businesses to grow.

I line with my Break Through Barriers attitude and Embrace Your Quirky philosophy; my aim is to have asexuals and sexuals live along side each other in harmony. Even though I am asexual, personally don’t like sex, and have asexual friends, there will always be place in my life and business for sexual people and I have many sexual and highly sexual friends. I have organised local asexual meet-ups and plan to meet more asexuals in the future.

If you are asexual, check out my Asexual Business, Gurus and Entrepreneurs group on Facebook, and tell me how do you asexualise your life? If you are not asexual, thank you for taking the time to read this article, I look forward to working with you in one of my other World Of Quirky Capacities …. and before you go, there will be inspirational T-Shirts exclusively designed by me, to purchase on Amazon soon, so don’t feel left out, there is something for everyone at world Of Quirky.

I would love to read your comments. Until next time, write soon, and embrace your quirky.


Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow?

Who Wants to See Some Gorgeous First Guinea Pig Birthday Party Fun with Chestnut and Snow? For the first time ever – You can see them both here and now!

Look out for the funny out-take at the end!

Guinea Pig Chestnut First Birthday Party Fun with Guinea Pig Snow! Watch First Birthday Card Opening and Present Opening, with a daughter’s first birthday message on the front of the card! Guinea pig Chestnut enjoys a first birthday celebration party with owner Sandra Bellamy from and companion Snow. This video is the third in the Guinea Pig Party series.

Enjoy Guinea pig party fun with a Happy Birthday song, and see Snow and Chestnut in a video together for the first time ever!

Watch how Sandra holds her Guinea pig Chestnut and Chestnut’s Birthday card at the same time. Watch how Sandra opens Chestnut’s Birthday present and holds her Guinea Pig Chestnut at the same time. And watch how Sandra handles holding two of her Guinea pigs at once!

In this third in the Guinea Pig Party Series; Guinea pig Chestnut has lots of fun opening her card and present. With party banners, guinea pig lookalike balloons, streamers, a banner, and first birthday balloons, it’s makes for an extremely colourful and fun birthday party!

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It’s Good To Show Emotions – Guinea pig Daisy and Sandra’s Inspirational Message

Daisy guinea pig makes her YouTube debut with an inspirational message from her and Sandra – (Look out for her being mischievous!)

Embrace Your Quirky and write soon


Make Your New Year’s Resolution The Fulfillment of Your Dreams


Happy Christmas Week. Make your new year’s resolution, the fulfilment of your dreams.

I got many awesome presents this year, including this one that particularly stood out from my mum and dad. My mum chose it for me and it is 100% what I believe in. I believe you can create your own destiny. I believe you have the power within you, to achieve all that you have ever dreamt of. I have been praised by a fellow blogger for being a lateral thinker, and I am so glad I am.

I want you to move forward with confidence, by being the amazing quirky person, that you were born to be. You are special, with your own unique gifts and you have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. Take action and do it now!

I will be covering many aspects of how to Embrace Your Quirky in a range of situations, in my new Embrace Your Quirky videos on my channel, from the early part of next year. I will also be doing other quirky videos, similar to what I have done before, that people seem to love. As well as WordPress Blog Training for complete beginners how-to videos, videos about my Break through the barriers of redundancy book and more. It’s a very exciting time! Make my quirky world your own by subscribing to my channel now!

Write soon and keep embracing your quirky.