There is lots of magic and power in being single, please can you watch this video to find out more. I would love to know what you think?? And please tell me how you plan to celebrate February 14th, whether you are single or with a loved one??

Less than 14 days to go to INTERNATIONAL CELEBRATE BEING SINGLE DAY – FEB 14TH (#ICBSDAY), which I launched on social media last year (2015). So that no single person needs to feel lonely ever again, on Valentine’s Day, instead, they can celebrate being single, which is what I have done for the past 4 years. This year, my train ticket is already booked to go to Bristol and I am going back to the zoo again, because I enjoyed it so much last year. Lori will be continuing her filming of me in Bristol, for the asexual documentary I am appearing in – which focuses on ‘living for myself’ – you will so love it when you see it on YouTube after it is finished – because it shows me in my completely quirky home and state of being!! I will link it here when it’s out March/April time.

I love being single, it’s the best feelings in the world, it’s so empowering to be able to have the total freedom of being authentic, quirky you. You don’t have to compromise who you are, or adjust yourself to anyone. And I love living in my World Of Quirky, always. It’s the happiest I have ever been – Living a teenager lifestyle, to the max – is what I love to do! Always. This video is from my Asexualise My Asexual Life channel – but the day is for every ‘single’ person in the world, not just those who are asexual and happen to be single.

I now have Quirky T Shirt as my own brand of T Shirt on and I have created a Quirky T Shirt especially for International Celebrate Being Single Day.

Official International Celebrate Being Single Official Quirky T Shirt
Official International Celebrate Being Single Official Quirky T Shirt – Exclusively designed by founder – Sandra Bellamy. (Copyrighted)

Below, is the very short blog post on the day I officially founded and launched International Celebrate Being Single Day! (In this video I said I founded it in 2014 – I had the original idea for it years ago, while waiting at the train station to go home from college on Valentine’s Day, with a pink heart shaped cake I had bought myself! And I gave up eating sugar due to an allergy when I was 19!) Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day day to all of my ‘single’ blogging friends and Happy Valentine’s Day to  those of you who are in a relationship. Love, hugs, and stay quirky xx