It’s a dog’s life! Re-visited

Hi everyone

I published this post earlier today, but because I did the draft for it in March, it has posted it back in my March archives. Here it is again.

I wrote a previous post regarding a guy who makes dogs out of sand. A few weeks ago, I managed to talk to him and I can reveal a few details about his story.




He is from Romania but lives in Liverpool. It takes him 3-4 hours to build a sand dog. He has a wife and 3 children and this is his only job. He says he doesn’t speak very good English and it is hard for him to get another job. His wife doesn’t work. He says he likes Exeter and wants to move here. Lately I have seen a young boy helping him, which I am assuming is one of his children.

In principle I have finished writing my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, but I still need to go through it again and re-index it.

Write soon