Write More Happiness Into The World!

Write More Happiness Into The World - This quote is copyrighted to the calendar company

“Write More Happiness Into The World” This is a quote in a picture from my inspirational/motivational calendar, that is copyrighted to the calendar publishing company. If you haven’t already got such a calendar, I would recommend you do, it’s great for making you feel good.

I love the fact that as writer’s, we can change how people feel about themselves and the world around us. I love the wonder, magic and power, of the written word. Being a writer, is the best feeling in the world and I am blessed to be gifted, with being able to write. Something that comes naturally with practice to me, others are not so fortunate enough be able to do, or think they can do. For people with dyslexia for example, writing can be tough, uncomfortable and make them feel down. But whoever you are; even with a disablity, or difficulties, you were born with special and precious gifts that are unique to you. You will have other things in life that you excel at. It may not be academic or even creative. It could just be that you are great at listening and understanding others. Thank you for listening and understanding me. The greatest gifts in my life are loving myself and you, just the way we are, in our beautiful, quirky, natural state.

Thank you for being a part of my quirky world. I love you xx