What quirky life are you born to lead?

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You Have a Way About You – Your Own Quirky Way

quirky Sandra Bellamy

You have a way about you, that is unique to you, and your way of being. It’s your own quirky way, no one else’s.

Don’t worry about conforming and fitting in, be concerned with your own inner being and who you are.

If this is new territory to you, to stand proudly of yourself; it may be difficult at first because you are asserting your right to be an individual and to be treated as such.

To remain strong when sometimes family, friends and even loved ones are pulling you in their direction, takes guts, willpower and determination. This is especially true if you have recently experienced a loss, such as your job.

However, when you have lost something, is the best time to find you. To find your inner being, the roots of your tree, and embed them in the earth. You; your thoughts, your actions, can be controlled by you. In a time when everything else may feel out of control, this can be extremely good for you.

When you assert yourself and others aren’t used to it and don’t like it; if they love you for who you are, they will still love you, care about you, talk to you and be friends with you. They will either get used to the new you and accept it, or they have the right to go their own way. If they go their own way, remember, you have a way with you, that is called your way for a reason. You are your own person. It’s better to be yourself than live as others would have you live and never be truly happy.

Whatever your background, culture, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation or other, you need to be true to you.

I communicate with people from around the globe. I see the difference between people who are blending in with their society’s expectations, their family traditions and cultural expectations, when it’s not what they truly want for themselves. They sacrifice their own needs for others; even to the point where they can’t be themselves or with the ones they love, forever. So they settle for what they can get or what they get given. They think they have no choice, but there is always a choice. Compare that to those seemingly in a minority, who come out as themselves; go their own way, but feel an inner contentment and peace, after weathering the storm. They choose to start their own life, how they choose to be, and feel alive and sometimes reborn because of it.

I love my parents dearly, but I am extremely different to them. For years I wanted their approval of what I did, of what I wanted, and to be accepted for being me. I break family traditions, conventions and some expectations. It is hard, but the more I am strong and go my own way, the more they seem to understand the real me and accept it. Whether they do or they don’t, I have a quirky way about me, that’s my own. I am my authentic self, and I like me just the way I am.

That’s why you were born as you. You were given your own brain, to think, your own body to look after, your own eyes to view the world; your own ears to listen and your own voice to speak. The way you sense the world around you, will never be identical to another. You have a way about you. Don’t turn the other way, away from yourself, your needs, wants and desires, go and get them.

What quirky life are you born to lead?

Looking forward to hearing your replies.

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Have you ever brought your thoughts to life?

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When I took a year out of retail in 2012, I learnt a lot of new concepts. One was the idea that what we have in our minds, can manifest itself in reality, and that we are what we think. I may have heard of this before but never really paid attention to what it meant.

Sometimes, I have the uncanny nack of being able to think of something and then an opportunity presents itself for me to be able to carry out that thought. For example on Sunday 9th March, I was returning home from work and I felt like a drink of smoothie or orange juice. Almost immediately after this thought, I was drawn to deviate from my usual walk home to go into my local Co-op. I tied to resist but felt compelled to go in there. Bingo! There it was, a smoothie made with oranges and various other ingredients, reduced from £1.05 to 35p and it was the only one left. So I bought it and drank it straight away.

A couple of years ago, I had previously been thinking about my e-Book store and how I would learn to create an e-Book. Although I wasn’t thinking about this at the time, I walked past WH Smith and felt compelled to go into it. I had no idea why, my sixth sense was just telling me that I needed to. My mind was telling me to go to the magazine isle and to look at the magazines, but I had no idea why and then – Bingo! There was a small book all about self-publishing with e-Books. Incredible. I have these moments and feel blessed but sometimes they can also be a little scary.

Have you ever thought of something and it has become a reality, or an opportunity has presented itself to you because of your thoughts?

I have 9 pages of amendments left to do for my Break through the barriers of redundancy book. I then need to give it the once over and get someone to check it before it is published.

Next week I am at the Business Showcase South West and Only Colston networking events in Bristol.

Enjoy your thoughts and your week.

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