Pre Celebration: International Celebrate Being Single Day

Blooming Good Flowers
These are my Celebrate Being Single flowers I bought myself
This is a picture of when I bought myself two bouquets of flowers in the supermarket
I loved the heart wrapping and couldn't resist the sparkly pink glitter heart on a stick - to keep forever.

I like to take the bull by the horns and lead by example. I also naturally love celebrating being single.

I hadn’t bought myself flowers for years, but I decided this year was going to be different.

So I went into my local Aldi store, which is fortunately just across the road from where I live. I was on a tight budget for the day itself; but thought I would start my International Celebrate Being Single Day celebration, slightly early, so bought myself two ‘pre celebration’ bouquets of flowers. I wanted to show my love for myself to make myself happy, and make myself smile,  before my self-date, on my big day.

To be honest I didn’t ‘need’ two; the first bouquet had 3 different coloured roses in it and roses are my favourite flowers. The second I bought because of the sparkly pink heart that is on a wooden stick and I can keep forever. I have a similar thing already, that is like a round bauble and a lighter shade of pink, and I love it so much. For a fleeting moment I thought about taking the heart out of another bouquet and placing it in my rose bouquet and thinking the cashier may not notice, but that would have been dishonest and I can’t do that. So I bought both and they made me smile so much. The white ones are still alive and well. The roses have schrivelled and almost died off, which is a little sad but I can always buy more if I want to.

I had a very fabulous and special International Celebrate Being Single Day, that I had been looking forward to, since October last year. I still haven’t edited the video clips together from that day – waiting for an iMovie lesson for that on the 7th of March. However, I took some photos, some of which I will share with you in my next post.

Check out my latest blog post on my blog called ‘Give a little sunshine’ and let me know what you think?

Big hugs and lots of love for you, stay quirky.