Researching what your reader wants to read

Hi Everyone

Today’s post is in response to a comment from hutchagoodlife. To find out how you can research what your reader is wanting to read.

I recently wrote a non-fiction book proposal about redundancy and this involved a lot of research. This is what I did and what I would advise you to do, in order to increase your chances of giving the reader what they want and of getting published.

  • Google your subject – paying attention to the top 5 websites and browse them thoroughly
  • Use Google Keyword search tools for finding out what words and combinations of words are most searched for
  • Search the web in general for your subject matter and note and explore your results
  • Read as many books as possible, written by other authors on the subject/genre for which you want to write
  • Read books by the publisher/s you are going to submit your work to, to see what’s been done before
  • Look through magazines/newspapers, watch TV programmes on your subject
  • Devise a market research survey or questionnaire and find a suitable place to action it – then ensure you do take action by noting the results
  • Join social networking forums relevant to your subject and find out what everyone is talking about –  A good one for me is LinkedIn
  • Go to your local bookstores and ask them for a print out on books that you can buy relevant to your subject, if there is a lot, choose between 5 -10. – Different bookstores will have some different titles that you can potentially buy but there will always be crossovers, which is when you can start to see patterns emerging of the most popular titles that you need to study
  • Go to visit your local library and look at books similar to or the same as your subject – Pay attention to how many times each book has been taken out – That way you can compare the most popular titles with the most unpopular ones and analyse why you believe they are better

The amount of time you spend doing each of the above, will most likely be different for a fiction book to a non-fiction book and although all are relevant, you may find that some work better for you than others, depending on what it is that you want to write about.

Whatever you are writing about, ensure you put a different slant on it, to what has been done before. Stay positive, stay focused and believe in your-self.

Good luck.

If you want any more help, please let me know.

Write soon


Time to write

Hi Everyone

I often hear people saying they want to write but find it hard to make time to write.

The beauty of writing, is there is always time for it.

Yes, I understand that if you are working full-time and have a family, you may not have time to write that novel in a year but what you can do, is to write a bit at a time.  Break your writing down into bite size chunks, to make it more manageable and take as long as you need.

You may want to try writing very little at first, for example, writing a letter in a TV magazine, or a supermarket magazine.  Magazines are often looking for short well constructed letters on the magazine itself, previous letters, or on the products and services that it promotes.

If you can’t fit that in, remember, any writing is good writing practise and I bet you already write a lot and just don’t realise it, maybe you:

  • Write on a Facebook wall
  • Tweet
  • Blog
  • Write a text message
  • Write an email
  • Write a shopping list
  • Write a letter to a friend or loved one
  • Make notes of things to remember
  • Keep a diary
  • Write calendar entries
  • Reply to correspondence

Any time you write, is a good time to write.  Stop and think for a moment, how many times do you actually write in a day.  Now you can smile, that it is probably more times thank you think.  Enjoy the moment.

Write soon




Fifteen Reasons Why Writing Is So Special

Hi Everyone.

I love writing.  Whether it’s a little, a lot, fiction or non-fiction, I love everything about it, for me, it is so fantastic.  But why?

I have listed below, some of the reasons why I love writing and why it is so special to me.

  1. It’s therapeutic
  2. Calming
  3. Makes me feel happy
  4. Brings my dreams to life
  5. Gives me escapism from the norm
  6. Makes me believe in myself
  7. Releases my creative energy
  8. Makes me feel talented
  9. I can express myself in a meaningful way
  10. I can use it to help others
  11. It nurtures my passions
  12. Explores a world where anything could happen
  13. It’s exciting, enthralling and fun
  14. I get to meet some wonderful characters
  15. Makes me feel good

I could continue to write about writing but now it’s your turn. I would love to hear why writing is so important to you?

Write soon.  Sandra