Honoured To Be Front Page News

Hi everyone

I recently received a Good Citizenship Award from the police.

The Exeter based Express & Echo newspaper has covered the story of why I got the award. I am on the front page and page 8.

I took some photos of the newspaper so you can catch a glimpse.




I feel honoured to be given the award and doubly honoured to be featured as front page news.

Write soon


Are you ready to write?

Hi Everyone.

You have an idea you are buzzing about.

You have pen and paper to hand.

You have access to a computer.

You are excited about seeing your story come to life.

You want to tell everyone about your characters, your story, your plot.

You even begin telling your family and friends your story, bit by bit, over and over again, until they are just about to burst with, “why don’t you just write it then?”

But you are not sure you are ready to write.

I have some news for you. The moment that story enters your head and you are bursting with excitement to tell it, that is the moment you write it and as your family and friends would say, “just do it.”  And guess what?  They are absolutely right.

Write soon. Sandra

Five Fantastic Reasons To Put A Smile On Your Face!

Hi Everyone

Staying positive in this current economic climate can be extremely difficult, especially when the daily news seems to bring nothing but doom and gloom. However, one simple thing could help you on your way to becoming a more positive person.

Smiling, simple but true!

  1. Smiling, puts other people at ease, it lets them know you are approachable.
  2. A smile can break the ice with a stranger and lead to new found friendships.
  3. Your usual tone of voice is lowered whilst on the telephone, smiling on the telephone allows your tone to become higher and sound more welcoming.
  4. Even if you are feeling fed up, depressed and really don’t want to smile, try it, a little bit at a time, you will be surprised how focusing on something else which contradicts your current frame of mind, could actually be a step in helping you to get out of the poor frame of mind you are in.
  5. If someone smiles back at you, it will make you happier and increase your confidence.
Keep smiling.
Write soon.

Printers. A minefield!

Hi everyone.

If someone would have told me there were so many printer options, I would have explored more years ago.  Instead I am using every ounce of after work energy, trawling through website after website to find my perfect match. It’s tiring, frustrating and at the same time, absolutely fascinating.  Almost hypnotic.

Learning about the latest tech, has certainly filled these dark evenings a treat, but I feel so exhausted just keeping up with it all.  At least I now know what I want but can I find my perfect printing partner?  As they say, nothing is perfect.  And that is what I am finding.

I want a colour Laser printer, with duplex, (double-sided, see I have learnt something!) Which can print on a high gsm (thickness of paper, or should I say, card, I am getting good at this.) Has a print speed of around 30 ppm ( pages per minute, I feel so techy.)  And a high DPI (dots per inch, resolution.  I feel so proud.)

There is an added complication, I have a Mac and not all printers are compatible with them. Oh! I forgot to mention, as I will be working from home, it will need to be a desktop, with a narrow width of 40cm. I want to self publish my picture books, with the best possible quality of print.

Can you see the mountain I have to climb? Everest seems minute now.  There are A3 printers out there, with just the specs I need but apart from being too expensive, I cannot fit one in the space I have. Typical! I can feel my head getting very sore against that brick wall.

Dell printers are out, it would seem none are compatible with Mac. Xerox is a favourite, but cartridges are so expensive. Epson, seem to break down a fair bit. It’s good there is an Epson repair centre near where I live but it makes you wonder why they need a whole shop as a dedicated repair centre.  May be not such a good omen.  HP seem good but not the high spec I had hoped for.

Then I had a brain wave, as I am going to use the printer for the primary purpose of publishing children’s picture books, the cover will be a large factor in the consumers decision to purchase, so I need to have complete ownership of how it will look, by printing it myself on a quality weight of paper. After consulting my paper sample file, I decided 250gsm would be a good thickness for my cover and that’s when I googled printers which printed on  250gsm and stumbled upon OKI.  They print up to 250gsm on some of their A4 colour laser printers and have a model close to the specs I want.  Only one problem.  I have to travel miles to see one of these beauties in action.  Oh well!  Needs must.

I will let you know how I get on.

Write soon.



Writing the quirky way

Hi everyone.

It’s great to have you with me on this thrilling journey of the written word.

My passion for writing knows no bounds.  From the moment I get up, to the moment I go to sleep and in my dreams, I never stop thinking up ideas.  Whether it be an idea for a review, article or business book, to a  fictional idea for a children’s book.  My mind never stops thinking.

I like to do things differently and to do this I need your help.  As my prime readership, I value your opinion.  I want you to help me to decide which ideas you would like to see turned into print.  Call it demand and supply, or backward publishing if you like.

Having had a variety of jobs and work experience some of the topics you can expect to see are, sales techniques, redundancy, self motivation, management and interview techniques.

I am currently studying a Writing For Children’s course.  So there will be some non-fiction thrown into the mix.

I will list my ideas so you can vote for which you think are the best.  Then I will strive to get the best published.

Are you up for the challenge?

You can learn more about me at quirkybooks.net

Write soon.