4 days of birthday bliss!

Hi everyone

Today is my official birthday, but I started celebrating yesterday and have the next two days of celebrations too.

At work yesterday, I was given my first birthday present and card. I finished work an hour earlier and went for meal with my friend Debbie in Nandos. I was pleasantly surprised to see another friend in there. Luke Friend, from the XFactor. Among the presents that my friend had bought me, was a book of love quotes and I asked him to autograph it for me.


Here he is with his friends.



He was sitting at the other side of Nandos from where I was sitting. He told me he has a recording contract with Sony and will have an album coming out this year.

Today, I am off to Brean leisure park, on my own, in Burnham-on-sea. It is going to be awesome.

Write soon