Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories Book Goes Into Online Bookstores!

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It feels so fabulous to finally have Quirky Books as my own publishing company (after over 6 years of working towards it), and have my first paperback print book out!! And it feels incredibly out of this world to see 5 other online retailers selling my book!! I cannot tell you how it feels like I am floating on air right now!!

So no matter where you are in your life, your can achieve your dreams and never, ever give up, fight for it, to the death if you have to!!

Stay quirky, write soon, Sandra xxxx




Break Through Barriers – Live Your Dreams – Book Trailer – Speaking On Stage

If you have missed the journey of making my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book trailer so far: Break Through Barriers – Live Your Dreams: Here is a catch up!

I was so thrilled to have bought and received, this professional Pro Yeti Microphone, to not only be used for my book trailer, but for my future digital training courses, as part of my Quirky Academy offering. Watch this space!

Professional Recording Yeti Mic
Professional Recording Yeti Mic
Professional Lighting Equipment
Professional Lighting Equipment

I hired professional lighting and a live theatre stage for my trailer. I am still working on the printed version of my book and have some last formatting to do. I have to prep for a client’s training on Wednesday morning and Wednesday afternoon we are filming my book trailer again. It’s all go, go, go!

My book does not just teach job skills, but life skills. To Buy My Book On Amazon:

Stay quirky and write soon

Sandra xx

Disneyland Paris Amazing Water Display to Music is Magical!

Disneyland Paris Amazing Water Display to Music is Magical!

I had a magical time is Disneyland Paris, it’s one of the best places to be in the world, and proof that dreams can come true. I wish for all of your dreams to come true.

Keep embracing quirky you and write soon


Break Through Your Barriers – Embrace Your Quirky – Live Your Dreams! With Quirky Books TV

Hi everyone

Break Through Your Barriers, Embrace Your Quirky and Live Your Dreams!
Quirky Books TV On YouTube
Break Through Your Barriers, Embrace Your Quirky, Live Your Dreams!

Yey! This is my final banner header for my channel. This is better than the previous version and what I wanted it to look like in the first place. For those of you who saw yesterday’s post about my new banner header for my Quirky Books TV YouTube Channel, I have redone it to be compatible with mobile devices and I am pleased that the result is much better and is nearly perfect to the way I wanted it to look and what I wanted it to say. This is going in the back of my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book, under my ‘Contact And Connect With The Author’ page. So it needs to be good, and I think it is. What do you think? Keep Embracing Your Quirky and write soon Sandra

Quirky Books TV Empowering You To Break Through Your Barriers To Live The Life Of Your Dreams!

Quirky Books TV new YouTube Header
Quirky Books TV New YouTube Header

Quirky Books TV – Read the difference – Now watch and hear the difference – Break Through Your Barriers, Embrace Your Quirky And Live Your Life The Way You Love IT! Live Your Dream!! How do you embrace your quirky? How do you break through your barriers and be your authentic self to live the life of your dreams? Author of Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book Sandra Bellamy, otherwise known as quirky from, used to suffer with depression for years and completely turned her life around using her Embrace Your Quirky. Now she loves her life, living it her quirky way and helping a lot of people in the process! Sandra wants to inspire you to achieve your own goals, ambitions and dreams, by showing you, you can achieve things you never thought possible, you can break conventions and be happy living as your authentic quirky self! Defy normal, throw away the rule book and create your own! What are you waiting for? Subscribe now! 

This is my new Quirky Books TV channel banner – (Header) and the description that goes with it, to go with my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy Book. I think it defines my channel more, what my mission is, and where I want my channel to go and what I will be doing with it in the future. I still have some videos to upload from a while ago – some of which proves that impossible things can become possible. Stay tuned!! Write soon and keep embracing your quirky Sandra