10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Course Content Writer and Designer

Hi everyone

Blog Training for Business Fast Track Masterclass leaflets

I love being a Course Content Writer and Designer of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook for recovery courses, for the NHS; and now of my own Blog Training For Business Fast Track Masterclasses.

When I first started this blog, my intention was to practice my writing skills and talk about my favourite subject, that is writing, to help other writers. When I thought of writing, I never considered being a Course Content Writer, but that’s what I am now, amongst my many other hats, and I absolutely adore it.

This week I have been designing, creating and printing, this double sided leaflet, in the form of a tri-folded brochure, to promote my masterclasses. I have done work experience in newspapers before and have always wanted to design and create things like this, and now I can, for my own businesses. It is a fantastic feeling.

Course content writing is time consuming, but very rewarding when people learn something by the time the course has finished.

10 Reasons why I love being a Course Content Writer:

1) I get to do a ton of non-fiction writing.
2) I teach people new skills and update their existing ones.
3) It’s a challenge to be able to get all important information fitted in,  within a given timescale.
4) I get to accommodate different people’s learning styles.
5) It deciplines me.
6) I thrive under pressure to meet deadlines.
7) I get to creatively think up new teaching material.
8) It’s fun.
9) It’s fulfilling and makes me feel accomplished.
10) I have to learn more things to teach my students, so I grow my own personal development at the same time.

If you have never considered being a Course Content Writer, you should try it.

Write soon