Super 8 ideas for stories

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Hi Everyone.

Whether you are a regular cinema goer or just love watching Steven Spielberg films, Super 8 looks as though it is going to take the cinema world by storm. From it’s breathtaking special effects, to it’s edgy production, are you up for watching it?  Or would you rather be writing your very own, Super 8 stories.

Here are 8 Super ideas you could use to create a Super 8 of your very own:

  1. What if the sky fell down?
  2. Your pet hamster turns into a vampire.
  3. You believe you are a human but find out you are an alien.
  4. You befriend a Zombie.
  5. You are 80 years old and accidentally cast a spell, which puts you in a 22 year old body.
  6. Your Skype camera switches itself on and engages with  your contacts without your knowledge, filming you the whole time.
  7. You wake up one morning dressed as a circus clown.
  8. Your house is taken over by giant ladybirds.

Write soon.